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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Back In Stock In UK


Nintendo UK has revealed that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is now back in stock at UK retailers. The well received game had been suffering from stock shortages and an apology was issued by Nintendo Europe president Satoru Shibata. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is now available to purchase at a number of retailers including GAME, Amazon and ShopTo. The Wii U version of the game has been updated with a patch which includes off-TV play and cross region support with North American players.

107 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Back In Stock In UK”

  1. I hope it will be back in stock here in Australia. I want a retail version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS.

        1. Never actually heard of it, but I only moved to Australia in 2008 and have lived on the Gold Coast the whole time. Hopefully you get the game back in stock soon!

            1. I’ve been good. Stubbed my toe on the gamepad today. My dog must’ve been chewing on it last night. He has more fun with it then I do.

        1. Dude just stop ,, u don’t actually expect him to see ” oh ok I will look and see , oh u were right ” . Cause he is a troll, and trolls don’t use logic or facts, just ignore him .

    1. Amazingly well actually. It looks incredible on the gamepad. You have to see it to understand what I mean. But here’s the thing. The signal that is sent to the gamepad is always 720p or 1080p. And it results in using up every last pixel on the gamepad screen and the result is absolutely no Jaggies but an overall softness.

      Take Sonic racing for Example which is SUB HD on Wiiu and other consoles , it looks a bit blurry on the Gamepad screen. But games like AC3 and Batman which are native 720p look much sharper as does Monster hunter. I don’t understand how it works though cus the Gamepad screen is 880×480. So I don’t understand how you can differentiate between the resolution of say SASRT and Monster hunter by looking at the gamepad :S

      1. That’s what I noticed too about Sonic Racing Allstars! For a second, I thought I broke my wii u screen or water or something went in it xS

  2. This is a nintendo news site ( captain obvious I know ). The majority if not all of us like nintendo or respect them even thought our blind loyalty to other brands i.e Playstation, a brand nintendo birthed or monotonous soft xbox lol.

    1) how but hurt do you have to be to troll a nintendo site 24/7 ? lol

    2) what is the solution to confused gamers that can’t admit nintendo is better than there companies, that they condemn nintendo fans for expressing joy at every major release and upgrade. Then it hit me, their consoles and brands do not have first party lasting representatives like Mario, Luigi, Samus, Donkey Kong, Link,Zelda, star fox, Kirby. Ness, peach, even the villains like bowser Cooper are more famous than their leading first party exclusive hahahahaha.

    Eat your hearts out, Nintendo!

            1. yea back in the day the remake is trash and pikmins better then anything segas done hell even sonic 1 is a pretty shitty game.. poor controls make a poor game… walk up a hill in sonic and jump and watch sonic fly backwards its trash

            2. Understandable how you hate Nintendo, seeing as they near enough single-handedly destroyed your all-great, godlike SEGA…

                    1. Yes, we did love the ingenuity taken to make them games each a unique and interesting playing experience, with a range of challenges within them.

                        1. Because a platformer and an RPG are all the same, and as if the word ‘Exposed’ hasn’t been wrongly used by you enough in a vague attempt to show your idiocy with the lackluster vocabulary you do posses…

                          1. And good work making a wild stab in the dark on whether I was using the internet to get those words; they’re actually pretty basic words which I’ve picked up from having a life non-dependent of being a ‘Sega fanboy for life’.

                            And secondly, those Mario platformers you wish to claim are the same consist of 5 3D Mario games (SM64, SMSS, SMG, SMG2, SM3DLand); of which only happens to contain two games (SMG, SMG2) which aren’t entirely new outside of the actual IP. The 2D Mario games have been almost non-existent since the ones of the SNES era (or whenever; I don’t really care much for them games), and have only had one per console since. Each possessing some decent advantage over the previous one.

                            1. The differences between the 3D Mario games, or the 2D ones.

                              The 3D ones really don’t need much more than a 2 minute video to show the difference, the 2D ones though… I really don’t know.

                                1. You said without even looking at one full video…

                                  And, as to take a page out of your book. EXPOSED.

                                    1. And I just mentioned the video as an optional means of telling the difference. Result; video not needed.

                                      1. So, you’re preemptively blaming me for you not being able to read properly as a futile attempt to retain some of your credibility, without even spending the time to even forge a decent reply.

                                        I can’t be bothered having an argument with someone of such stupidity. You will have to accept some time that you lost and I won.

                              1. because kinect was such a hit! no it was really! millions sold! yet no one kinect game is worth even looking at unless you are 8yrs and like dancing to pop and rap/rnb music

                                      1. Nintendo Land… You remember that one, right?

                                        Although there’s most likely been another since then which has slipped under my notice.

                                  1. nintendos made like 50 new ip’s since 2000 sorry they are not rated M because m rated games are for noobars and 13yrs

                                      1. Okay, name all of Sega’s new IPs since 2000?

                                        It should, obviously, be much easier, although I doubt your ability to do so.

                                        1. I don’t need more; I can find the rest on my own. This has just proved that you can find information for yourself as opposed to getting others to do so to supposedly back an argument.

                                        2. do you know what would be good if sega knew how to at least make an ok game instead of shit, the only thing that could be worse than the wii u is a sega console, sega saturn sucked so bad and now they cant even make a good game even sonic. sonic the hedge hog fanboys are proven to be the worst and most pathetic fanboys besides final fantasy 7. so until nintendo cant make there rehashed games good, sega cant even make there rehashes games any good there just awful and are to join thg and square enix will join too

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