Nintendo Explains Why Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Features Numerous Mansions


Rather than having one big mansion, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon features multiple mansions for players to traverse. The reason for this is, according to the game’s supervisor Ryuichi Nakada, the developers wanted players to experience using the Poltergust 5000 – Luigi’s useful, ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner – in different environments. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is available for purchase in stores and in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.

Why did you decide to abandon a single mansion in exchange for several different mansions?

Nakada: It’s because we wanted to have players experience using the Poltergust 5000 in a variety of different environments. This certainly would have been possible within a single mansion, but another intention we had was to have people play the game in distinct portions at a time. Therefore, we decided the current structure would be best in terms of achieving this goal.


  1. They mention this every time they release a portable game. People usually play portables in shorter bursts. This is why most portable games allow you to save whenever you need to (or if they can’t, then offer a sleep mode) where as consoles are usually designed to be played for longer periods of time. Having multiple mansions (i’d imagine smaller than the first game’s) gives the player a sense of accomplishment in shorter periods of time while offering different styles every mansion.

  2. The idea was great, but the idea of dividing it into separate missions is very annoying. I still prefer the original game, it was more atmospheric and you really felt in a mansion. Here any chance of mystery or thrills is ruined by an E. Gadd interruption.

    1. Elvin was also more of a dick to Luigi in this game. And he was very annoying, where as in the last one, he rarely called you, and usually to take you back after a boss fight.

    2. Yeah I’m currently playing it and this is exactly how I feel. There is never any chance to be remotely thrilled. So that makes the music and game’s atmosphere pointless and wasted.

      I think Luigi should never go back to E. Gadd except for switching mansions or looking in the Vault/playing Multiplayer. Missions are good so you can replay certain areas but you shouldn’t leave the mansion to change missions IMO

  3. That is why I like Nintendo. They so different things either to the hardware or software. Either way it is a different expwrience .

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