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Wii U’s Major Spring System Update Releasing Tomorrow?


According to Nintendo’s website, on April 23rd, NES game Excitebike will be released on the Wii U Virtual Console. Because Nintendo said that the Virtual Console would launch on Wii U after this week’s major system update, which shortens loading times when switching between applications, the Wii U system update might be coming sometime tomorrow, on April 22nd.

91 thoughts on “Wii U’s Major Spring System Update Releasing Tomorrow?”

    1. me too! lol i barely remembered today about the digital promotion thing, got $30 to spend on the eshop now lol. i think im gonna go all digital for now on lol

  1. Sounds possible. If it wasn’t already past midnight, I would’ve hoped that “tomorrow” was referring to Sunday, but one more day of waiting isn’t too bad. :/

    1. Actually, I prefer they test the final update version just in case and take their time further to make sure it won’t cause any more internal problems. Oh god I’m praying this update will be perfectly ready and clean up my consoles’s slow ass speed.

  2. The WiiU’s updates are arriving faster than the 3DS’ ever did. The WiiU has become a sturdy and marvelous game machine. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Lego city under cover and need for speed most wanted keeping us busy. We are in for greatness in gaming my friends.

    1. And an expensive POS console with brawn and no brains with few decent games within its first year less than XBox and Nintendo did provide will only repeat its PS3/Vita failure. So good luck with buying a $700 console at launch collecting dust..again. :|

    2. “The the PS4 will squash the Wii U , sorry but old recycled games wont sell a system … lol”

      Oh, how you will be eating your words when they do, as you put it “sorry but old recycled games won’t sell a system” when you and every Nintendo hater is proven wrong again. Time over time again. Exclusives sell systems it’s a about time you haters learned that.

    3. It has 2GB of RAM. The PS3 and 360 have some of their ram reserved for the OS . so they don’t even have 512MB. PS3 has 256MB of RAM by your logic.

          1. lol it’s not xD unless it’s graphics memory (GDDR) then it helps add detail. but he is just talking normal memory which doesn’t add anything directly to the game

    4. Ignoring that RE4 for Wii sold will. ignoring that Pikmin wii play sold will. Ignoring that Sony plans on remaking games too. Ignoring that every Mario Kart sells will.

    5. Ignoring Pokemon Fire Version, Blue Version sold well on GBA. Ignoring that Super Mario 64 sold will on DS. Ignoring that DKCR is for 3DS. Ignoring that Super Mario Bros is also downloadable on Smart phones and tablets.

    6. @Ness.. This kid is funny! He claims to not like Nintendo, yet he names himself after one of their characters!

    7. Hey ness for someone hating on Nintendo so much why did u take your name from a Nintendo game u effin lil troll try not to studer to long while coming up with a come back what playstation doing besides losing money for ninth year in roll and Xbox always online give me a break go suck their peckers over at the neogaf’s playstation forum

    1. Well do you have an NES, SNES, or even a GBA and Gamecube still?? Because if you don’t then you can’t get the origional game. 💋

  3. if nintendo doesnt have any thing new or good to show at e3 for wii u, they are fucked and retarded, even worse is that if everything was 3ds haha it would be like why dont you support your fucking console

    1. Nintendo has already told us what to expect at E3 for the most part. There’s no way they could fuck up this time. Smash Bros alone is epicness.

      1. Only nostalgia is keeping shitendo alive. Smash bros is the same shit WHATS SO EXCITING ABOUT IT? WE NEED “NEW” GAMES… NOT RECYCLED DOG SHIT.

        1. You wanna talk about rehashed games? Look at how miserably pathetic PlayStation All Star copied the shit out of Smash Bros. not to mention that glowing Multi-colored dildo motion controllers which Nintendo’s is original and beyond better than those stupid ass ripoffs which Sony is only good for and surviving on recently: Ripping off Nintendo’s magic. Even XBox is more original and they don’t have to ripoff jack shit. Again, pick your battles dumbass because Sony is just as pathetic. Go ahead and shell all of your college funds for their machines that can’t even compete the likes of Philips.

            1. I just saw a YouTube video about Sony stating they didn’t copy the Wiimote. However that video came out in 2009. You expect me to believe that video is 13 years old? Yeah right. I see Nintendo didn’t make a video about the Pro controller for Wii U 10 years ago.

          1. Sir Please shut the hell up about sony,the Xbox Kinect isn’t even original,it’s just a Glorified PS2 Eyecam on Steroids because they both use the controller free camera sensising technology,and the Xbox 360 controller isn’t original,also Sony Started Dual Analog Sticks and Clickable Analog sticks for the most part so your logic is therefor flawed my good man.

        2. even though all three smash bros games released so far all llok, play, and feel distinctly different from one another right? why do so many nintendo haters troll these sites? infact, why do people hate nintendo so much? if anything, they’re the best towards there customers in comparison to microsoft or sony. seriously, think about what the gaming world would be like without a nintendo. there would be nothing but call of duty clone after call of duty clone. if it werent for nintendo, there would be inspiration for a ton of great franchises. the arkham series is a prime example of this, seeing as tehy stated tehmselves that there main inspirations were the games zelda and metroid.

    2. Ignoring that SSB for Wii U and for the first time ever for 3DS isn’t being unveiled and totally different and new. This will give Sony ideas about All Stars being on Vita and PS4.

    3. Don’t worry…
      Nintendo confirmed that they are going to show the 3D Mario, Mario kart and retro’s game ( probably metriod) at e3.
      They have some tricks up there sleeves…

  4. I’m really happy with my wii u purchase nintendo is really stepping their game up.
    Now they jus have to give us more games the wii u is going to be a monster once it reaches its potential just wait n see

      1. Yeah…just like Vita/PS3 did when 3DS/Wii came to town and its raw power doesn’t prove s*** that it can sell. So troll boy, go home and enjoy your COD Black Ops: Declassified 4.0/10 game while Nntendo gets the real 9.0-10.0 master pieces. XP Hating trolls…

      2. Why are you even here? Are you mentally handicapped or why are you coming back to a fucking Nintendo based site??? What is wrong with reusing well known characters? it’s not like every mario game or every Zelda game is the same dumbo. I don’t get people like you, you use excuse after excuse to hate Nintendo. You act like they killed you parents.

  5. Wii U is trash, PS3/360 graphics power won’t cut it for NEXT GEN games LOL 1GB RAM …WHAT A JOKE. The Wii U just can’t run NEXT GEN GAMES …face it nintentards…ONLY SLOPPY PORTS OF OLD GAMES AND SHOVELWARE WILL COME TO WII U LMAO. Witcher 3, bf4, thief, watchdogs(NEXT GEN VERSION) just cant run on that shitty excuse for hardware HAHAHAHA, enjoy your last gen ports nintendrones … thats all you guys will get :) PS4> Pii U

    1. Haha, very funny, and lose the name, twat your just an imposter, and trying to be Ness, and everyone knows original Ness was way better at comeback, get a different name and a different mindset, cause frankly no give a shit, and how do u no ps4 will be better, u can’t see the future, for all we no ps4 could fail miserbally and end up like the vitanic (ps vita)

      1. upset arent you? nintendo didnt live up to any of their promises HAHAHA!! NO 3rd PARTY, NOT A POWERFUL SYSTEM(reggie said it would be very powerful) NO GAMES LOL. get mad at me all you want but the fact is the Wii U is a complete disaster.

        1. No games? Ignoring that Monster Hunter, Lego City made top ten in the first week. Ignoring that Nintendoland and NSMBU also made top ten. Ignoring that Black oops, NFS, Zombie U, Batman are also on Wii U. Ignoring that there will be even more games like Pikmin and Zelda popular titles and SSB, Mario Kart as will as Wii U sports all sitting in Nintendo’s R&D and even more.

        2. no games? i guess i dont own arkham city, assassin’s creed 3, monster hunter 3 ultimate, nintendo land, new super mario bros u, zombiu, tekken tag tournament 2, darksiders 2, lego city undercover, injustice, mass effect 3, the cave, little inferno, trine 2, mighty switchforce, tokitori 2, and nano assault neo, because there are no games for it, right?

    2. Ignoring that no Nintendo wii U game ever maxed out Wii U’s capacity yet. Ignoring that Desu EX for Wii U was better than PC version according to the developers. Ignoring that NFS for Wii U is a noticeable difference on YouTube when comparing 360 version to Wii U. Ignoring that the quality of the game is most important.

    3. LMAO ram has almost nothing to do with graphics just helps get a couple more frames. “next gen” is behind PC. Graphics don’t entirely make the game but do help immersion. All the games you have listed will be superior on PC. WiiU is unique in what it can offer. Plus it has the best selling franchises of all time in mario and zelda. most people have a gaming PC and the main consoles (atleast i do). I also develop games so I know a little of what i’m talking about. now go troll some place else. oh and grow up a bit it’s not about the console it’s played on it’s about games as a whole.

  6. pc from 2005 > ps4 xbox3.

    next gen games need a 2nd screen or its still current gen tech gameplay wide… and dated too.

    1. agreed. when i saw the ps4 running the unreal engine 4, i laughed out loud. i seriously though “wow, why are they focussing so hard on the graphics? my pc does better that this”. i was seriously expecting something like the rediculous gta4 mods that make it look almost real, but no. it really looks like playing a game on MAYBE medium settings. the most glaring thing to me was that the shadows were still not even up tp directx11 standards. all gripes aside, when it comes to a console, the graphics really don’t matter to me, seeing as i already have a pc for the games that i want to look pretty. this next gen, unless microsoft reveals something amazing and innovative at e3, or even a wii u clone, im just sticking with my wii u and pc.

    1. Wii was irrelavent LOL, had no 3rd party support, full of shovelware and underpowered shit. The Wii only sold because of its motion control gimmik THATS IT. NO ONE PLAYED IT AFTER 2 WEEKS AND IT COLLECTED DUST. Wii was a garbage system.

      1. Ignoring that Wii sales declined after Xbox and PS3 came out with motion remotes. Also ignoring that Xbox 360 had to do 4 facelifts in order to keep up with sales. Ignoring that many 360 owners had to buy another Xbox to replace the fucked up one. Ignoring that some people traded in their Xbox for another.

        Ignoring that Mario Galaxy, SSBB, Mario Kart, Sports resort, Wii Fit,RE4, Galaxy 2, Metroid DKC Returns for Wii all debuted well after 2 weeks and these games also helped Wii sales.

        1. Wii began seeing declines the moment Nintendo stopped making new games for it. Nintendo could have given the Wii 4 face lifts adding HD to it and more graphics like 360 if they wanted. Hell the Wii U could also get face lifts in the future. However, Nintendo never did graphical face lifts for their consoles….. but they could change their mind…after all according to you Ness Nintendo isn’t supporting the Wii U right?

  7. I just can’t stand how u people fight on consoles ,, its not like u guys own sony or Nintendo right ?? If someone likes x console it doesn’t mean everyone should like it .

  8. First off, why does everyone stray off the topic? I thought this was about the Wii U’s upcoming upgrade, not the old ‘this system’s better than your system’s debate.’ Because you can read ALL the stats you want and support your system until the cows come home, but there are some truths many do overlook.

    Being in game sales, I’ve learned ‘reinvented’ nostalgic titles usually sell over the so-called ‘fresh new games.’ Why? Think on this, you know what to expect with familiarity. This is how genuinely the Big ‘N’ has survived. Even Sony and Microsoft know this, since they respectively have games like ‘Ratchet and Clank,’ and ‘Halo.’

    I could incessantly go on about hardware issues of the PS3 and the 360 (in fact, when I worked at GameCrazy, the majority of game returns was the 360), but instead I want to present something to one particular troll in here.

    If rehashing franchises are EXTREMELY horrible, in your opinion, then why, when Sony snagged Square from the Big ‘N,’ all they wanted them to do was crank out ‘Final Fantasy’ based games? Why didn’t they instead let Square develop new innovative games than just focus nothing but the franchise? Even Kingdom Hearts is just Disney mashed-up with Final Fantasy characters. Does that make Sony horrible?

    Or better yet, when Microsoft purchased Rare, what games did they produce for the Xbox/360? Another Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie game. In fact, when Rare did attempt coming out with an ‘original’ title, it bombed heavily, despite them claiming it was developed by the people who made ‘Donkey Kong Country.’ (Grabbed by the Ghoulies, anyone?) Did this make Microsoft despicable?

    No, it didn’t. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. And here’s the thing, if graphics are such a tremendous factor, then why hasn’t the Vita outsold the 3DS? More importantly, why isn’t the Vita selling at all as Sony intended?

    In reality, the reason why people like the Wii U is simply because Nintendo simply makes games, and doesn’t worry about heavily focusing on the hardware specs. Returning back to the topic at hand, at least when Nintendo announces an upgrade they eventually do it, not make people wait several years for it.

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