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Nintendo Launches Three New Family Commercials For Wii U

Nintendo has launched three new commercials in the US to advertise the Wii U as, once again, a family console. Despite what Michael Pachter said, Nintendo has decided to market the Wii U as a ‘family orientated’ console, just like its predecessor. 

The first commercial, featured above, sees the Vanorsby family playing on the console and saying ‘we gotta upgrade’. The second and third families skate along the same line, exploring the main differences of the GamePad against the Wii Remote, emphasising that you can play both on and off-screen. The Haskins family even says that when you hold the GamePad it’s much ‘easier’, providing smoother game play. Do you think the new commercials will help bring in the family market and create a success similar to the Wii? 

60 thoughts on “Nintendo Launches Three New Family Commercials For Wii U”

  1. Well tbh that’s all they need to advertise to.
    In terms of more active “gamers” who do it reguraly, you have the people that know about it that have one or want one, the ones that dont want one or at least not yet, or the people that dont know what it is that are normally idiotic COD drones, so all 3 of those demographics are fine, but Nintendo needs to advertise to the casual market, casuals dont care they’ll buy anything, they won’t research shit, if it looks cool they’ll buy it, or if its a family home, if it bring them together, they’ll buy it.

    1. @thrdragon234.. Excellent points. Some core gamers either have one, some are waiting for that unique game before investing in one, and some aren’t planning to get one. However, it’s that causal market that always wants the latest thing. That’s the market in all truthfulness, that pushed through market forward last gen. This is why all companies having motion controls, and are turning their consoles from straight gaming machines to entertainment hubs/gaming machines.

      1. That Wii Sports ship has sailed. Nintendo Land’s basically the Wii U’s version of Wii Sports. Problem is that there was no Twilight Princess-like game at launch to get more people to buy the system.

  2. THIS is all Nintendo needs to do , they need to do it for about a year to really force the message across. Advertise it to the people to don’t use game sites. Advertise the crap out of Wii fit U , NSMBU , Nintendo land with people play them all casualy.

    Nintendo really need to get into gear with Wiiu now and push sales forward.

  3. And now a commercial with 2 teenagers, playing ZombiU in the night, just two core Gamers, to show the opposite of WiiU. Would push the Game as well.!

    1. Eh, I think they should wait until Bayonetta 2 is close to release to produce commercials like that. Who knows, maybe they can get Michael Bay to direct those commercials (anyone who’s seen the Nostalgia Critic will understand that one).

  4. he had this old wii and his friend was like we got this new wii u and we we like woooaahhhh, shut up my god your killing me, she is like stoned or she thinks she sees a milion in cash

  5. So. much. hatred.
    Why do people so brazenly hate television oriented ads?
    Fuck off you angry trolls… you’re making me angry

  6. Wow………color me blown away. I expected a huge line of trolls bashing the system for being oriented to all ages and to families, rather than just towards core gamers.
    Not much of that kind of bashing going on. I’m shocked, frankly.

    1. That shocks you? It is popular to hate Nintendo. It gives people pleasure to hate Nintendo. People aren’t to let silly things like facts get in the way of that.

  7. Family commercials make Wii look lame. The simple way to sell a lot of units: Develop one graphically impressive game and have it ready for launch. So far every Wii U game is inferior to what people already have on their Xbox. I know graphics don’t make the game, but they do sell units.

    1. Every Wii U game is inferior to the Xbox 360??? Uh no…COD BO 2 is free online there fore better. Need For Speed Most Wanted U is far superior. AC3 is slightly better on Wii U. MH3U is better then any game on the 360 except maybe Tales Of Vesparia.

  8. Honestly, these commercials are a step in the right direction, but these need to be a priority for both the console and the games as they need to be talk about the console on why it’s different from the Wii and how the GamePad really benefits to the games. They are good, but they could use a bit of improvement in the next round of commercials. I really think the videos getting the negative thumbs down are extremely necessary, but then again, these most likely came from trolls who want to deter people from what Nintendo is trying to do. Talk about immature jerks if you ask me.

  9. They should have done this from last year on -_- But I think their strategy is to come out big with the Wii U when PS4 and Xbox 720 are out, and then their advantage is the price again. On the other hand they have less powerful hardware again and I do not know if the Wii U will work for families like Wii did. The Wii was something completely new, it was great. I wonder if the “casuals” (I don’t like that phrase) will be on to it again when the powerful but more expensive other consoles come out.

  10. Wow so what your telling me is that the Wii U is a whole new console not just an extra controller for my Wii? Okay all kidding aside I think this get the point across much better than the first commercials did, I re watched the first US commercial the other day and not once does it mention that it is a new console, but mentioned all the stuff you can do with the new controller like 20 times. It is no wander people were confused, hope these help the general public realize the Wii U is all new!

  11. who gives a shit what that piece of dog shit pachter says. all the clown does is make retarded opinions that are never true. get a grip. wiiu is an everybody console.

    1. An “everybody” console won’t turn out that well , it causes a lot of confusion on what the system want to be. Right now the hardcore gamers system is the PS3 and the entertainment and couch potato system is the 360 but the wii u? …casual?hardcore?entertainment?kids?grandparents?soccer moms? I have no Idea… I see what Nintendo are trying to do but i think they should just stick with one catergory.

  12. Another shitty casual commercial …Reggie-“This is a Wii for U” MY ASS HAHAHA. I can pretty much safely say Nintendo has chosen the casual path AGAIN. Another wii :( they might as well hire Cammie Dunaway again…If Nintendo doesn’t want to be laughed at and lose support from developers. They need to change their ways.

    1. They don’t seem to understand the fact that the ‘hardcore’ gamer they’re going after will also see these adverts, and also judge the Wii U based off them. Nintendo needs to appeal their adverts to everyone if they’re trying to appeal a console to everyone.

  13. It’s great that they made new advertisements, but they really should show some friends hanging out screaming over Nintendo Land, ZombiU, ME3, and especially Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Age isn’t necessarily as important as the image of players socializing with their peers.

    Heck, even showing a young couple sitting down and sharing isn’t bad such as the woman walking in and flipping on a rom-com and the guy gets to keep playing his game. Frankly they don’t have the library to define themselves as the family gaming company right now and is best to expand the market.

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