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Nintendo Reitterates It Won’t Replace Lost Or Stolen Digital 3DS Games


A Nintendo 3DS user recently contacted Nintendo of America’s customer service, and asked about whether digital Nintendo 3DS games could be recovered, if the handheld console was stolen or misplaced. A customer service representative for the company replied by reiterating that all digital content on the Nintendo 3DS is tied to the system itself, and, therefore, lost or stolen digital games and applications purchased from the Nintendo eShop cannot be retrieved.

… I was wondering, should I lose or have my 3DS stolen, is there any way to retrieve the games that I’ve purchased on the eshop? I am curious about your policy on this, and especially when so many young kids play 3DS and could potentially lose them. I know on the iphone and PSP, you are tied to an account to which you can retrieve your games. How does it work for Nintendo? Should I be worried about buying my little nephew eshop points?

Nintendo of America customer service representative: Thank you for writing. I’ll be happy to answer your questions regarding virtual content on the Nintendo 3DS. All virtual content downloaded on the Nintendo 3DS is tied to the system itself. As our warranty doesn’t cover lost or stolen game cards and systems, if this were to happen regardless of your games being virtual or you owning the physical copies, they would not be covered for replacement. …

295 thoughts on “Nintendo Reitterates It Won’t Replace Lost Or Stolen Digital 3DS Games”

  1. Which is why I don’t download games from Nintendo anymore. I guess I have told this story on here several times before….

    It’s a shame though. Wish they didn’t have that policy.

      1. You want nintendo to replace lost or stolen products…
        Im not sure which planet you guys are from but the last time I checked Nintendo was a game company not an insurance company. This concept pretty much applies to all non-insurance companys. Complaining about this is idiotic.

        1. You do not know what you are talking about.
          A lot of other companies let you re-download digital purchases on a new system on even more than one device. It should be tied to an account to the buyer and not to a gaming device. Nintendo is the only company who does this that I know of.

          Nintendo takes advantage by having people send in their devices for repair for a hefty repair fee so consumers won’t lose their digital purchases. In case of theft you may have a chance to re-download your stuff if you provide a police report to Nintendo.
          Eventually consumers will learn the hard way and boycott digital purchases and stick to physical media where and if available. Nintendo’s digital policy sucks!

          1. If your xbox Live ID is hacked/stolen or far more likely SOLD will Xbox give you a new ID and let you re d/l the games you owned? Nope. Same with Playstation. Nintendo does it differently, but know that MS/Sony will not refund lost or stolen property. Which is the bottom line.

            1. THIS^ this is not new, we all knew this before the 3ds came out. But now they make a big deal over this? Also if Nintendo does do this then i can buy another Nintendo 3ds and pirate the digital games because Nintendo allow me to “replace” them.

                1. Learn what licensing is before using that argument. When you purchase a game, you are licensed for 1 copy of the game unless otherwise specified. Meaning that if you do the above, you are still pirating the game.

                  1. lol so if I buy a game and my 3ds brakes or get stolen I cannot redownload game I already paid for and own right too on a new 3ds never had this prob with xbox or psp/psvita ofc if u lose ur account that is ur prob but if u know password and username u should be able to redownload Nintendo just greedy making u pay full price for a redownload nah think I stick with psvita

            2. Except, when I had to replace my 360 and PS3, I was able to redownload everything I purchased and lost prior. That wasn’t the case when my Wii and 3DS were gone. I lost hundreds of dollars worth of digital downloads on the Nintendo side. I was able to retain everything from my Sony and Microsoft systems.

              I don’t hate Nintendo for it, but it is a bit annoying and I will no longer buy digital games from them because of those bad experiences. I just stick with physical and don’t pay much mind to their digital titles now.

                1. Uh, no it’s not perfectly said, dim wit. What he said is bogus.

                  Learn the facts of how other companies work first.

                  1. He has his facts straight. The difference is between losing a piece of hardware and the purchases attached to it compared to losing a piece on online ID with the purchases attached to it. I have lost way more physical items in my life than digital IDs, so having my digital items gone upon losing a physical item is worrisome. Though I know that if I lose my iPhone on a train, I can get my apps and games back when I get the chance to get a new iPhone. Very different situations.

                  2. think of it this way, its one thing if you lose a physical item, companies dont often replace it because thats a whole new system that costs them money to make… BUT if you download something digitally they have one copy, that they can distribute an infinite amount of times that takes no additional money out of their pocket to replace because they dont have to build a new object. so they are making you pay for something twice that they only had to make once.

                    1. This is probably one of the most ignorant posts I’ve seen from a business perspective. No, Nintendo does not have a license that they can just distribute an infinite number of times. Any licensee company will charge Nintendo per license that they give out. Yes it is most likely cheaper than the full price of the game, but they are still charged per license unless they do it by bundles which would be smarter. Still, in either scenario Nintendo does not charge for something that is “free” .

                      That doesn’t even count the cost of the servers which hosts these games for download or the bandwidth it takes you to download it.

                      Please check yourself at the door.

                      1. Then how are other companies able to let users download their games more than once? What kind of mystical powers do other companies have that Nintendo doesn’t?

                  1. Don’t be stupid it just so happens little kids end up losing things all the time what if you lended it to someone and it got stolen?? You’re pretty much f****d because it is tied to your system I was thinking about trading in the 3ds for 3ds XL but now tht I think about it it’s stupid

                    1. Then don’t lend your 3DS system to other people, especially children.

                      And as for getting it stolen, don’t leave it in a place where it can be stolen, like a bag in a public area (school, workplace, mall).

                      Anyway, if you trade and get a different system, some stores will let you perform a data transfer first so you can keep your content that you downloaded. I’d check facts before crying like a spoiled child about something that you don’t know anything about.

                      1. You seem to be quite narrow-minded, for someone who judges people of not knowing anything about something. I got my DS stolen a couple of years ago. I didn’t lend it to anyone, I didn’t leave it in any public area where it could have been stolen. I left it at home and burglars broke into my house, taking my DS among many other things. How is that my fault? And this kind of losses can happen in many other ways. Maybe someone was carrying their console on their pocket while walking on the street and suddenly they got mugged. Or maybe someone lost their console in an accident and it doesn’t work anymore.

                        I’m not saying Nintendo should pay if our consoles get stolen, specially when having a physical game on them instead of a digital download. I’m just saying there should be an advantage of downloading games above buying physical versions; we should be able to re-download our purchased games for this cases. Other companies have understood that this is a good policy to offer their costumers. I can re-download my apps and games if my iPod ever gets stolen, and Apple doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, why can’t I have the possibility of retrieving my games if my DS console ever gets stolen (again)?

                2. If you lost the content when you replaced the consoles it is entirely your fault. You can send in your old wii and your new wii and nintendo will do the system transfer for you, even if the old one is done for. the 3DS has a system transfer option available, and should it be accessible, you can send in both 3DS just as with the wii to have your content passed on.
                  Again, they don’t cover for lost/stolen property.

              1. i downloaded PSP digital purchases on more than 1 system. If it breaks you buy a new system and download again, voila. Not so with Nintendo.

                1. if a nintendo system breaks you only have to send in the broken one and the new one and they’ll do a system transfer. Or just directly send them in the old one and they’ll tell you they’ll give you a new one with the old content for the retail price.

                2. yup sony give you a 3 times limit on how many times a game u can download at any 1 time say like I got street fight x tekken I can download it on to 3 pspvitas at 1 time if I wanted to download onto a 4th psvita I need to remove 1 of the 1st 3 to do but I still can redownload as many times as I like its nice its wot Nintendo should do if it wants to make digital content.

              2. I’m sorry, are you stupid?
                The Xbox live ID is yours. You buy things that are attached to this ID.
                You have ways to prove the ID is yours. Microsoft assists you in recovering your ID if you get hacked. Same with Playstation.
                Steam, Origin, same concept.

                On those systems your digital purchases are always safe!

                Nintendo though are the dumbasses to not realize that at least such a system would be minimally intelligent in their own platform instead of binding things to the system.

                They’re more worried in protecting their pockets than caring for the customers, because while this could lead to some minor fraud attempt (Using one console with your ID, then claim it broke and use the ID on a new console, leaving the prior console with games), it would leave the customers N times so more happy.

                1. Piracy on steam, Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 exist, but it doesn’t exist at all on the 3DS. Which system do you think is smarter because of this system?

                  1. Steam, Xbox 360 and PS3. I am far more inclined to buy games from them, because I know they can be recovered if I lose the console they are purchased on. I will never purchase a full-price 3DS game for download unless this changes.

                    If you lose a console with physical games, you will lose only those games which were with it at the time (in my case that would be a maximum of one — inside the console).With downloads, you lose them all, because even if you want to, you cannot put them anywhere else for safekeeping.

                    People are comparing the 3DS and Xbox/PS systems incorrectly. If you lost your account and had no way to get it back, yes your Xbox/PS purchases are gone. But this doesn’t happen. People lose their consoles, not their accounts.

                    Microsoft and Sony tie things to the accounts, which are far more difficult to “lose” and relatively easy to recover if they are lost/hacked. Being able to transfer to a new console the way Nintendo has no use beyond 3DS » 3DS XL upgrades. If you have the original console, why would you buy a new one?

                    1. Is this comment real? The console needs to be hacked in order for the flashcarts to come in. You need to have a way to run unsigned code, how the fuck else do you expect to load roms on it?? the flashcards do “hack” the console, as in run unsigned code on it.

              3. This is a bad example, since a 3DS is the physical console and not the account. In this case, the 3DS would be the XBox console itself, and if your Xbox is stolen/broken, then yes you can recover your Xbox Live account/ID and redownload things you have previously purchased.

              4. Uh, yeah, when our PS3s were stolen, I was able to deactivate them from the accounts that were linked to them, replace the hardware, and redownload the games I had digitally purchased onto the new systems. So I guess your statement is a bit flawed. Digital downloads are still property, and as long as you still have the account, you can just redownload the games. Nintendo doesn’t do this, but whatever. We just buy the physical games instead of digital.

              5. That is a completely different example. On an Xbox you will still have your downloaded games if you get a new system, since they are tied to your account. If you have games on a 3ds and that gets stolen or you want a 3dsxl your “eshop account” wont transfer over since it only applies to that device.

              6. NintendronesAreIdiots

                you idiot seems doesn’t understand difference between PS and Nintenshit tech ! Your psvita stolen ? go change PS acct password, as simple as that.

              7. Having an ID hacked has no relation to this discussion. A can be stolen although it’s harder. But that doesn’t mean you can’t access your Live Account. For them to actually change the password and original email they need access to your original email. That is why you will most likely keep your Live account and every other purchase. Why doesn’t Nintendo do that? A portable gaming device is more likely to be stolen and broken. A SD card can break out of nowhere. How is it fair that you can’t redownload a game you paid for because Nintendo does not link the purchase to an account.

                Example. A 3DS user decides to buy a 3DS XL. Reasons can vary from stolen, broken, or you want a new one. A SD card can become corrupt or you may no longer have the old 3DS to transfer your files. Is it really fair that you have to buy all your games again because of dumb implementation of how purchases work? No its not.

              8. You have no idea how wrong you are. I’ve purchased multiple PS3s and all I had to do was sign in to my PSN and I can redownload EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING that I had already bought.

            3. actually i think it’s fair ! but i know away around it if u do happen to lose your games all you do is back your games up on your computer then transfer it then you got a backup so in a way it’s not restricting you i sold my xl but backed up all my games and that was it

              1. Because some people misplace there 3ds in gamestop. What Nintendo is doing whit this is do discourage 3ds trade in.

              2. No, the games are encrypted and tied to the console you bought them on–if what you suggested worked, you could keep separate game collections on a variety of SD cards and swap them out whenever you like.

                1. except you CAN have more than 1 SD card on 1 system. but you can’t have the same SD card work on 2 systems. Only the eshop account is tied to the system, not the card. you lose your card but not your system, you can redownload everything you downloaded.

                  as for you people “backing up and it not working”, you are probably doing it wrong. When you stick the SD in your PC, you are supposed to DRAG all the files over, NOT copy and paste. And you do the same for your destination folder. Its what I did with my XL cause I got an 8GB for it. I transfered everything off my original 3DS via tha transfer tool in the systems, then I copied my SD card on my PC to place to files on the 8GB, and I ditched the 2GB, 4GB is my back-up card though until I go over the limit anyways

                  1. Dragging the files over and copy and paste is the same thing. The only difference is there are two copies. Cut and paste is the exact same thing as dragging files.

              3. I’m not sure if you realize this, but that doesn’t work. Try those backed up games on the a system and see if they run.

          2. It’s a simple matter of linking your digital and/or physical purchases with the console’s serial number. Just like how the next xbox console may be linking new games to your xbox live account rendering any selling of your used games useless. In the unlikely event of your device being stolen, you simply contact the provider of the hardware/software that your device has been stolen and all content connected to that account/ and all physical and virtual content linked to that serial are rendered useless. You then sign up for a new account with all your stored information, answer a few security questions linked to your account, enter email etc… And since most devices are connected to the internet, any attempt to log into that same account on another device will temporary ban that account from accessing the “eshop” for example thus perhaps preventing pirater’s from accessing your virtual content until you contact and deactivate your previous device if you have purchased or are using a new device. This method has been around for a while. It seems fairly straight forward that this method most certainly prevents pirating. It’s not a 100% perfect system and I’m sure the internet will eventually find a way to crack it. For example: knowing the serial number of the console is not enough to crack into your account, the games have to read the serial number off the console itself to make this process work. I remember World of Warcraft use to ban me from accessing my game from other computers at a friends house in the same state as me because it was a different IP address. A similar method for the 3ds can be implemented. If it detects you are a new area you don’t normally travel through, it simply asks for your security questions if you wish to access the “eshop.” if the user that stole the product that goes onto the internet however, then you can’t stop that person from using the content offline, however this still prevents that user from accessing “additional” copies of the content.

          3. Are you incredibly under informed, or just plain ignorant? Every other video game company that offers digital goods offers this; Steam, origin, gamestop app, PS3, Xbox 360, vita. They tie your purchases to an account, so in the unfortunate case that you lose, or damage your system, previously bought titles can be re-downloaded. It doesn’t make these companies “insurance companies”, its just plain smart on their part. If you bought this title, or that title, and your 3DS memory card fritzes out, do you think you should have to re-buy all your virtual games? I personally think its crap.

            1. Other companies rely soly on the internet for a profit because they charge extra for that with the monthly passes or the need to have internet access for play… and not offering that would be a big loss in money for them…nintendo doesn’t
              because it gives you what you
              want resonably priced with or without an Iternet connection…its an option for nintendo to inhance your play but its not a requirement…

          4. Actually, if they get a clue and unify 3DS and Wii U Nintendo Network IDs and link bought games to those accounts, it would make redownloading and losing titles unexpectantly so much less of an inconvenience.

          5. other devices link your purchases to the account not the device
            and they let you download them on multiple devices
            if you lost your ds and could buy another one and just redownload what youve bought no one would have a problem
            nintendo is idiotic for locking the games to devices

            1. Its not idiotic. ..its genius. ..people will buy frim nintendo because they will always have something you want…locking the system means people will be forced to spend money based on how bad they want it…and because there is always something being offered that’s in demand..

              1. no it is idiotic because theyre going to lose customers because of the stupid shit they do
                its been over a year an i still havent bought a new 3ds to replace that one
                id rather pirate the games i want to play than waste my money on it again

                1. Uh…I dont know if you realize this but you pirating that’s helping them…a lot of companies…provide updates for the pirated versions because they know people who pirate the games actually buy more.

                1. But thats the point…because they don’t rely solely on internet purchases everything is in store and they make more money that way…that’s why they don’t charge for a ninentdo membership…Think about it…every nintendo card purchased gives them money…every game on the eshop not nintnedo they still make money off of…games that are nintendo they can charge a lot for a physical copy and not as much for the digital because people will buy physical…I.E I saw a game that was through nintendo in stores for $20.00…but on the eshop it was 10.00 why because irresponsible people buy physical copies spending more money.. and even online they make a little either way they win… its called business and they obviously know what they are doing …and they are doing it for a reason…whats the reason…its working for them…

              2. Not exactly. It might work with some people, but not with everyone. People who are already familiar with digital download purchases will know digital downloads from Nintendo are risky business and will think it twice before buying their digital games or their consoles at all. And people who already know about it will tell other people about this disadvantages and they might persuade them from not buying Nintendo products. Even if they want to buy something so badly, they may keep themselves from doing it because they don’t want to give in just so that they can get certain games.

          6. I don’t care if they replace them, but I would like my purchases to be tied to an account, like Steam, iTunes, and the vast majority of digital content distribution services. That way, all you have to do is login and look at your list of games, choose which one you want to download, and bam! it’s right there. It’s actually yours, tied to an account and you can keep it even if you get a new DS, lost your old one, etc. It’s a simple concept that I didn’t realize Nintendo doesn’t use until after I bought a full priced game off the eShop. I don’t care, my fault for not looking into the matter, but I certainly won’t be buying more until it is implemented.

          7. Agreed people need to be smart about knowing children lose items it happens…its not the companies problem that you and your child are irresponsible…buying a child an expensive system is your choice tell your kid not to take the system out of the house…nintendo did their job
            in providing a service to make money them replacing your list
            items is like sayin, “its okay go be
            irresponsible well wrisk losing money to support your stupidity. ..”

            1. Don’t automatically assume that everyone who loses their consoles lose it due to irresponsibility. Sometimes consoles permanently stop working beyond repair or solution. Sometimes consoles get stolen. And since you don’t have your games physically, you lose them along with your console; you don’t even get the chance to keep them from being stolen by storing them on some other place other than your console.

              That’s not fair. Imagine a hypothetical scenario where email accounts were each attached to one computer so that your access to your email account was restricted to one specific computer, and if it stops working or gets stolen, you have to get a new computer AND a new email account. Not to mention you would need to carry your computer everywhere in order to read your email at any time you want. But that’s not the case in real life: you can access your email in many devices at once. And if we get this kind of possibilities with free digital services like email accounts, why shouldn’t we get the same with digital items we paid for?

              1. Now that I understand I think the games u download should be replaced since the system they built stopped working on its own. Unless u break it on accident like this one little girl thought the wii was hungry and fed it a pancake. But if u notice most wii consoles only last 2 years the wii u works a lot better and I know because I have one its great just u would have to get a classic controller to play becaus their are no plug ins for the game cube controllers ( that’s if u want to play the older game that u download like major as mask or mario sunshine etc)

          8. if you have an xbox console or a playstation console and you replace the console you can still redownload previously purchased games so why is nintendo doing things differently? if the console breaks why should i not be able to get back games that i have already purchased?

          9. Yea I agree in a way. I understand why they don’t replace lost or stolen items, because people would use that as a way to get more game and systems, when they never lost it or actually had it. Only so they can get more, also by replacing it for “free” makes them lose money+supplies.

            1. My sister lost her 3ds and we couldn’t find it, it is somewhere in the house because she wasn’t allowed to take it out the house. If your have another 3ds in the house it will detect it on miiverse (only if your have another 3ds and its near you) that’s also how I know it’s their because my system detects it.

          10. stupid moron
            when you lose your ps4 or xbox one you can retrieve all your past games, because your purchases are in the cloud.
            you’d rather keep your mouth shut next time thus avoiding passing for a dumbless foul

          11. Dude, think about it. If you own a PC and buy games off Steam, for instance, your account is cloud-based like the Nintendo Store and so if your PC dies or is stolen, you can log in to your account from your new PC and re-download your games. When my 3DS died, not only did my downloaded games die with it but I also had a $40 balance on my Nintendo Store account, which also disappeared in spite of properly linking my old account with the store. I’m pretty sure that money wasn’t inside of my 3DS. And you’re saying I’m an idiot to think that’s not right?

          12. Pretty much every other digital content provider except Nintendo has a method in place for recovering lost or stolen software.

            Nintendo is not meeting the industry standard here, and you’re defending that?

    1. That would really suck if that ever happened to me. I have a lot of eShop and Virtual Console games on my 3DS, and if I ever lost or got my system stolen, there will be a trail of broken windows ten minutes someone broke the news to me.

          1. Good for you volunteering but it does not count as a job. Trolling isn’t a job either, it’s just what asshurts do with spare time.

                  1. Maybe a troll website appeared, and if a troll got a certain number of dislikes for each comment, they could get paid for each dislike, and then the website puts ads next to their comments, like youtube.

            1. Wait wait, so you’re telling me that you’re butthurt and because of that you come here to troll? Talk about lack of self-esteem.

              1. People only understand that you do not treat Nintendo like it’s the second coming of Jesus.
                Therefore, you MUST be a troll, hurrrrr

                1. I think they also need to realize, I annoy fanboys of other companies just as much, if not more.

                  People take things waaaaaaay too seriously.

                  1. Jelly, I think you should consider changing your screen name at this point.
                    You can’t even make a peaceful post without the fan-tards ganging up on you.
                    For the sake of your peace-of-mind, I’d recommend switching to something new. Maybe that way you’d actually get some intelligent responses to your posts instead of insult-trains thread after thread.

    2. Heh. That’s why I always keep a copy of all my 3DS content on my flash drive. Not too much of a problem but it’s still very lame.

      1. That doesn’t work. I replaced my 3DS for an XL and I just switched their SD cards and the XL didn’t recognized the games, I had to use the “system transfer” feature, which deletes everything on your old 3DS and puts it into the new one. That’s the only way a console can read the games downloaded in another one.

        1. Yes, that is true, and then you get a lifetime limit of 5 system transfers, after that you’re done with “your” digital games and they vanish into thin air just like that.
          The sooner people realize Nintendo’s policy on this the sooner Nintendo will have to change as people will stick with physical copies for retail games and maybe just get a few cheap digital only titles.

          1. Wait, you get a lifetime limit of 5 system transfers!? Is that only when you upgrade? Like, what if you had a normal one and an xl at the same time, it’s not limited then, right?

      2. You know it doesn’t work like that. If you lose your 3DS and copy the back up from the flash drive to a new 3DS system it won’t work. The data itself has a code that ties it to the system it belongs to and won’t work anywhere else.

    3. This is one of Nintendo’s major flaws as a company, their online network (at least for everything but Wii U, I don’t own one and have no knowledge of how different miiverse is) is vastly inferior to their competitors.

          1. First two are getting better, really slowly. You’re to slow! The third one’s a mess, though.

              1. I’m surprised the wii had any 3rd party games on it that were multi-platform. I heard games like call of duty had to be started from scratch to even be on the wii.

                1. The Wii was honestly quite terrible. I mean, it had some pretty amazing 1st party games. But it suffered in regards to multiplats. People seem to think though because it sold the best, it was the best console. People need to stop with the sales determines how good it is attitude.

                        1. Sanic the Hadgehog

                          Random statement: in any Pokemon game, capture a Metapod and name it Penis so that everytime you use Metapod, it will say, “Penis, use harden!”

                          1. I consider myself more part of the core audience. Granted, I’m not going to act like only I play is good, (Unless you actually enjoy garbage like E.T. on the Atari or Ninjabread Man, then I begin to question your mental capacity) but I was able to find over a hundred enjoyable Wii titles, many of which were underrated gems, and I actually don’t mind the “casual” series such as Call of Duty and Madden.
                            Maybe I’m being too generous, but to each his own.

                    1. It was an accidental spelling mistake, asshurt. At least I know the difference between their/there/they’re!

                            1. That’s funny because trolls are know to have thin skin especially around the ass.

                              1. Obviously they do not have a school in Trolltown because you seem to be uneducated.

                    2. well i have been playing MH3U and there is not lag, i’m pretty amazed by that, as my internet is not as fast as you would think, today i also played Gears of war, and man LAG is not terrible but is a bit frustating, and considering mh3u runs on nintendo servers i guess they are doing it better this time, as for 3rd party support, that’s not nintendo problem >_>, of course is good for the console, but nintendo is giving what they want, if developers aren’t willing to develop for the console what nintendo can do?, you can say “make a console that isn’t that weak!”, yeah i know but nintendo is not playing who is the more powerful!, they offer what they got and if the developers don’t want to make games, is their problem, not Nintendo’s, and thei policy for stolen games, NO COMPANY EVER will give you another copy if you got your games stolen, so you should have said Their Digital Purchases Policies, see? that’s different and im pretty sure they will get better over time so.. patience mah friend

                      1. ….Sony and Microsoft do. Your games are tied to your account, not the console itself. So if your console is broken or stolen, you can redownload all of your games for free

                2. Believe it or not, their online components for their games on the Wii U are actually quite good.
                  Miiverse is only a small step behind in a few areas.[post character limit, for one]
                  It’s got some stuff coming soon that should get it up to speed, though, like more of the communities supporting in-game photos and user-created communities.
                  But there’s already two areas that it excels in compared to the others; they’ve got TONS of talented artists showing off, and the troll count is almost zero.

                  So, yeah, definitely not as inferior as you think, thankfully.

              2. Epic error, nintendo, Epic error

                If the digital games would has a warranty if I lose my 3ds or this tied
                I buy my games in digital, the same to wii u

                if I get digital games on wii u and my console die, I lose all my games ._.

                        1. Touche`
                          Look its been a long day and its past our bedtime.
                          Not to mention the whole internet saw us make a fool of ourselves…

              3. except that if you own all physical copies when your 3ds is stolen you only lose the 1 gam that is in your system which is alot cheaper than losing $1000 worth of digital games

              4. Sickr & Alba can suck COCK


              5. And this is why Nintendo gets none of my money for digital goods.

                Sony at least lets me download it on not 1 but 2 systems and if one gets stolen or broken, I can remotely deactivate the system and reactivate it on another.

                Had that happen once. I downloaded all my stuff back >.> 3 days and 400 GB later. Comcast called and complained. Told me they were throttling my Internet.

              6. I hope they will change this in the near future and region-lock free games will be awesome. Nintendo just listen to the people. ^_^

              7. Well that’s dumb.. And I have like over 10 games from the E-Shop. Honestly I hope Nintendo changes this. If not, then I guess someone will hack it soon to be able too.

                I might see why Nintendo has it this way, and I hope that’s not the reason. :P

              8. That’s a solid policy.

                People should keep track of 3DS and the digital games they have on it and this wouldn’t be a problem.

                    1. Well I have a Wii U so I’ll probably end up buying it, even though I wasn’t really a fan of the first game.

              9. That’s why I prefer physical game cards. I also keep my 3DS in my house. It’s real funny how both Pokemon X and Y are going to be downloadable. Most people who play these games use the other game to trade through. Can’t do that if your games are both on the same system. Think ahead…

              10. there is a way if someone stold your 3ds. you need to show them a police report and they will give you all of your digital back. it proves that you had a sytem. many people did this their customer service is better than any company.

              11. I’ve never lost or had a gaming device stolen nor any other electronic device. I don’t see how this can really be a problem for anyone. I see the convenience of downloading a game, but are people that lazy they can’t go down the street and buy a copy?

                1. I more so prefer digital because it means less clutter. All my games stored in the one place and I won’t have to carry cartridges with me.

                2. trust me! stealing someone else’s system DOES happen and it’s NOT fun when it does happen! and here in my town in CA, there is a chance it might happen!! :(

              12. Nintendo really needs to fix this for the 3DS & the Wii U otherwise people won’t feel safe downloading their games.
                Come on Nintendo, I’m sure you would get A LOT more eShop & Virtual Console sales if you would just lock the games to the people’s accounts.
                OK guys, get on MiiVerse and make sure Nintendo knows that this is an issue that needs fixing! :P

                1. we need to tell them how much we want them to get back rare, so many people do i bet if enough people knew where the post was and you spread the word it would get so much support that nintendo will notice it

              13. That’s kinda stupid. Hopefully Nintendo gets rid of this “90s Nintendo-like” policy because it doesn’t work good. They should just improve the acc. system on the Wii U to work on multiple consoles, and not tied to one Wii U. That would make Nintendo less draconian.

                        1. Because it wouldn’t let me just put “Jellybean”. I know who the other person is, we’re just joking around :P

              14. Nope. This is why I no longer buy digital content from Nintendo. I love them, but I have been screwed by them, so all of my digital content is on my other devices. Physical copies only from Nintendo from now on.

              15. NIntendo needs to get their head out of their ass. They’ve been the farthest behind in terms of online anything and yeah the 3DS and Wii U made some improvemnts but they’re still really behind. Not having something as standard as an account to tie your purchases to on 3DS is a really stupid move, I don’t even know why they felt that was a remotely feasable idea. They made you able to link to your Club Nintendo account so why not expand on the site and make it the account hub? They really have no excuse.

              16. I never understand how people lose or get their stolen.
                Yeah, if someone pulls a knife on you and says “give me your 3DS”, id understand, or if someone breaks into your house, but reallly?
                Who looses a games console?

                  1. Well everyone knows kids are dumb -.-
                    But they also have no money, just one copy of Pokemon, and some crash bandicoot xD

                  1. oh crap reggie has been shot and im getting tired of running. there onto me ooohh shit they are ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the reason my stolen goods broke is because im trying to run away from nintendo after stealing from them and reggie has been shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              17. I honestly don’t see how it would be Nintendo’s responsibility to replace stolen items. I could see how it might be nice to have backup chances to download your digital purchases to your 3DS via kept in record on your club.nintendo/email/credit or something, but yeah… beyond that it’s really not their responsibility to replace something that’s been lost or stolen. They’re not the police, they’re not an insurance company, and they’re not your mother.

                1. this website should be more inform. you could buy another 3ds and show nintendo you had the games with a police report that it was stolen. then you ship your new 3ds and they mail it back to you with all of your digital games back.

                2. The thing is, your 3DS gets stolen. So no, they don’t have to replace the 3DS. But those downloadable games aren’t something fysical, so they can’t really get ‘stolen’. But how it is now, they do get stolen, because Nintendo is too stubborn to let you redownload your games, even if you spend money buying ANOTHER one of their consoles because your first is stolen. It’s just total b.s.

              18. Tie the eShop purchases to the account instead, anything else works against making the digital download business a success.

              19. I lost two 3ds Xl systems and both times they replaced all my 45 games :D You just have to prove it was stolen with a police report!

                I love Nintendo :)

              20. I have got all my games returned to my Wii when my house was broken into. All you have to do is send in a police report. In then they will transfer all your old wii file to your new wii. Only thang is mess up is you louse all your save data

              21. EPIC FAIL NINTENDO! Glad i didn’t download jackshit on my 3DS. seriously nintendo get your shit together its 2013 , this is unacceptable.

                    1. so in my latest stolen goods, i stole a 3ds… oh shit aaahhh its got 5 big ones on it, yes score matha fuckers look it all these free games!!!…. that i stole

              22. Hopefully that will be changed or when Miiverse comes out, maybe there is an update to 3DS sort of works to same way Wii U does because in all fairness, Shouldn’t the game we downloaded be connected to our accounts? so maybe we should do like a sign on like Wii U.

              23. Nintendo, would it be too difficult to tie the games to the account, rather than the console?
                Microsoft does it, Sony does it, freaking Valve does it. You just figured out how to make a better online shop, now fix this part. Slowly but surely, I guess…

              24. Why don’t they have an account system yet? Nintendo get with the times. Stuff like this is why you’ll never get back the hardcore fans.

              25. So if your system gets broken somehow, you’re also SOL?
                I like the way Sony does things. My purchases are tied to my username and password. This allows me to have a purchased title on mutiple PS3s if I, I don’t know, have to buy a 2nd one because the blu-ray drive of my original one conks out.
                This policy is why I don’t buy eShop copies of physical titles.

              26. This is an extremely idiotic move from Nintendo. I love them, but this… it’s just unacceptable. That’s the reason why I won’t buy online games for my 3DS when I get him.
                It’s stupid for the WiiU as well, but at least it’s a home console and you can’t lose it. And the games are cheaper in the e-shop than in my local stores.

              27. My 3DS was stolen in the beggining of the year, and I was able to get the purchased games and ambassador games back. My region is Brazil, and I’ve contacted support from my region. But the games I’ve lost were around R$30 (around U$15), and they took a long time to reply my emails.

                1. thanks for the information i lost my ds over a year ago ill try contacting australias nintendo to see if i can get my ambassador games back. i was under the impression that its impossible to get them back.

              28. My 3DS got stolen a month ago, called Nintendo, made the procedure of the police report and later they allowed me to re-download all my purchased games. Happy camper here

              29. I prefer a mix of physical and downloadable games. I always buy physical games when available and download games that are only available from eShop. I do not mind having cartridges because I have a case with me. I do hope they make it to where you can have an account and redownload games. There could be a limit on re-downloading to different systems so in case someone’s 3DS is stolen or misplaced, they can re-redownload and have another chance to be more careful. At least 3 strikes before you have to buy the game again.

              30. I just sent NOA an email asking if they will replace lost or stolen physical copies of the 3DS games I purchased. Guess what their response was?

              31. This is bullshit, I’ve complained to them about this many times. It’s a portable console losing these things isn’t uncommon. Even if you save duplicates to your computer they’ll only play on the same 3ds. My ipod can save my downloads to my account, and I can authorize other devices to play the games if someone does steal it, and these games cost 1 fucking dollar, you expect me to buy $40 games with no sort of back up plan whatsoever? F*ck you!

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              33. Yet another reason not to buy new Nintendo products. By itself, it’s not that big a deal, but when put alongside region restrictions, limited playable demos, and last-generation hardware, the downsides really add up. And as long as fans keep defending this crap, Nintendo is going to keep doing it.

              34. pissed off Nintendo Fan

                Whats funny about their policy is that it doesn’t promote anything but bad juju for them. I may pirate moves and I may pirate music, but never once have I ever pirated a game. Be it for android, xbox, or any emulation software. I have spent a lot of money on digital content with my old 3ds and now that I know I can’t replace it, screw it I will just pirate everything from nintendo. Im not going to take a chance in investing in something that I can’t keep if something happens to my 3DS. And when the policy changes I will start purchasing my games again.

                1. I love Nintendo Though sadly I must agree with you, I know piracy is bad but I hate to spend 20$ on apps and games to have someone steal my device or anything else and I have no way to recover them all.

                  To me if this stays the same with there eshop, I wouldnt be shocked to see more people interested in piracy.
                  I understand I had this issue and lost 25$ in games.
                  now with my new 3ds xl I won’t spend a penny of my money on that store if they can’t make a great account system like Apple uses that makes us safe and able to get downloads back after issues, then they won’t get my money and ill be sure to inform others also to be wary of the eshop.

                  Alot of children, kids, young people use these systems, and accidents are sure to follow. Come on Nintendo promotes this towards kids, they should be smarter, more people are going to pirate games if this keep on going the way it is.

                  in the future when theres a way to do piracy with the 3ds, They can pirate a game and if any one questions them, they could say I had those games but my system had issues I got it fixed but lost my games because of Nintendo’s policy.I mean come on who would blame them, to go and spend 40$ on a digital game or 5-15 on small games in the store and then lose them because of a accident and never be able to get them back because of Nintendo’s ridiculous policy. Well its Nintendo’s own fault if piracy starts to happen. Cause that’s just pushing piracy to me.

              35. Yea I love the 3ds system and Nintendo but I hate how they do there eshop downloads. My first 3ds had so many bought games, then there was a issue and I lost them all, I was angry.

                Now I have used a Apple device and to me they are way smarter and organized then Nintendo in terms of any downloads. But I had assumed I would easily get my downloads back thinking they would be just like Apple I mean there a big company they should have this covered.

                Well was I wrong I fought long and hard and lost. Now with my new 3ds xl I just got, I won’t buy anything from there shop that requires money that could get wasted if anything happened.

                Thankfully the 2 digital games I have now, were a promo from buying a 3ds xl and pokemon mystery dungeon and the other was a from a free card I got. otherwise I barely go on that store just to update that’s about it. I wouldn’t recommend anyone using that store unless there device is protected well from damages.

                I found out also if something happens to your sd card well all your downloads are gone. Even now with retail games going digital who in there mind would spend 39$ on a game that’s digital and one wrong move you lose that money…

                I ether pre-order my games or buy them right out. Nintendo’s store is just not thought out correctly alot of kids use this system, kids come on things can happen quick with kids. You would think Nintendo would of been smarter…

                You want apps, games don’t risk it in eshop go get a iPod or something at least the hardware has a warrenty and you have a account which gives you 100% relief that if all goes wrong you will get your downloads back.

                Nintendo 3ds system is perfect with its cartridges and I like it that way. I’m hoping that never changes.

              36. Well, that’s bogus.

                What if my 3ds breaks, will I have to buy all my downloaded 3ds games again? When I get a new iphone or iPad, I can download all my old purchases on it, no problem.

                I am not impressed, Nintendo.

              37. My 3DS was stolen today. I had loads of DSiWare, couple of eShop software, and Luigi’s Mansion. I am so mad and sad.

              38. I think you can redownload the games if you attach your Club Nintendo account to the system. I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve heard something about that working. Like, register your games, then it should be ok…I could be wrong though, so don’t quote me on this.

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              40. Can I trace my daughter stolen 3ds with my son 3ds I’ve sent messages to it saying it is stolen but its saying its offline does this mean all the data my daughter had on there has been wiped off if not will the person who stole it still be able to use it with her details installed or does whe swipe clean all her details off 2

                1. Well, I am not completely sure I understand what you mean by “tracing” your daughter’s stolen 3DS with your son’s, but i believe that if the messages you are receiving say that it’s offline, I would imagine that it means that it doesn’t happen to be connected online, when you are sending the messages. I really don’t believe there is a way that you can track the device. Nintendo could tell if there was material being downloaded to it, I would imagine, but I don’t think that it would do you any good because I doubt they could tell where it’s being downloaded from. Perhaps, if it were being used to download new material, they could tell by the IP address. I’m not really sure, though. Best of luck to you, though!

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              43. the games go to your SD card…. a real nintendo associate would have mentioned this in that fake ass letter. all of you are dumb.

                1. You know what is even more dumb? The fact that you think that just being in the SD card is enough to have a cross-console backup of the game. If you had some basic reading skills, which you clearly lack, you’d notice it says that the games are tied to your console, not downloaded to it’s memory.

              44. Sony and Microsoft have my money and nintendo dont
                I like nintendo games but as a digital user nintendo policy prevent me from enjoy it so bad for you.

              45. Debating on buying a 3ds been a zelda fan for years… But with this policy I am not so sure I want to buy one now I will probably spend my money with Sony…

                1. I have been a victim of this practice with Nintendo. I have been buying a ton of games with Nintendo and Sony over the years and have been able to load whatever I buy from Sony onto the three PSPs, Vita and three PS3s I have. I had the original 3DS and thought I read somewhere that I just needed to copy the files from the memory card, so I did when I bought the XL version. I donated my smaller 3DS to someone that was giving toys to children. When I tried to load the files on the new one, I realized it didn’t work that way with Nintendo. I contacted them and they confirmed it. They could see on my account that I had purchased all of the games, but there was nothing they could do. Basically, I had to rebuy anything I wanted from before. Lesson learned. My hopes are that they change their policy in the future, but I would never dissuade anyone from buying a 3DS. It’s still an outstanding product and I love mine to death. If you still want one, definitely get one. Just remember that you need to manually transfer between the old system to the new one, if you buy another, and everything is fine. It’s still just about the best console on the market and there are a ton of great games for it. You still can’t lose.

                  1. You can’t blame nintendo for this. Next time inform yourself how this works before doing anything. You could have just transfered your content from one console to another, and then used the same SD card. If you think about it, what you thought would make the system very easy to abuse…

              46. This is stupid and I can’t believe people defend this. The only benefit is being able to sell the digital faves with the console. I didn’t know about this before selling my 3ds and could have got more money. I thought Nintendo would be inline with Sony and Microsoft but once again they are backwards. The Wii u is a nightmare to navigate and full of weird restrictions. Was going to buy a 3ds xl but won’t bother now. Fuck Nintendo

                  1. True it was his fault, but this is just another example of Nintendo backwards methodology. If you compare their digital EULA with any other company, it would seem ridiculous to stick with them. Don’t get me wrong, I like my 3DS if ONLY for the games and I agree that people should definitely research beforehand but this is another reason to bash on Nintendo and for good reason. I honestly can’t see them competing in the console market if they keep this up along with keeping up with the gimmick of the Wii and Wii U system and start to try more to appeal to their other audiences besides kids. If they have already changed it or are in the process of changing it then sure, I’ll take back my words, but I Nintendo is much too stubborn at times.

              47. 2015 September, Club Nintendo gone, Still all games linked to devices and now with the “new standard” 3DS coming out (the faceplate one ) You would think Nintendo would get smart, after all these years its always linked to the system like nothing can ever happen to them… Then when you get a new system or your sd card dies (3ds most data is on the card ) you lose your eshop game data (even purchases with freemiums) and your themes ..
                I believe Nintendo doesn’t care about those things or they would of had a new model by now its 2015 -_- ..

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