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Source “Close To The eShop” Says Wii U System Update Coming Thursday


The next Wii U system update is coming this week, but on what day will it arrive? According to a source “close to the eShop,” the update will be launching on Thursday, April 25th. If the update does see release on Thursday, then the Wii U Virtual Console is supposed to launch the following Friday, on April 26th. Click here to see which Virtual Console titles you’ll be able to purchase on Wii U this week.

117 thoughts on “Source “Close To The eShop” Says Wii U System Update Coming Thursday”

  1. This update is cool and all, but E3 can’t come any sooner. I have a $350 paper weight sitting under my TV. I NEED GAMES FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. It’d be undeniable evidence that Nintendo cares not for the Wii U. That said, it won’t happen, right now they’re like Microsoft with the Kinect, so they’re gonna take this chance to give dates for Smash, X(enoblade 2), 3D Mario, etc.

      2. Nah…. The 3DS line up is saturated with amazing games as it is. I think Nintendo will be dilberately holding games back for the 3DS from now.

        Satoru Iwata said he has Major Software coming for the Wiiu after E3 and they will push the console then.

      3. Seeing as Nintendo announced we will see Windwaker Reborn, 3D Mario, and Mario Kart. Not to mention Retro’s game and Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, “X”, Yoshi Land U and such I dont think much 3DS stuff could be fit into a 1 hour NIntendo E3 confrence. Only main 3DS stuff I expect at E3 is when Miiverse is coming to the 3DS, Zelda 3DS, Smash Bros 3DS, and Pokemon X and Y. Probably Monster Hunter 4 also. Other then that nothing 3DS related. All other 3DS stuff will get a Nintendo Direct after E3 like last year.

        1. Yesssss 3ds miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it is gonna be so awesome.

    1. Lego city , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Toki Tori 2 . There is 3 christmas crackers for you :)

      I see where you are coming from ofcourse. I do think the Wiiu needs some AAA first party games ASAP like Pikmin 3. But the console does have a decent line up for this year except they are all coming at the end of 2013.

      E3 will have to be EPIC for the Wiiu.

      1. Lego games are stupid, never understood why they chose the lego them, why didn’t they just do a realistic approach, it would probably get more attention. I was going to buy monster hunter but played the demo, I thought it was going to be more fast paces, toki tori 2 is not a real full game. they need to pull off a 2004 or 2010 e3 for the wii u, I sold my wii u and ps vita because they both had no games, im going to buy both one in summer and one during the holidays, hope Nintendo surprises me because I have persona but got it after I sold it because it was the special edition one and im dying to play it.

        1. ”never understood why they chose the lego them, why didn’t they just do a realistic approach, it would probably get more attention.” HAHAHAHA XD

            1. Obviously… Undercover is GTA for children. Also I’m not interested in playing a upscaled MH Wii port that looks worse than a PS2 game. Toki Tori is also irrelevant.

                  1. So you are the guy that my mom saw trying to masturbate looking at her whit out pulling his cock out of his pants.

                    1. I don’t even need t reply, you already made up the most retarded thing ever, here’s a cookie

      2. LEGO City – child’s game Nintendrones are hyping up because they are desperate

        Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – overglorfied HD port

        Toki Tori 2 – better on PC

        Nice list though, you can only polish a turd so much.

        1. Lego City – Best lego game ever , huge sandbox world.

          Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – It’s BY FAR the best Monster Hunter Game yet with a ridiculous amount of content and awesome 3DS connectivity

          Toki Tori 2. Only advantage PC has is 1080p VS 720p of Wiiu version. Both are 60FPS , Wiiu has Off screen play , Miiverse , and a cool gyro camera.

          I have all 3 games , you do not. All 3 are really great games . fact.

          1. I like said, you are desperately trying to polish a turd.

            Do even understand what a fact is? Your opinion is not fact, that’s for sure.

                  1. *loser

                    Try to beat you at what, basement-dwelleing social reject? You are taking this comments section too seriously.

                    1. Look … you suck .. Buy a Wii U .. find me in Miiverse .. and try to beat me … at any fucking game that exist on this console …

                      You are so lucky that there is no Super Smash Bros on Wii U yet ,.. I could smash your fucking brain out of your head like a fucking Syrian girl on a landmine.

                    2. Holy shit. You are really a pathetic basement-dweller dickhead. I don’t care if you can beat me a video game, that won’t change the fact you are irrelevant, worthless, socialy rejected, freak.

                1. Yes because is clear that phatasy star episode3 is not 15 years old . Even playing it a few hours a week you can get it that high..

                    1. Patetic is the person who cant achiev anything. I bet you have quit in everything you do to talk like that.

                    2. What are you even talking about?

                      I’m sure I’ve “archiev” more than some freak who has spent 2000 hours on a single game.

                    3. and btw… 2000 hours on one game is absolutely nothing. Ive played 6 years of WoW … /played exactly 496 days with my best character … that means approx. 11 904 hours in that game. You are a fucking joke… GO HIDE.

            1. Why say that your opinion is a fact but his cant? Dont you now the definition of the word? You sound retarded and ignorant in your try to use the word.

                1. If you damage controll like this always the next hurracane that hits Miami you are going to do the repairs.

            1. Well he just say “you can only polish a turd so much” and I remembered this.
              Why are you so offensive?

    1. I have 4 retail games, and like 6 eShop games 3 being the $.30 games. Plus what eve I had transferred from my wii vc. Over 500 hrs on my wii u

    2. I used to have 10 3ds games … until i bought my nephew 1. Now i got 3 and thats because he dosnt know how to play mh,final fantasy or fire emblem.

        1. No it’s not, and the WiiU has no killer app. I know a lot of people who bought a Wii day one for Twilight Princess. Heck, SNES had Super Mario World and F-zero! The 64 had Super Mario 64 of course, the GameCube had Melee and a few other cool things as well.

          1. That’s right. I can’t believe some of these idiots are trying to sell Wii U with a Lego game, an HD port, and a bunch of indie games that are better on PC.

            1. Truth. And then they won’t admit Nintendo did a bad job with software, attacking you when you say you don’t like this half-assed stuff and won’t invest your money on a WiiU for it.

                1. So it’s Ubisoft’s fault? But then they’re bringing ALL of their games like watch_dogs and Assassin’s creed 4 to the WiiU in spite of hardware sales? Don’t badmouth Ubisoft for it, they’re adding 20 new leves to the game, they’ve been supporting Nintendo even on the Gamecube days, releasing all of their awesome Prince of Persia games on the cube.

                  1. It’s more Microsoft’s. Damn policy they have saying multiplatform games have to be released at the same time.

            2. There not trying to “sell” anything. There just expressing what they like on the Wii U. The system is an investment. They know Nintendo will be bringing out better games later, Pikmin 3 in August, and plenty of games will be announced at e3. Not everybody has a nice PC to play games.

          2. Clearly the only consoles you research are nintendo’s or you would know that the ps3 was in an even worst position than the wiiu is now. No games for a full year and when it did get them it was older than what the wiiu has. 6 months games are old but ps3 getting year old games where recent lol.

  2. Why do I see claims about it being Thursday everywhere like it’s such a huge deal? If it’s not tomorrow, then it’ll be Sunday, at the latest.

    1. I would laugh it is on Sunday due to the fact people stay up all night everyday waiting for update. Heck I even heard people take a day off to experiences the update…

      1. you can’t be serious… I hate updates! I know this is an important one, but really?
        Go play games bro, or do something else, you’re taking it too seriously.

  3. i think the update is coming out tomorrow cause the eshop is updated on thursdays which will be great to put out the virtual console

    1. They don't call me "World's Smartest Man" for nothing.

      Actually, the 3 Virtual Console titles, and Wii Street U were released Wednesday, The Cave, and Runner 2 were released on Tuesday.

    1. They likely didn’t know it themselves at the time. There could be a lot of things to work out and there could be only a few.

    2. they probably knew it would be done this week, but hadnt decided on a date at the time or had something to take care of that would only take a few days and it took longer than expected. well get it this week so im not gunna worry about it.

    3. I think Nintendo is trying to prevent another system update crash.(like the last 3ds update and the wii u launch update)

        1. i personaly think earthbound may be coming sooner than we think. reason for this is that the game is already on vc in japan, so it cant be that hard to do the same to a game thats almost exactly the same eccept for text and maybe some other shiz. but im thinking either may or early summer. this is why the VC launch titles are so poor.

  4. Why the heck couldnt nintendo have released some eshop exclusive titles with online multiplayer to hold us off a bit? Something like a mario bros arcade game? Or work with konami to bring us a bomberman title.

          1. That happened recently. And they probably will kill him off, but let him hest as a Hero. Bur I mean seriously “Haven’t seen a decent game since bomberman 64?”??? Come on, do your reserach, go play Bomberman Tournament on the GBA, it’s the best Bomberman game ever.

  5. Probably gonna be released tomorrow and not Thursday. If the update comes out the day prior to the weekly update day for the eShop, then that would make more sense with the virtual console launching on eShop update day. That makes much more sense instead of having two separate days to update the eShop on a Thursday and Friday… That wouldn’t make any sense. One day to update both seems like a better idea and more like a Nintendo consolidation deal.

  6. More maintenance is scheduled for late thursday eastern time. We’ll get the update around nine or ten o’ clock after the maintenance. Nintendo is a confusing bunch, but they do it on purpose. Its the way of the Samurai. Even if you think they’re fucking up, its all part of the plan.

      1. It’s only 8pm where I live so even if it is tomorrow it won’t be til about 10am, if they are releasing the update across the world at the same time. I can still wait.

      1. Well it’s a strategy in the art of war. Make the enemy think your confused and weak and then strike. The gamecube made a lot of people forget about Nintendo, or not worry about them. Then, BAM!!! The Wii comes out and kicks everyones ass. People love the underdog.

      1. I know right, but I used to eat sushi and drink sake on the backstage of games, now with Microsoft there’s only Macdonalds and Soda, so I couldn’t do much about it.

        1. yeah i was going to it was called conkers other bad day, but microsoft bought rare and just made me do a shitty remake of bad fur day that took all the good stuff out of the game, while banjo got fat and was forced to be in a shitty car game instead of threeie, help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Guys. Calm your tits. The update is coming this week. No need to keep speculating and changing rumors everyday. CALM. YOUR. TITS.

    1. Okay I tried to go to your link but my 3ds xl browser said cannot play audio because your dumb browser does not support what ever format but it was funny it actually said dumb

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