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Here’s The Skinny On Nintendo’s Financial Year Results

wii-u-blueFrom the get go, it appears that Bloomberg’s predictions were not as bad as originally expected, but that’s not to say Nintendo didn’t suffer operating losses. From Nintendo’s financial results, there is a net profit of 7,099 million yen – approximately $71 million. However, Nintendo’s operating income brought a substantial loss of 36,410 million yen, roughly equal to $366 million, which almost reaches the same level as seen in the fiscal year of 2011/12.

The overarching problem, or so it appears from the financial report, is sales for the Wii U. Unfortunately, the console failed to hit the 4 million hardware sales prediction mark from last year, only shifting 3.45 million units. Over this financial year, Nintendo has estimated that it will sell an approximate 9 million units worldwide – a significantly higher mark than last year’s predictions.

The Nintendo 3DS is still the forerunner in the company, with sales of 13.95 units sold worldwide, with over half of those from XL versions. This financial year sees Nintendo’s estimates climbing up to a projected 18 million – virtually double of the Wii U’s hardware prediction – with software estimates residing at 80 million. Sales for the DS software have also declined with an estimated 10 million in software sales, but nothing for hardware.

So it seems that for this financial year, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata intends to stick to his previous personal commitment of attaining the 100 billion yen profit, even now as he prepares to take on an extra role as CEO for Nintendo of America, as well as retain his current position.

31 thoughts on “Here’s The Skinny On Nintendo’s Financial Year Results”

      1. You must be new to interacting whit the african american population? They drink 40’s during breaks at work! I doubt reggies body isnt ready for a night of drinks after all he worked for a beer brewer.

  1. Nintendo will do it once more. I´m glad Iwata went for the States, I hope they change advertising on Nintendo, which is quite bad IMO. Wii U is a fine piece of hardware, in the meanwhile i´ve playing Pikmin 2, what a great game. If they do it half as good it WILL be a system seller

    1. Pitfall near your door

      I agree that NOA advertisement is pretty bad for the Wii U so it’s good to have Iwata over there to help, also i can’t want for pikmin 3! according to the information they leaked it will be pretty badass.

          1. the 3rd one, is pikmin really that good i always made fun of it but then i saw animal crossing ive been wanting to play a new nintendo game and i havnt played pikmin

            1. I didn´t expect Pikmin 2 to be that good also. It´s a unforgiven strategy game. It won´t say much, it´s a leraning-while-doing-it experience, which I love (as Monster Hunter is also). I´d say it´s a must-have game. Oh, and even for a Gamecube game it´s still gorgeous

      1. here in Europe there´s so few advertisement…anyway, true gamers know about it, true gamers love Nintendo, true gamers don´t care about console wars. I remember my NES days where everyone would come and play Off road and World cup, then we´d go to other friends house with a Sega Mega Drive. Would have fun as well, and wouldn´t matter which console was it, or brand, or power.

        Everyone should have respect for the brand responsible of us having also Sony and Microsoft consoles. Long live the videogames, the forgotten art

  2. The 3DS goes well now, in this “year of the 3DS” he will be sold – with Pokémon X and Y and other big titles. The Wii U still lacks of AAA-titles, Nintendo-exclusives the hardcore fans ask for. They should have offered awesome Nintendo-titles from day one on. I think it’s not too late and when the new consoles Xbox720 and PS4 come, the Wii U will once more be attractive because of its lower price… but hopefully with great titles, too!

    I’m a nintendofan and still do not own a Wii U, because there is nothing too interesting for me so far. Rayman isn’t exclusive and delayed, News Mario Bros. U isn’t something new and I think I’m not the only one waiting for awesome nintendo-stuff like Metroid, Starfox, Donkey Kong, Pokémon, Mario 3D, Zelda, F-Zero and many other IPs I forgot. I will buy a Wii U, when it’s more attractive for me.

  3. 3DS at 18 million?

    Pokemon game for 3DS comes out this year. I expect more than 18 XD

    Hell I got a 3DS a few days ago specifically FOR Pokemon. And fire emblem >.> love dem SRPGs.

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    just gonna leave this here

    1. You’ve linked this so many times.
      Quit shamelessly plugging your YouTube account, it’s obnoxious and makes people want to avoid you.

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  6. Nintendo is making a new HQ in Japan…that cost a pretty penny. Also Nintendo got sued remember. So yah they lost a bit but it wasn’t enough to be a big deal.

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  8. “The Nintendo 3DS is still the forerunner in the company, with sales of 13.95 units sold worldwide”

    Which cheapass bought 0.95 of a 3DS?

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