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Nintendo Stresses Importance Of Quality Over Quantity When Comparing 3DS To iOS Games


Granted the Nintendo 3DS doesn’t have as many games as Apple’s App Store, but according to Nintendo’s vice president of sales and marketing, Scott Moffitt, Nintendo’s latest handheld console boasts superior titles. While Moffitt admits there are good games on mobile platforms, he thinks that because many of its games were well-received by video game fans and critics alike, the Nintendo 3DS is tough to combat.

“With software, as with most things, there’s a distinct difference between quantity and quality. The website recently calculated that there are currently 139,000 different games actively available on the [Apple] app store. One hundred and thirty-nine thousand. Huge number. That number is way too big to wrap your head around, so I try to think about it this way. If I wanted to spend just fifteen minutes sampling each one of those games, I’d be at it non-stop for four years. That’s a ton of caffeine.

“Obviously there are good games available for mobile platforms. But the point is, the Nintendo 3DS has a record of quality that’s hard to challenge.”

“Nowhere else in portable gaming is high quality found so frequently.”

-Nintendo Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Moffitt

60 thoughts on “Nintendo Stresses Importance Of Quality Over Quantity When Comparing 3DS To iOS Games”

    1. Personally I’m impressed by the quilaty of this. Generally when I come across these sort of things I like to post them on Digg. This article probably won’t do well with that crowd. I’ll take a look around your site though and submit something else.

  1. iOS has some good games but the 3DS knocks it out of the damn galaxy. I don’t even need to list the 3DS games because Nintenward or N-Dub will do that for me. :)

          1. Sorry, let me rephrase that: Who the hell plays games only on their phones? I can’t see the iPhone or any Android phone becoming a replacement of real handheld gaming any time soon. Then again I’m biased as heck and my opinion in cases like these should be taken lightly :P

            1. I agree. iPhone games etc. are just basic, simple quickie-type of games that aren’t all that interesting or exciting. Kinda like the free games that are pre-installed on a computer. It makes me think of the annoying, dull computer games I played back in my school days in the computer lab. Games that were boring and basically put me to sleep. Though I’m sure they’ve gotten much better today, they’ll never compare to an actual full Nintendo handheld experience. At least, that’s MY feelings about it.

              1. I do tho, I use an emulator, its really great, Mario Karl 64, wind waker, oot, mm, sm 64, smw, all on the go, yeah its wrong it pirate, and it will never be the same without actural controls, but man does it beat apps anyway, playing fire emblem rite now, amazing game

                  1. I guess your stuck with icrap then, cause HTC one xl and a handful of other androids, tho a tad laggy it runs great

                      1. The phone apps are nice to play once in a while, but they’re cheap apps at the end of the day. You probably won’t be playing them for more than a day unless you’re the Farmville-addict type. Phone games are fun, but they can’t replace the gaming experience on a gaming handheld or console.

                    1. And while the appstore definitely has a lot, what sort of good bad ratio are we dealing with here. Half of them are apps that aren’t even games and the other half are inferior or just plain knocking off the 5 good games the iOS has!

                      Also when it comes to Mobile Development , devs stop supporting certain models after only 2 to 3 years yet the 3DS will still be supported for a good 5-7 years more

                    2. The difference is that everyone takes their phones everywhere, whereas most people aren’t going to take their 3DS to work just to play during the 15 minute train journey and instead play some Angry Birds or whatever else people play now.

                      They both appeal to the same and differing markets at the same time, which is why the 3DS can survive alongside phones.

                      1. It is a real beauty. I can’t say such a bold statement right now , but so far it’s been better than most consoles within 2 years and with games like SMT4 , Pokemon X and Y , Bravely default , The legend of Zelda , etc yet to come it looks like the 3DS is going to become a true legendary platform.

                      2. What if Nintendo’s next handheld was a phone gaming combo.
                        Could you imagine 3d HD portable gaming system, Can make phone calls with excellent phone quality, Nintendo developed apps and free Nintendo retro games that run ads for games. the way they do it.

                        You have a game on the system and you want to have a commercial you have demo games and between levels you have a commercial running.

                        1. Nintendo can’t design user-friendly, neat nor efficient interfaces(/apps). They simply can’t and WiiU is the proof.

                          1. Your mom called, she says you should leave the basement and get some friends, or at least find something useful to do with your Sonysoft consoles.

                          2. I could understand the Wii U interface much quicker than that abysmal Xbox 360 one. It’s also a decent bit less confusing than the interface on a Kindle.

                            The speed of the interface may be annoying, but at least Nintendo are doing something about it.

                          3. I’ve been saying this for a while now. It’s how they’ll remain really relevant in expanding to the casual market. In four years, when they get to their next gen handheld, that makes the most sense to me. It’d be especially great if it had the full 3DS eshop day 1. Hopefully it’ll keep the 3D top display for backwards compatibility, up it to be a 720p or 1080p bigger screen (at it’s size I can’t imagine it really needing more than 720), close to XL size but not quite so it can still be relatively compact and fit in pockets better than the current 3DS, which hurts to carry. Enable it to play background apps, or music. Make it so you can go to the music app to turn on music and still leave the app and play other games and have the music playing and your music can play during games instead of the in game sound, for people who wanna listen to their own beats when they play. The one thing I’m not sure how they’d do is: how would they set up the phone. Because of backwards compatibility issues it’s not like they can exactly give up the duel screen or 3D, and opening a 3DS up and holding it up to your ear is a bit awkward, plus, as gamers, we won’t wanna be holding our screens so close to our faces and get smudges all over the beautiful top screen. Maybe some sort of interface that lets you close your HD3DSP and flip it over to use on the bottom? Problem with that is it’d add a lot of bulk with the interface, I feel like. Maybe the top screen could be pivoted and flipped all the way around the back and spun around so the screen would be against the back of the console and then you use it like any other smartphone? If that’s possible it’d be really amazing I think. But now that I think about it, that might be a bit much to expect. The phone would only be a bonus to the game console, I don’t think Nintendo would go that far with it. Sorry for the text wall, I get caught up in it sometimes

                        2. Last year what was nintendos worst 3ds title? Paper mario? Because i cant think of anything else. I still play nsmb2 even though its so easy i love the coin rush mode.

                            1. Yes, partly.

                              The game was utterly pointless.
                              Turn based RPG’s are supposed to have stories, long ones too, because turn based combat takes up much much less “space” that real time, meaning you can fit more world and story ect thats why turn based combat was invented, on top of the fact its a strategy element of gameplay. On top of that having enemies that warp you to a “battle screen” means you can just as easily avoid them altogether if you wish, but also farm EXP. To counteract the frankly naturally unexciting turn based combat, you add EXP, and levelling up, it make battles that are repetitive fun because you level up, it creates a feeling of progression (thats why its in so many modern games), when really levelling up is pointless, because you could just scale the combat, but because turn based is dull and repetative, its neccessary.

                              So lets imagine a turn based RPG where you take away story, and progression entirely, and you’re left with a bad game. Simple.
                              It’s undefendeble. It has nice visuals and art design, and a good 3D effect a faction of the usual charm.
                              Bad game is a bad game.

                              1. This^ is pretty much what resulted in Final Fantasy XIII; people sticking to arbitrary parameters instead of appealing to a wide demographic.
                                Where’s the god given RPG rulebook? I’d like to read what I’m supposed to like religiously instead of what I actually like personally.

                                1. ….it’s not abritary parameters, it’s good game design 101.

                                  I could talk a while over why FFXIII is bad, or meh (i didnt mind it, it was just boring), but what i listed are simple facts, its why JRPG’s are the way they are.

                                  Sure, you can go outside of conventions, and do new things, go against the grain, Xenoblade did it superbly, but a turn based/timer based RPG, NEEDS EXP, and it NEEDS a good story, that’s why the genre exists, for story, and that’s why Exp exists, because of the gameplay flaw, its just good game design.

                                  1. I actually thought the sticker mechanic was good, there was alot of depth and even planning and carefully thinking over what stickers to use…but with everyrhing else wrong, it didnt matter.

                                    The real world items were a joke though, 10% were ones you actually need, so the whole game was “make a bunch of stickers, try it on a context area, if it doesnt work, go back and do it again with different ones”.

                                    And they dont even follow real world logic.
                                    There’s a part in a lava stage, where you need to cool the lava. One of the items is a bucket of water, doesnt take a genius, right?
                                    Well actually what you needed to do, is use a fucking fridge, and turn the lava into ice, because thats how fridges work, right?!

                                    Was more disappointing that Assassins Creed 3.

                                  2. In that series…yeah, kinda. The gameplay may be good, but RPGs, even Mario RPGs, are very story driven, and even if gameplay is outstanding, for this type of game, narrative is pretty important. That said, I can’t really say anything on the matter as I haven’t played the game, but knowing what kind of game it is, story will play an important role. Doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with it, but it wouldn’t be able to live up to Nintendo’s general quality standard without having the story to back it up, otherwise there are dozens of other RPGs you can play that have great gameplay and a great story too. Nintendo is great because when they do something, they’re the best at it, generally, but if they don’t give everything to all important aspects of the game, then they’re not really doing themselves justice, since they are capable of providing all around amazing games

                                2. nintendude073 on youtube watch my vids thank you for reading :D( they are nintendo related)

                                  check my vids guys i love nintendo and i think you guys will agree with my personal opinions

                                  1. They just need to have their E3 presentation straight on the Wii U, that’ll be cool, especially if we can live post on our gamepad while watching the presentation. And I like the video, nice. I do feel I have to mention, though, the Wii U will be fine, but Iwata may not be. This is Nintendo’s second running year with an operation loss and he’s promised a 100 billion yen profit for this year and if he doesn’t make it I think he said he’d step down. Let’s hope they get some more advertising outside their already loyal fanbase, cause not many people know too much about it yet. They rely a lot on word of mouth, but they gotta start with their own a bit more than they have been. I’m excited to see what they have for E3. I think they may show us another glimpse of some stuff from that Wii U direct earlier this year at next month’s direct, but they’re gonna save the real stuff for E3, I’m sure. Maybe they’ll go into something that doesn’t have room in their E3 press conference. I think it should be cool. Can’t wait to see what they got.

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                                4. Well, of course.
                                  Anyone can be entertained by a few stupid drag and drop bullshit games, FOR A FEW MINUTES, but gamers are not gonna miss out on something as complex as Fire Emblem, as involving as Super Mario or as epic as The Legend of Zelda just so they can play a Tetris knock off.

                                5. As High Commander Mottiff just said, we Nintendo Commanders and our entire loyal swarm have been saying this forever…

                                  Nothing in the gaming univese can challenge the quality of Nintendo’s holy games…

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                                7. I’ve never bought a single game on my phone but have dabbled with the odd tower defence game. I just after a while you realise that they are all the same and the novelty quickly wears off. The one thing that mobile gaming does have over dedicated handheld gaming is the price. I don’t expect Nintendo to release their games for free or anything, but charging £3.49 or whatever for a NES title is shocking; I would have downloaded most of them by now if they were around £1/1.50 mark or something. Even some of the 3DS exclusive titles are too expensive. It took the recent price drop for the Guild 01 titles for me to be interested. Pricing is key with download only titles for me and currently most of them are on the forget it side of my wallet.

                                8. The main audience buying iOS and Android mobile games are parents buying simple touch games for their children 3-6 years old to simply distract their children. Nintendo games are too hard for that crowd.

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