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Unofficial Miiverse App Comes To Android


LaternWare has developed an unofficial Miiverse application for Android devices. The developer says the application allows users to check their Miiverse posts, newsfeed and comment or Yeah other people’s posts. The application also includes the Nintendo Youtube channel for trailers and Nintendo Directs, as well as official Nintendo tweets to keep users up to date. You can download the unofficial application, here.

Thanks, Banjos

60 thoughts on “Unofficial Miiverse App Comes To Android”

    1. Nice? I would wait for Nintendo application. I wouldn’t provide my login info to a company that I don’t know where they came from, or what they intend to do with this information. could be safe, could be not. Specially because, my credit card info is saved in my account.

      1. Awesome!!! Thanks Rob. I actually enjoy the site pretty good. I think they did a great job with it, they just need to get all the features working on it.

        1. This is My Nintendo News not Miiverse, Tony.
          My point is: the general public is not aware of what the Wii U is. This is a problem for Nintendo but they don’t seem to want to solve it. Their lack of mainstream marketing and not holding a major press conference at E3 proves this.

          Also, you said Xenoblade 2 will sell millions in the first week in Japan. The original only sold 0.16m in that region lifetime. How the hell do you think sales are going to jump that much?

          1. Its true that wii u is unknown to the casuals and mainstream but I also see it as a blessing as they have a chance on making a great impression by having these updates already pit, the Virtual console is out. And some exclusives are out with others coming soon in holidays. If they do it just right. They could have another wii hype with no issues.

          2. Agree with everything u said neutron. I’m a nintendo fan and I scratch my head at some of idiotic things they do. You post a lot of things that are true but why do u like to fire us fans up? Lol is there anything u like about wii u? Just wondering thanks

      1. @Neutron..But we know what a Troll is! Dummies like you not only bring advertising revenue to this site (thanks to your endless trolling), but your useless rants is free advertising for Nintendo. Mr. Iwata says, “thanks Troll!

  1. I think it’s a little lame how Nintendo can’t pump out the official app themselves…. but a random dev has made it accessible already..

    1. You can browse miiverse on your smartphones browser now. I don’t see how an app could benefit you that much.

    2. It’s in it’s beta stage! All the app does it’s what the browser can do already. When it’s ready miiverse app will be better than that of the web based one

  2. Hey. I’m the developer. Google did take it down because it looked too official so if anyone wants it they can download my GoNintendo app that includes the Miiverse link and I’ll be launching a rebranded one layer with lots of news and such. And I know you can just use a browser bookmark but a lot of people hate doing that.

  3. I tried it. The layout is nice, but it’s slower than the web browser (this was tested via wifi) and there’s a very annoying ad

  4. LOL! it’s not there anymore. I made my own little redirect app anyways….the youtube and twitter thing woulda been nice tho.

  5. So I’m a little worried now. With this new update to the Wii U it will download and install updates to my Wii U with it powered down. What if I don’t know about it installing an update as it’s powered down. Does that mean that I will brick my console? Someone please help!

    1. When the Wii U is installing an/a update/software, the power light will change to orange indicating that it’s installing a software.
      Hope that helps.

  6. Too bad android sucks…no true Nintendo fan would own an android product…Apple and Nintendo…now there are some quality companies =)

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