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Wii U Virtual Console Now Live In US


The Wii U Virtual Console is now live in North America on the Wii U eShop. You can download Balloon Fight (NES), Donkey Kong Jr. (NES), Excitebike (NES), F-Zero (SNES), Ice Climber (NES), Kirby’s Adventure (NES), Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (NES), and Super Mario World (SNES). The NES game are retailing for $4.99 or $1.00 if you own the Wii version. The Super Nintendo games are $7.99 or $1.50 if you own the Wii version. Panorama View for Wii U is also now available for purchase.

66 thoughts on “Wii U Virtual Console Now Live In US”

    1. Do I have to transfer my Wii games to my Wii U in order to get the discount? I haven’t transferred my data from my Wii because of the backwards compability with the GameCube

      1. It doesn’t affect GC games. I transferred my data, and still have my Wii set up basically as a slimline Game Cube. If thats the only reason, you may as well do it.
        I’m pretty sure you will have to transfer them to get the discount.

  1. They better bring snes games andgba titles to the 3ds. You know they will but they slack so much its ridiculous.

    1. I always thought the SNES should have been brought to the 3DS VC also. You can combat the cell phones apps better that way just…pointing that out…

  2. Japan gets 2 SNES Fire emblems and Earthbound :/ . Ah well , I’m looking forward to Super mario World , it’s been a good while since I last played that.

    The Wiiu virtual console is amazing aswell. The Miiverse community for each game coupled with Off screen play and Restore points really makes the games feel relevant for modern day again. Wiiu virtual console is the definitive way to play retro games.

    1. This^ . Panorama View sounds like shit loads of fun. There is one where you are flying with swans and you look all around you with the Gscope :D

      1. $8 for Snes rom and $5 for a nes rom, $2 for a video flying with swans….WTF!

        Wow, you guys are excited that Nintendo is bending you over and ramming you in the tail pipe, more then excited, you are saying thank you!

      2. dont spend money with panorama view videos. If you´re curious about it then just buy one video and thats enough to see what it is about. its just like a tech demo and nothing more

        1. I’ve bought Panorama View videos and was impressed. And besides, the demonstration is free and with different locales from around the world look amazing. Not only that, mostly everyone at Miiverse truly loves PV. The double-decker bus tour of London and the rickshaw ride in Kyoto are 2 of my favorite clips.

  3. I don’t want to pay more for titles I already own on my regular Wii and the same can be used on my Wii U with a system transfer process … what are the huge differences between the new re releases on wii u and the ones I have? … and c’mon .. how many times you can sell Super Mario World .. the title has been released in 1991… I need other SNES and NES titles ..

    1. Well I don’t blame you but if you really want to know the differences then the *update* version will support customize buttons mapping (work for all controllers that Wii U supported), save slot (it does support suspend save as well), off TV play, Miiverse, and that it I think.

  4. Guys…..Quick Question….. I never saved my Wii Data… was thinking of just installing my Friends Wii data on MY Wii U …. can my friend then go back and re install that same Wii Data on HIS Wii U when he gets his?? that way I can get some VC games for cheap…..

    1. No after u transfer from a wii its like a Wii-Neutering, that wii wont have vc games and the history is reset. Nintendo may be sucking with everything else right now but they made absolutely sure that no one could do that

    2. If you mean channels then nope. The games only bound to the original Wii. But you can transfer or copy your friend’s save data (if allowed) to your Wii U if you want to know that. BUT Wii U will not use the old Wii mode save data for new VC games on the Wii U.

    1. it is…. i mean.. i know they took time to port the games and create the cool save points and stuff….but come on…these are old tittles that WE Nintendo fans have purchased over and over….atleast those who grew up with NES ….. Come on Nintendo….dont be so greedy…To add to that. we do appreciate the 30 cent games…. but come on…. COME OOON!!!!!!!!!

      1. Tell that to Sony. I had purchased Streets of Rage 2 on my PS3. But when my PlayStation Plus was expired, I can’t play Streets 2.

        Nintendo isn’t THAT greedy so knock that shit out… and you need to work on your grammer. It makes no sense at all.

  5. why would they not release “Mike Tyson’s” Punch Out??? and what happened to the header of the web page. I really liked the little Nintendo figures walking.

        1. ファミコンゲーマー

          Slander isn’t acceptable here. I honestly have no idea what you are doing. How can a digital boxer commit crimes? Even if someone in the real world has the same name as Mike Tyson from the NES, doesn’t mean that they are the same person.

          If we have the same name, does that make us the same person?

    1. I really wish they’d release Conker and Banjo on it. I know Rare’s owned by MS now, but they were able to release the DKC trilogy.

      1. me to since microshit wont even bring conker to arcade and that i dont own banjo anymore because i got rid of the xbox, we all wish things. like conkers other bad day and threeie, donkey kong racing all would have been on the gamecube but then microshit bought them and cancelled all those games. now they wony even let donkey kong country trilogy on nintendos console even if donkey kong is nintendos fucking ip. there probably just mad because all there games suck. fable sucks, gears is milked halo is getting worse, forza anything else no they suck

  6. im gana pass on the nes and snes I mean I still own more than 49 games for my snes and 20 for my nes so this virtual console is a load of shit if there isn’t n64 games most of them I cant even find. I also wish dreamcast games would come to wii u vitural console just wishing.

  7. Good thing to wake up to. I’m downloading super Mario world and the 30c Kirby game. Waiting for better games next week! :p

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