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ZombiU, Sonic Racing, And Nintendo Land Bundle For $59.99 At Frys


US retailer Frys is advertising a Wii U bundle that console owners can’t miss out on. The retailer is selling ZombiU, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Nintendo Land together for the bargain price of $59.99. The regular price for all three games is $129.97. Will you be purchasing this three game bundle extravaganza?

41 thoughts on “ZombiU, Sonic Racing, And Nintendo Land Bundle For $59.99 At Frys”

    1. Sonic is a good port on Wiiu , Digital foundry described it as the definitive console version , which it is.
      And ZombiU is a great game , tons of fun.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Ehh, it’s AWESOME if you have a lot of people to play it with. Solo, it’s got a 6.5-7.2 score. Multiplayer is a solid 8.4.

          But with multiplayer, you gotta have a lot of people, like 4 or 5, to make it really fun. Two and three are really lame.

        2. No cus its bundled with the Wiiu and everyone has already got it.

          It’s an Amazing game it really is. It’s better with multiplayer but its also loads of fun chasing scores and unlocking things on single player. Pikmin Adventure is my favorite.

            1. Yeah , it’s god when drunk with friends and family. It’s good collecting coins on your own , sober as a judge trying to unlock all of the stuff.

              Trust me , it’s a great game. Only problem it has is no online gameplay.

              1. now that i think of it you could make nintendo land a weird ass drinking game, haha, shit that is actually really funny now that i think of it, you lose, you have to take a shot of this shitty low brand warm liquor now straight, no ice in it either, while we get the good stuff. by the time you keep losing or screwing up you are bound to through up from that haha

                1. it´s fun to see you criticizing a game that you never actually played. Play the game first, explore its possibilities, then try to make some honest and constructive comment about what you found.

            2. tons of people love nintendo land dood. dont speak for the majority of people just because you dont like something.

        3. Nintendo land is the best multiplayer game for families to play together, almost as good as wii sports was. Sonic transformed is the best kart racing game since diddy kong racing, and the best version is on the wii u. I haven’t played zombiu yet but the demo was pretty good, and its got mixed reviews. :)

  1. Great deal! I would but I already have Nintendoland and Sonic and I’m not really into the Survival Horror genre.

  2. I have found the difference betwen a sony fanboy and a Nintendo fanboy.
    Nintendo fanboy: we dont care if that game dosnt come.
    Sony fanboy: why the fuck is not coming for my vita.
    Source capcom has no plans of bringing mh on vita.

      1. wii u is better than the vita and wii no matter what. considering the vitas tanking and the wii u has a wii practically built in it you cant realy say it isnt LOL i think the wii u will be great but we just gotta get some fucking good games. im pretty sure we will get tons of rpgs, my favorite being shin megami tensei, xenoblade, and tales of games (basing this off of nintendo and namcos relationship plus tales creator saying he loves the wii u, xenoblade sequal already announced, and atlus making shin megami tensei X fire emblem and a ton of 3ds SMTs) the wii u will be a bease once it gets those.

      2. Ive played my vita a lot more than my wii u. Resistance was good, silent hill is fun for a while and all stars battle royale is great. I bought zombi u for the wii u and i pretty much hated it. Mario u is a bore, nintendo land blows on single player, darksiders2 is 5$ on steam and i hate playing cod on the wii u. Pikmin 3 should help. But ive disliked everything on the wiiu yet.

        1. I love ZombiU, enjoy CoD and Mass Effect on my Gamepad at night, (and often in the day), and am having a blast with the indie games that are out.

          However, you’re entitled to your opinion. And I also can’t wait for Pikmin3.

    1. i would have to agree but i already have a wii u and im enjoying it and i have most of the games in this bundle so this is irrelevant to me XD

  3. I was really hoping Metal Gear Rising would appear on the Wii U. There could be three different play styles for a U version. Ended up playing it on PS3. Fantastic game, just…I want a good game on the Wii U.

  4. They already sold out of the deal, that sucks! I wanted to buy it for the Sonic game then sell the other two; which I already own on Ebay or something so that I would pretty much end up getting the Sonic game for free.

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