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Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date And Trailer

Today, Ubisoft announced that its highly anticipated title Watch Dogs will hit store shelves in Europe on November 22nd and November 19th in North America on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, the Wii U and Windows PC, as well as at the launch of PlayStation 4. The game is also planned for other next generation consoles.

Players will be able to choose from a selection of four different editions, offering a variety of digital and physical content allowing for a deeper immersion in the Watch Dogs universe: the Dedsec Edition; the Vigilante Edition; the Uplay Exclusive Edition and the Special Edition.

60 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date And Trailer”

  1. Cool trailer. If GTA doesn’t come to Wiiu then I’m gunna buy watchdogs first and then GTA later on another platform. Looks awesome.

  2. Ya’ know, I’m probably “that guy,” but I just don’t care about this game, there’s too many “editions,” and it’s to the point of being cheesy, and that really is why I quit games like Call of Duty. I wish games were like they were back during the PS2, Gamecube, era where you bought a game, and you had the entire game, there were not really any editions, just a game, full complete, and that was it. There’s nothing really special about Watch dogs either, it’s just a glorified True Crime/GTA title with pretty textures. A game as big as this I know had to have had a lot of work put into it, and I respect that, I plan on buying it or renting it from gamefly for a month to play through it, but like Borderlands 2, it’s just one of those games that is being overhyped, and will probably not live up to the hype, or maybe it will be the opposite of that, we’ll see.

    I’d like a demo though.

    1. Mostly agree with your post. But the Hacking separates this from GTA and opens new gameplay opportunities. Here you get control, rather than GTA’s run & gun wanton violence, you’re-manly-because-you-bought-and-killed-a-hooker style. There’s a story here.

    1. AH HA HA!!
      *clears throat*
      If you have a Wii U, I’d get that version. Off tv play (confirmed???) and the Gamepad are exclusives, lol

      1. We know nothing about the Wii U version apart from the fact that’s being ported by the people who ported the Wii U AC3.

      1. Pfft whahaahahaaha! Yeah no you don’t buy a brand new console just to play a port of a last gen game. That would be a waste of money.

      2. Why would you buy the PS4 version? Most multiplatform games look roughly the same, thus the graphical difference between the PC, PS4 and Wii U will be minimal at best. Also, considering that the entire game is about hacking or hijacking via cell phone, it will translate very well for Wii U (the same goes for Splinter Cell: Blacklist). The Wii U will house the definitive version of Watch Dogs.

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  4. I’m almost sure that I’ll buy this one, but I can’t stop thinking this is just a modern day assassins creed every time I see it, and I only played like 5-8 hours of AC3, so I don’t know if I will like this one, hope I do XD

    1. Have a feeling it’ll be a great concept with mediocre gameplay, i’m hoping Wii U version will help a lot! But hey every franchise has to start somewhere!!

    2. So I wasn’t the only one that had that thought. I will have a hard time buying anything from ubisoft again just because of the assassins creed series. This is a rent at most for me.

  5. I’ll wait to see and hear reviews and comparisons of this game to see if it’s worth as a sandbox game.

  6. Meh, but I’m most likely getting this down the road, maybe at launch. Oh and at the end: ”Also coming to current generation consoles”, well duh thanks we are all blind…

  7. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Looking good. But I’ll wait until I see gameplay specifically of the Wii U version cuz I’d like to see how exactly Watch Dogs will use the gamepad.

  8. Hey Nintedward 40fps Batman huh? Wow I guess you’re playing with power.
    But nevermind that my old ass HD58xx something is able tonrun it at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

    1. Its an open world game, so its gonna be very heavy for all consoles. I expect the Wii U version to be pretty much like the PS360 version, but with slightly polished textures a little les fog/better render distance and more stable 30 FPS framerate. Ubisoft knows the WiiU hardware so it will be a good multiplat, with ,hopefully, good gamepad features. I doubt that your old card will get 1080p and 60fps…

      1. My old ass HD58xx something was powerful enough to run Batman at 1080p60fps but the graphics looked about as awful as on the PS3/360/Wii U version.

        Now with my 7970ghz I could run BF3 at Ultra Settings with 110-200fps.

        And on topic don’t expect today’s lazy develoers to.put more effort into the Wii U version. They will slap the code from an other version with General Purposse computation on it to work themselves around the CPU challenge.

  9. Guys I’m sorry for the off topic post, but can I please get some friend codes for 3DS? Unfortunately so far I only play RE:Revelations online. My code is: 5413-0420-9161

  10. One of my most anticipate titles coming to the Wii U! This and Bayonetta!!! <She's ma byaatch!! Kisses! 💋

  11. Looks awesome. Now I just need to see the prices to see which one i’ll go for. I’d like to get a steelbook if I can, the one for Metroid Prime Trilogy is great :)

  12. How many people would love to see Nintendo do a special Nintendo direct only featuring games like this for the Wii U?

    I know they have hinted at it but is there a way to start a petition and send it to Nintendo?

    Get a round table discussion with the developers of watch dogs or Deus Ex.

  13. Getting the DEFFINITIVE version on the PS4 :) Smarter AI, enhanced graphics and better fps while you wiitards play the last gen version.

      1. its funny how you ignored the fact the PS4 version will have AI improvements and a huge draw distance, too scared to admit the Wii U will get the watered down port? EXPOSED

      1. never replied? lol i have a life outside the internet you know? and i got owned? LOL EXPOSED social reject.

    1. If anything the PS4’s version will just copy the Gamepad when the Vita is used. As for graphics, you are going to need Keen eyes to see the difference between Wii U and PS4. Reading specs and actually comparing a game’s visuals on different platforms are different. Did you see COD on Wii U to a PC? I did. Only experts will notice the differance.

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