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Grand Theft Auto V Was Apparently Tested On Wii U Development Kits?


A rumour has surfaced that Rockstar had the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V up and running on Wii U development kits. Rockstar has yet to announce a Wii U version of the game and it’s looking increasingly likely that the console will miss out on this huge franchise. You may remember that Crytek had Cryisis 3 running on Wii U development kits, but they decided to cancel the game on the format due to the souring relationship between EA and Nintendo. Grand Theft Auto V releases on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17th.

 All I know now is that GTA V was being tested on the kits for some time. However, my retailer friend says that having a game up-and-running on the Wii U dev kits is not the same thing as having actual plans to release the game

Thanks, David

91 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V Was Apparently Tested On Wii U Development Kits?”

  1. A Wii U verison seems unlikely, but the wii u has friendlier dev kits, so that might be why they used it instead

    1. I dont get what you are saying? By the way you commented it sound like they used the wiiu kits to develope the ps360 games.

      1. Exactly! That means they are thinking of releasing a Wii U version of the game. I just hope they pull the trigger and release that game on the Wii U.

        1. I’m praying to god for Rockstar to make it happen. If its possible and runs good on Wii U, then do it. X(

  2. The gamepad is perfect for open world games like this. I have all 3 systems right now and would definitely buy it on the Wii U if given the option.

    1. It just makes so much sense. A sat nav on the Wiiu gamepad would be like real life. You could have the cellphone come up on the gamepad and easily dial in a number. There really is many possibilities.

      1. could also display things like a security camera feed during a break in at a bank or similar on the gamepad

      2. or you could taste the coke before buying it by making a line of cokaine on the gamepad and sniff it.

  3. Every single game has been test it on the console the only reason they are not reasons they are not being released are 1 some are butthurt and the other is they dont make financial sence.but this one makes a ton of sence. It may not be released at the darme time has the others but in at least 4 months they can come up whit something.

    1. “…and the other is, they dont make financial sense…”

      Except it does, the WiiU has a small install base and all that. Makes financial sense to release your game on a platform it has more chances to sell.

      1. You forgot the word “some” for exsample it made a ton of sence not putting aliens on wiiu same has that namco sniper fps.

      2. not really because without games like these on wii u its install base won’t get any bigger so it needs this

    2. If GTA debuted on Wii U, it would be the best selling version. That is what Wii U needs in order to bring in even more developers.

      1. There is no doubt the game will sell but what the wiiu needs is advertising. Of course i would prefer to get gta on wiiu than on the other console for the some fact that i want to have the best combo of Nintendo and third party games.

  4. Well Reggie did express interest in GTA V. Hopefully, this is a sign that it could come to Wii U. I’ll purchase it!

  5. facetime in game online world be make wiiu gta the best. well and better graphics and control

  6. Don’t count on seeing GTA V on the Wii U. Not fiscally viable for companies yet, too small an install base.

    1. Not at all. You know the $100,000,000 dev cost is just for the main game which the 360 acts as the main platform. They could do a vanilla port to Wiiu for about $1,000,000 (guestimates) . That’s what Ubisoft are doing with Watchdogs , AC4 which have similar development budgets to that of GTAV. And they should sell hundreds of thousands and eventually a million plus on Wiiu once the Installed base grows to a stable level.

      1. People dont know what a investment is this age. We all know they will sell millions on the ps360 and lets say from those earnings they need to think if 1 million will be better put on the wiiu version or being place used to make it on wiiu.

      2. I agree with what you said, but I still don’t see this game coming to the Wii U. Even if it does, I don’t think it will boost console sales, you could buy this game and a 360 for less than the Wii U… It stinks, but it’s the facts.

        1. I think Nintendo fans would go crazy for GTA on Wiiu. It would sell about 500K at LEAST , if not more.

      3. Then why aren’t you working for them, if you know everything? Ubisoft’s supporting Nintendo because they love the company – even during the Cube days they kept releaseing ports for their games on Nintendo consoles.

        They have professional people there who know their business strategies and you can’t really tell what’s going on, stop pretending you know shit about it.

    2. If GTA V had came out last year then Wii U install base had been problem. Now i think it will sell a lot less than it could have sold last year because a lot of PS3 and X360 players are already waiting for new consoles.

      1. Nah, it’s still gonna sell anyway. Just because a new console is coming out doesn’t mean the old version is gonna vanish completely. Hell the PS2 still had games coming out for their system (God of War 2 for example) when the PS3 came out.

      1. First off, it would be base, not bass… You fucking idiot! And second, if the US and EU markets for the Wii U are all these games appeal to (which is the case) then at the moment it is not fiscally viable! But, once the fall games launch then the install base will grow and the release on the Wii U would be a more monetarily sound investment! Lastly, we should look at the 3rd party track record and what releases have skipped the Wii U, almost all large games for the spring window. I have a Wii U and I have about 15 games for it, so you can shut the fuck up with your uneducated ass!! 3rd parties don’t move Nintendo consoles always, 1st party Nintendo titles sell consoles!

      2. And yes, they do need all new games to push the system, but GTA V is trash that caters to the vilest depths of human nature… And teens!

    1. Don’t wish that.the game got a 3 out of 10 by Game informer,I also played the game myself, its terrible

      1. I don’t rely too much on gameinformer or other reviews because sometimes they see it as a bad game and one person might saw it different. But thanks for the though, pal!

  7. The Sun Newspaper in the UK had an article last Friday which stated that GTA V would be coming to the Wii U with the same release date as other consoles. A pretty big hint if you ask me

      1. Fox News is as the most truthful news out there!!! The least trustworthy would have to be CNN and New York Time’s News Paper. < Awful awful AWFUL! they lie about everything and manipulate situations so people view things the wrong way. Kisses! 💋

        1. …Are you high or just “Fox” retarded? Who the hell wants to talk about a news station specialized in Bill O’Reilly’s unprofessional and disrespectful bitchy BS rants, open yellow journalism and universally bad reputation in a video game blog?

    1. it’s the sun
      THE SUN!!!

      the day the sun editorial staff has any clue whatsoever about what goes on in the games industry i’ll be the sun chief editor

        1. i’d say it’s just an oversight

          they saw it’s gonna be released on a bunch of consoles and they automatically assumed it would be on wii U aswell

          1. Of course, they are using the mentalist tactics of ” you will meet someone today that you will be happy you did ” lol.

    1. Because Nintendo has finally stepped up to become a competitor with the hardcore consoles and to do that you need all the popular AAA games. GTAV is antcipated to be the “it” game or Game of the Year. So it would be a big blow to what Nintendo is trying to do this time around if the Wii U receives no support from Rockstar and we don’t get GTA. Kisses! 💋

    1. Dont lie to your self! You know you will get gta if it comes to wiiu ( i cant i dont have one :( but if i will)

  8. Take-Two is suppose to have a meeting with investors regarding a major announcement for GTA V on May 16. It’s rumored that a Wii U version is highly probable and could be announced at a pre-E3 Nintendo Direct. If this rumor proves to be true it will be a humongous game changer for the Wii U & Nintendo as a whole and could guarantee them more long term 3rd party support as well

  9. If this and Destiny are announced for Wii U it should shut the haters up. But it probably won’t :(

  10. Lego City Undercover rolls over this bitch of an game tenfold.
    But seriously, way they crapped all over GTA IV, not expecting much from this.

  11. I’ll admit I bought WiiU to play nintendo exclusives but would be nice to play these franchises as well.

    If not I still have hours to spend with Lego city and Pikmin2 (btw an excellent game, bought it for 10 bucks on Amazon)

  12. GTA5 will be on Wii U just wait and see. When it gets a PC reveal a Wii U one will be there. I have been saying this for like half a year now. I dont even want GTA5 but it will come.

  13. Once the game is already made for Xbox 360 and PS3, the cost to port a game from Xbox 360 or PS3 is minimal. It doesn’t make sense why Rockstar wouldn’t put GTA 5 on Wii U. It doesn’t make sense why 2K won’t put Bioshock Infinite on Wii U. It doesn’t make sense why Konami doesn’t put Metal Gear Solid 5 on Wii U?

    1. Bioshock’s case it might happen at some point. Take Two never had the development kit on hand to get it on Wii U. MGS5: That’s a true next gen game. I doubt we’re getting it, but Kojima could surprise us.

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  15. Dont people understand that the Wii U will pick up like really soon in the fall?? Can’t anyone tell the future!!!? 💋

  16. First of all I believe it is been released on wii u if it didn’t I would be very surprised.The release date mid sept nintendo will be well and truly releasing some top titles by then and other third party developers am sure by that stage sales of wii u will shot up dramatically.I will definitely buy it comes to wii u as gamepad will make such a difference.

  17. Would be nice for the system. Still not interested in that trash. Rather wait for Wind Waker HD.

    1. I don’t ever want to play Chinatown Wars every again. It was like a Lego GTA game with very bad graphics. If they made a WiiU port I’d like for it to be like the PS3 and 360 version, but with more ways to play that use the GamePad to it’s fullest potential

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    1. Well maybe the delay from Spring to Fall release could be a sign that its coming to Wii U. This is exactly what the Wii U desperately needs as a promising third party game. I promise you, if and when it comes, all owning the Wii U for a kick ass mature game like this will rush and buy it definitely. Even I would because I love GTA..just not Vice City, GTA 1, 2 and 4 which bore the hell out of me. We got good M games like Blacklist and Watchdogs coming so why not GTA 5? :)

  19. the game pad can be used to be a map,and you can also select a weapon from the screen to,and also to eaily switch characters

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