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Here’s The New Rayman Legends Trailer

Ubisoft has released a brand new trailer for Rayman Legends which is titled Eye of the Tiger. The trailer shows off the game’s fast and frantic platforming elements. Rayman Legends is due to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U on August 30th in Europe, and September 3rd in North America.

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114 thoughts on “Here’s The New Rayman Legends Trailer”

  1. If it wasn’t obvious before it should be clear as day now. Rayman Legends blows Old Super Mario Bros. out of the water.

    1. Nah, Old Super Mario Bros. were great games. It’s the New/Milked Super Mario Bros. games that suck.

      1. It was a joke of how the “New” games really don’t feel that new. But I think you already knew that ;)

      2. Because the 3ds version was good now everyone says the series suck? If thats true then uncharted sucks, gears sucks , god of war sucks and halo sucks right?

        1. All the games have been basically the same since the Wii version. They don’t even change the music for some of the levels and the final boss of EVERY SINGLE ONE is giant Bowser. The old games gave MUCH more variety with the Bowser fights. Also every other boss is the same too. Oh look, the Koopalings. again. *yawn*

          1. What are you talking about? Boss battles in the game are just meh. The cool part is the new levels. After 4 games their levels are nicely designed, you can actually see some elements in Rayman that nsmb platforms had, like the rail roads

            1. Maybe i’m different than other people but I like having a good boss battle. This is one of the reasons I didn’t like 3D Land that much. It was all the same bosses over and over and over.

              1. I didn’t really notice that in 3d land. I was too wrapped in it to notice.
                but now when I go back and play it, they really do need to have more variety

              1. bosses in world were easy as hell and they even reuse elements from other bosses in the game.I do agree we need better music i mean galaxy good because the songs are getting old now bowsers last fight was the best in series. I love the clown car in world and i wish they would bring it back or give bowser a mech and make him have the kooplings help him with a hit count of 15 or more making it a bit harder they need to look at donkey country or let retro make it because it was the best platformer they’ve put difficult and creative

            1. That was due to limitations of the NES. With 3DS and Wii U, they have no reason other than lack of effort rehash the same boss battle over and over.

      3. Yeah no the classic Mario games haven’t aged well compare to New Super Marios Bros. I also wasn’t aware that having four 4 New Super Mario Bros class it as milked when the original Super Mario Bros have been release on pretty much on every Nintendo console ever.

    2. Opinion: opinion is a belief about matters commonly considered to be subjective, i.e., it is based on that which is less than absolutely certain, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts.

      Fact fact (derived from the Latin factum, see below) is something that has really occurred or is actually the case. The usual test for a statement of fact is verifiability, that is whether it can be proven to correspond to experience. Standard reference works are often used to check facts. Scientific facts are verified by repeatable experiments.

      You really need to learn the different so we can stop people trying to treat their opinion as fact.

              1. So the same music being used for the lava levels in nearly ALL the games isn’t a fact? Facing a giant Bowser at the end of each game isn’t a fact? The older games having more variety in the way you face Bowser isn’t a fact? All the games but the DS one having the Koopalings as bosses instead of being original and thinking of new ones isn’t a fact? Check again bro.

    3. The Rayman series have some good ideas but they’ve never had one that “gelled” like it should. That alone makes ‘most any Mario platformer superior. If anything it seems LESS clear.

      1. Well i’ve had more fun playing the Rayman challenge app then I ever did with NSMBWii. Btw I was only comparing it to NSMB, not all the 2D Mario games, and ESPECIALLY not to the 3D games like Galaxy.

        1. 9 super mario bros over 30 years, and is milked?, really? there’s a difference between Character and Series, and the Super Mario Bros Series has only 9 main games (:

                1. Super Mario Bros. is the 2D ones, which doesn’t share many similarities with the 3D Mario. You could say that Mario as a character is milked, but not many of his series is ;)

    1. Are you serious? You’re going to pass on a great game just because it was delayed? I think Ubisoft has more than made up for their mistake with the FREE challenge app.

      1. Exactly. Despite what the company did to both the consumers and the team behind this game, I’d feel even worse not putting money toward this and making it even worse for those devs who put all that time and energy into it.

        1. Rayman is now better than ever so i will surely put my money to this game to help those devs continue what they are doing.

          It’s really good co-op game to play with some friends and having nice time with my friends is why i always buy maximum number and couple extra controllers to my Nintendo consoles.

          There is not that much good 3-5 player splitscreen games in other consoles so PS3 and X360 owners will be happy that this game is multiplatform. (even it’s best played on Wii U)

      2. let him alone,it’s his decision to don’t buy this game, you fuckin’ idiot. Why don’t you buy this game twice or thrice and put them away right in your ass!

    2. Yeah, but it wasn’t simply delayed they added a LOT more content too! Thats definitly worth the wait!!! 💋

  2. Rayman just looks better because we rarely get any Rayman games, so we all get stunned when new gameplay is shown. Mario, on the other hand, has plenty games coming out often. I’ll always prefer Mario just because I do have fun with his games, but this game does look sick!

    1. I completely agree with you! Mario is still my favorite. However I like the way they introduced our mexican culture in the game =)

  3. Is it me or the graphics do not look as clean as before? Maybe its just the video compression of its still seems like it lost a little luster.

    1. I was thinking that actually , But I don’t know if it’s just me being paranoid/curious. I swear I remember the game looking better on the original Demo than it did on the challenge app :S ?

        1. I don’t know lol. I was thinking ”god help me if Ubisoft have scaled the Wiiu version down to make it the same as the smelly old consoles” We have The original Digital foundry demo capture and analysis on their YT channel anyway , so we can check when it’s released …

          1. If you really cared about playing the best games, you would be playing your PS3/Xbox360 WAAAAY more than your Wii U.

            1. Naaah. I’ve played Metal gear Revengance rising and I’m getting Bioshock as soon as I’ve finished up with some Wiiu and 3DS games.. That’s all I want , everything else can suck a nut.

              I play my Wiiu an awful lot these days. Most recently Lego City , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Toki tori 2 and Injustice gods among us.

              I’ve completely lost all desire to play Ps360 , I got both on the day they came out and i’m sick of the sight of them and there rehashed games.
              The Wiiu and 3DS have reinvigorated my passion for gaming and Wither the PS4 or 720 will do this also (probably getting the PS4.)

              I sold my PS3 , Had a fat and a Slim. And my little brother has my 360 , had 3 of those , 1 Grey , 1 Elite , 1 Slim .

              Wiiu and 3DS really , REALLY satisfying my needs as a gamer right now , but eventually I’m going to need the PS4 (or 720) to fill all the Wiiu’s multiplatform gaps…

              1. *Wii U and 3DS really, REALLY satisfying my needs as a Nintendo fanboy right now


                1. Have to say i enjoyed Lego City a lot more than newest Bioshock. I wished Bioshock could have been that new FPS game that brings some nice new elements to genre but it feeled like just one boring shooter with bright colors, flying houses and over too high metascore. That Halo style shield recharge system didn’t helped that game at all.

                  1. Infinity managed to loose it’s survival feeling and Metroid style gameplay from first Bioshock so maybe that was why i didn’t enjoyed it that much.

                2. Yep. Because I want to play my Wiiu and I’m bored of old consoles.

                  I’m gunna buy Bioshock when it’s cheaper and pre owned and when I’ve got time to play it. At the moment I’m stuck into a wide variety of 3DS and Wiiu games.

                  I’ll play Bioshock in my own time. I’ve not bought Fire emblem for 3DS yet under the same circumstances. I have enough games already. So Fire emblem and Bioshock (2 masterpieces) are on hold for now.

              2. Seriously only huge Nintendo fanboys could defend the games on 3DS and Wii U right now. I look at stuff like The Wonderful 101, A Link to the Past 2, Pikmin 3, Pokemon X & Y, Game & Wario, and the FIVE FUCKING GAMES WITH THAT FAT, UGLY PLUMBER, I just think, “Oh my god, could you get anymore boring and childish?”.

                I’ll stick to BioShock Infinite, GTA V, The Last of Us, Metal Gear Rising, DmC, Tales of Xillia, Watch_Dogs, Lost Planet 3, Castelvania: Lords of Shadow 2, MGS5, and Beyond: Two Souls.

                1. Um, where did THAT come from? Mostly I agree with you, but not this time. It may come as a shock to you, but not everyone needs their games to be rated M to have fun. It’s rated “Everyone” for a reason. If you want to criticize games for being childish, look at the ones rated “Early Childhood”. Don’t put people down for having different tastes than you.

                2. Calm the fuck down Adaranus .

                  Out of that list I want MGR (finished , sold) , Watch dogs (on the Wiiu) , GTAV and MGS5 . I will play all of those for sure.

                  I explained to you… I have fallen out of love with 7th gen consoles. I got them on launch day and I’ve had enough. I got bored of gaming until 3DS and now Wiiu came along and spiced everything back up for me.

                  And I eagerly await the arrival of the Wiiu’s 8th generation competetion and will be buying on on day 1 , as always.

                3. ignoring bayonetta 2, splinter cell: black list, watchdogs (which we also get), monster hunter 3 ultimate, xenoblade 2 (or X whatever it is), zombiU, and probably more games that im forgetting or are unannounced. so just fuck off =_=

                4. why do people act like a game has to be rated M to be fun!? people can play whatever the fuck they want to and enjoy it all the same! hell you can play a fucking elmo game and still have fun if your into that, but just because its not TRIPLE A MATURE GRAPHICS BLOCKBUSTER WITH CUTSCENES, doesn’t mean its childish or bad. like seriously just shut up and play the games instead of coming on here to bitch about how childish Nintendo are to Nintendo fans whos oppinons wont budge anyway! don’t be an ass hole when you don’t need to be, you make gamers look bad. even if Nintendo made rated M games you’de move around them as much as possible to hate on what is easy.

      1. I haven’t played the Demo App yet, too busy with work at night, looking forward to it. I still think its going to be a great game, just seeing the video worried me a bit.

  4. Okay , I have to put this out there. – Rayman Legends (based off of the challenge app) is 100% the BEST game on the Wiiu imo or at least is going to be untill something is better (Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 , etc perhaps…)

    The game is blatently a 9.5/10 especially where the gameplay is concerned. I am having SO SO SO SO much fun chasing down the leaderboards , especially on the Wiiu exclusive ‘Murfy’s dungeon’ touch screen based levels. It makes me wonder how much the lack of these AMAZING touch screen levels will hurt the ps360 version and what Ubisoft will do to make it fair for those platforms.

    Weekly challenge – 1660 M
    Daily challenge – 1116M

    Who did better :P ?

      1. I’m gunna get better scores though , don’t worry ;) . I’m gunna sit down tonight and play it for as good hour or 2 to push my scores!

        I always end up like 300th in the world on everything xD was at like 120th on one of them the other day….

          1. Not yet , just a loaf of golds…:( I’m close though , I’ve only put about 4 Hours into the app…. 1660 On the weekly challenge shows promise :)

            1. 1660 on weekly? You’re ahead of me then, but that’s because i’ve been focusing mainly on the daily challenges.

              1. Got ya there :P . I’m checking for your scores , but it’s only showing me 10 of my friends lists scores. I’m using my Phone as a Wifi hotspot and it has pathetically slow net speed , so sometimes certain data is not shown :S.

              2. 1500m was as far as I could do on the daily. I love clearing path with my Gamepad. I had no idea the Gamepad was that responsive at the flick of a finger. After playing it, i wonder, how would this be as fun on PS3/360?

    1. Stop using numerical scores to judge games. Especially 4 months BEFORE IT’S RELEASED.
      Man, you are uneducated.

      1. Ignoring that you are judging Pikmin 3 because it is È for everyone when it doesn’t debut until May.

      2. and saying games suck and are childish when you don’t own them, havnt played them, or even own the console, isn’t uneducated. hell even if you did have a wii u you only rip on games we KNOW you don’t have because god forbid you play a game that isn’t Rated M

    1. Everyone knows the Wii U version will be 1000 times greater. Better graphics and the use of the gamepad make it the definitive version. 💋

  5. I feel insulted by this trailer,not due to the mexican music (im not mexican lol) but due to the fact that ubisoft puts out this shit even after making it a timed exclusive,delays it,then makes it go multiplatform in the section of the year When WatchDogs,COD Ghosts,Assasin’s Creed 4,Battlefield 4,and GTA 5 Plus many other titles are coming out,and the month in which Pikmin 3 Comes out (im gonna get pikmin 3 1st and get Legends used due to ubisoft making us feel so special then shoving the leftovers up our assses and leaving us with a bad taste,it’s been 2 delays including the Launch Delay,and now they make it go multiplat? Fuck Ubisoft they’re not getting my money,gamestop can have my money when Legends U is used)

      1. desert, guitars and other stuff, im pretty sure it’s mexican ;), the song still is eye fo the tiger, but isn’t the master record, or is it?

    1. You feel insulted by an advertisement? Also, it isn’t the game developer’s fault for the delays so by you not buying the game, all it does is hurt the brilliant workers who created the game. In Ubisoft’s eyes as a “company” it just makes it look like Nintendo fans don’t support Ubisoft games and they’ll stop developing for the Wii U. You do more damage by NOT buying the game as you normally would. 💋

  6. The developers were done wrongly by their publishers. Case of SUITS gone wrong, which is what happens 90% of the time.

  7. i think will be ubisoft should have a commercial of Ted and Barney from how I met your mother playing this game and Barney just stands up and says this game is legend wait for it dary!!! legendary haha

    1. My thoughts exactly. Which makes me wonder, how dull would the final game be if they HADN’T delayed it?

  8. a free app for you to spend hours upon hours on…..then it gets deleted upon release of the actual game


    1. Well, don’t expect Ubisoft to let you abuse their software even when you’re not going to support the game. It’s a smart strategy.

  9. Have to say I’m impressed with they have done so far. Was upset with the delay but it’s fallen back on my list.

  10. Hilarious the comparisons being made on a game that was made years ago to one that only exists because of 30 years of history that the old game established… yea! STFU people. As for Ubi Delaying this game… phuck ’em… I’m not buying that game just to spite them.

  11. Downloaded the challenge app a few days ago, and it more than makes up for the delay. In fact, the challenge app is the most fun I’ve had on my Wii U since fucking December.

  12. I don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s these particular music levels that MAKE THE GAME for me.

    The Castle Rock level was awesome. This is even more awesome.

    I can’t wait to be able to endlessly run this level personally.

    1. I love the iconic songs!! Also the art work is simply stunning! Its Beautiful! I can’t wait for this game AND it’s “New” Content! :D 💋

  13. While yall argue about your dis vydeo gaemz r betur, I’ll just sit back and play with this yo-yo I have.

  14. that looks good and all, but i hate that bitch shes manly and she is so slow, i remember the demo at gamestop, and i had to use her on the castle level, and i couldnt play because she felt slow and it made it lame

  15. Duke Sladveg Purply III

    Any chance we woulds ee it on the 3DS? And not as horrific as the Origins port?

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