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Next Sonic Game Called “Sonic Excursion”?

Sonic Tails and Amy in Soleanna wallpaper

According to a rumor, the next Sonic game is called “Sonic Excursion.” This rumor comes from someone named Wentos, who apparently is the same person who leaked legitimate information regarding Sonic Generations prior to its release. Among a list of rumors, which can be read below, Wentos says that the unannounced game will feature Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman, Knuckles and Amy Rose.

  • Level titled “Shattered Heights” will be reminiscent of New York. Wil consist of Sonic and Tails breaking through tall buildings as humans gasp in horror
  • Sonic and Tails communicate to each other in every level and discuss surroundings. Each character can access parts the other character can’t.
  • Developers aim to make a Sonic Generations that played like the Genesis titles
  • The game will feature Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Knuckles, and Amy Rose, along with some sort of Magical necklace.
  • Emblems will make returns. Levels will include S rank missions, “Collect all Red Ring” missions, and side missions for ever character.
  • Will be released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, 3DS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Infinite November 2013. All the versions will be the same, PC PS4 and XboxInfinite will have much higher resolutions. 3DS version will not be handled by Dimps

210 thoughts on “Next Sonic Game Called “Sonic Excursion”?”

    1. I was a part of this thread. It was posted on /v/ earlier today. The guy’s name wasnt “Wentos”, it was Wintos. Wintos is someone we previously haven’t seen contributing leaks or anything. Take this one with a grain of salt.

    2. One is also most curious about this title – the blue hedgehog has always been a guilty pleasure, and any new title information is most welcome!

      1. Best console’s names ever are: Dreamcast and the next one it’s Playstation. Amen to those names. by the other hand, Wii?WiiU? THE HELL are those names? Nintendo Sucks as hell!!

        1. I’ll agree with Nintendo naming their recent systems the dumbest fucking things ever. I’m playing something called penis. Fascinating. Next I’ll be playing the sound an ambulance makes.

  1. Oh god…….

    “Ladies and gentlemen……..the Xbox Infinite.”

    Haters: “LIKE BIOSHOCK? WEAK!”

    Me: “Microsoft shut up and TAKE MY MONNNEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!11!!!!!1!1!!!!”

    1. The explained it further that u will unlock more characters like rouge silver and blaze and stuff on their sonic 2013 site

  2. What is with Sega and trying to keep Amy Rose around so hard….seriously? They made her playable in Kart Racing, that’s fine. They made her playable in the iOS Sonic Dash game, fine. But she isn’t that special. She’s a regular speed hedgehog, who’s mallet can easily be replaced by Knuckles fists…she’s useless in every aspect except Story. /angerrants

  3. Yet another game that the Wii U can handle right alongside the PS4, sans a bit of graphical fidelity.
    Good news is good.
    Also, @ Lyon-O; you would rather they bring back Sally from the Sonic comics to replace Amy, or what?

    1. Notably absent from the remark about consoles with the “higher resolutions” was the Wii U. I would venture to guess that the author of this article doesn’t have access to that information anyway and is just talking out of their arse. The resolution is left up to the developer, not the console.

      I’m done defending Nintendo, but inaccuracies still need to be pointed out and I always will.

    2. Sally would be far more interesting a character, but harder to explain without completely rebooting for the audiences who haven’t a clue who she is…although admittedly, make her a one-shot character for this title and use a whole other backstory.

      Shame they wouldn’t ever go for something like that, she’d make a better companion!

  4. And here I was hoping it would be a strictly 3D game with none of that awful 2D shit. Disappointing. 2D takes me completely out of the game, and there are plently of new 2D titles for those fans, so stop ruining the 3D games with it. Meh, they only seem to care about appeasing the “classic” fans nowadays.

  5. Xbox Infinity? LOL. infinitly gay. full of media crap like skype and netflix that i could fucking use on my fucking mobile in two seconds instead of taking threed hours logging in and booting a console then using that useless crap controller free hand swiping crap to get to a damn menu and skype. and what uf someones room was fucking small. how the fuck will the damn projector work. microdick suck on my hairy butthole softly. nintendo and sony will infinitly crush your stupid home entertainment crap…if i wanted home entertainment i would watch porn. fuck. stupid useless swype technology. i aint no fucking robot. bitch.

    1. That makes no fucking sense.
      Infinity would suggest it “has no limit” (bit big headed but whatever, it is Microsoft), meaning stuff like social media and skype would solidify the name of the system.

      If you’re gona lash out, at least do it properly, like saying it’s ironic calling it Infinity when it’s not backwards compatible.

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  7. I dunno how i feel about this, the ‘talks about surroundings, similar to new york, flying necklace’? wierd…I was hoping for a Sonic adventure 3. i kinda hope this is wrong. If its done right, its fine.

    1. I don’t want SA3 in particular, but rather a game where Sonic handles the same way he did in SA1. So pretty much Classic gameplay in 3D, with a homing attack.

  8. this is bullshit, and how can people still be excited about sonic, its like new super mario bros but worse, platinum games should make a sonic game then at least it can be good, fuck sega, they suck, they publish shit, but not good games, bayonetta 2, dont advertise, shitty at advertising, cancel all there ips to make shitty sonic games that suck, it sucks to suck, why am isaying this because its true and if you say anything some reject who still is on segas dick will say something about the snes, genises days. its like fuck you reject get over it, i didint even know what sonic or sega was until i played it adventure 2 on the gamecube after sega died!! if nintendo dies who cares ill go to sony for all my games

      1. you have to admit picture platinum making a sonic game, it could be really good and also picture star fox by them, instead of retro making a space shooter, i mean come on give them zelda or a new ip instead of making a 5 hour star fox game

        1. I’ll reserve that judgement when I see Platinum doing a game in the same style as Sonic, at the very least.
          Until then, I wouldn’t presume to claim they’d make a good Sonic game.

    1. This to infinity. Though, Colors and Generations were good mainstream titles. While the good spinoffs were the Sonic Ruch games and Sonic & All Stars Racing Trasnformed (which is Sega’s best racer up to date).

  9. Sonic game for Wii U would be great.
    Hopefully it’ll be as good or better than Generations.
    Sonic is a bit of a wild card, you don’t know if it’ll be good or not until you get your hands on it.
    Don’t disappoint Sega. ;)

    1. lol how ironic as he’s mostly a free spirit n “goes with the wind” weather it leads him to failure like Shadow the Headehog or greatness like Sonic Colors.

    2. I hope tails is playable sonic only is boring I well be happy if tails is playable and not forst like in 06.. tails needs to be playable at freewill

  10. They still make sonic games?? Sonic games suck ass they have to retire that blue hedgehog already.

    1. I wish they did, Now it is just painful. Also I hate how people say Colors and Generations are amazing, compared to its rivals those two games are merely decent or alright.

      1. I hope I get everone mad but sonic colors and generations are bad games but t look good but two sonics WTF and a Red sonic Wtf come on Sega no more sonic only not everyone like’s that damn blue hedgehog I mean he’s ok but damn stop the sonic bs it not 06 no more It is time you move on and help tails and knuckles now sonics got all the help he can get don’t Over do with sonic. Tails and knuckles need your help now

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  12. Just speculating… But, excursion sounds a bit… odd. It could be a placeholder name, it doesn’t have a ring to it like other names. And with Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Eggman and Amy returning, it reminds me of Sonic Adventure.

    Just hoping for it I guess, would be cool if it did turn out to be Sonic Adventure 3 though.

      1. ^ didn’t even notice the pun XD. But I agree, it does seem odd for a sonic game. Probably just a beta name or code name, similar to project needlemouse.

  13. sonic the hedge hog fanboys almost completely ruin the games for me. really stfu sega fanboys get over it bitches, nintendo and sega should be bros, so stop being a little bitch about the nintendo sega thing that went on, because your pathetic if you still care.

    1. I could easily say the same thing about Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and PC fanboy. no fanboys are good, they’re all annoying, and they’re all harmful to the industry.

      1. Very true. But Sonic’s fanbase…wow. It’s probably the most pitiful, disgusting, shittiest fanbase on earth. It’s full of kids who bitch at people when they’re told they should draw instead of recolor, you have people who complain about everything, you also have bigger idiots who complain about the people who are complaining, you have people who will outright say they prefer the more infamous Sonic games just to “be different” without giving reason, or valid points, you have people who cut themselves over anyone even mentioning Sonic Adventure 3, and you have people thinking the Sonic series is just as sacred and grand as something like, say, Zelda or Metal Gear.
        Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and PC fanboys are all shit. Every fanboy is. But wow. Sonic has the worst. It’s just as bad as MLP’s fanbase.

        1. What about the Mega Man fanbase? They’ve been whining like babies since Capcom decided to pull the plug on it’s cash cow years ago after shit tons of spinoffs, not to mention the robophiles *shudders*.

          1. At least the MM fanbase can agree on SOMETHING. A good percentage are people who genuinely care about the franchise, going so far as to even create fan made ones in the midst of Capcoms trolling (street fighter x megaman). And really? Robophiles? I’ve yet to see one in the MM fanbase.

            1. I guess I’m referring to all the Rule 34 Splash Woman and Roll has been receiving for a while. :/

              Though, I agree that Capcom should at least have some form of good Mega Man news this E3 2013 since they have a statue of him ready.

    2. Yes I know and it is good Nintendo and Sega are friends. Now ps korn and AIc got a new aibum. This year. To

  14. Okay, cool, long as the gameplay is good.

    Anyone else notice it says “Xbox Infinite” at the bottom? Little blunder by SEGA? xD

    1. Well, it’s the name being commonly used by fans and the press, hence why the “informer” used it. SEGA has no link to this new info. It’s an anonymous tipster.

      1. Remember? 2001? Taliban? Boom boom boom? Conspiracy? Major terror attack? No? Oh god… What are we teaching kids these days?

  15. Yeah, its true I can leak whatever I touch. This will also be the last Sonic game to include Knuckles. So I’m guessing they finally kill him when he’s not holding a ring.

  16. I Hyped as hell. When was the last time we saw a good sonic game? generations and colors are mehh.

          1. well if SA2 was bad then the only good sonic games were on the genesis. but it wasnt. Sonic Adventure 2 was well-received, being the recipient of very positive reviews, and scoring well with reviewers. if Sonic keeps on going the route it has been. then that will be the end for Sonic and my former favorite Gaming company SEGA.

            1. In your opinion, that is. I myself say plety of good games that came after SA2. You are really basiing your opinion on what the reviewers have to say? How will it be the end of Sonic if the games keep going the route it has now? If anything going back to the SA route of things will be the end of Sonic. Remember Sonic 06 and Shadow?

              1. “How will it be the end of Sonic if the games keep going the route it has now?” well sadly Sega’s not doing to good. i hope they will recover. i never ment my comment to cause an arguement i just hope this next sonic game really is successful and i am really hyped for it. all i was saying was Generations and Colors were okay(my opinion), and i was telling that guy above that SA2 was not overrated (as it did not even sell that much) i was just defending SA2 because you said it was bad. thats your opinion.

          2. I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s ‘bad’, it just hasn’t aged well to most people. I personally love the game, and still play it every once and a while.

  17. This should definitely be awesome. We need to finally bring the Sonic franchise back to its former glory. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what other news comes out for it

    1. We won’t know til E3. i dont care what it’s called but i’m very confident we will see a new sonic game in the near future :)

            1. Ya sonic .exe did beat. Tails and knuckles and eggman but he can’t beat ghost rider because all he’s got to do is say look in to my eyes and sonic .exe dead for good

  18. If you can play as Amy I really hope she has her moves from Sonic Adventure. I loved her campaign, but it was only FOUR freakin’ levels!

  19. I feel sorry for Sega whenever a new Sonic game comes out. Easily the most unappreciative fan base ever.

    A lot of people rag on Capcom for not changing much between Mega Man games. Sega has actually tried to add new things to Sonic but the fans just reject every single one of them. As far as I’m concerned, the stupid fan base is what keeps Sonic from evolving because they won’t ever allow Sega to actually try something new.

    Whatever the case, I look forward to each and every Sonic game, because (outside of Sonic 2006), there is not one Sonic game I dislike. Keep it going Sega! :)

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  21. 4kids t Sayin I love is bad and it is not bad I love you is good damn I t the nazi died out in WW2!

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  23. I almost never comment, however after reading a few of the comments
    here Next Sonic Game Called Sonic Excursion?
    | My Nintendo News. I do have some questions for you if it’s allright. Is it simply me or does it appear like a few of these comments appear as if they are written by brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are writing on other sites, I would like to follow you. Would you post a list of every one of your social community pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  24. Wow… I feel bad for the Sonic Fanbase. You are never happy are you? Can we stop speculation whether it will be good or not until we see a teaser at least? Just appreciate that SEGA are making a game for god’s sake. I’m surprised they haven’t ended Sonic the way you all act about him. I remember when Sonic had a solid fanbase around the time of the Megadrive/Genesis era. It’s all gone down hill from there. Yes, there were a few games that shouldn’t of been (Sonic 06, Shadow The Hedgehog, Dark brotherhood, The “Werehog”) But they’ve came back and produced games that fit the bill and made up for it. At the end of the day you still buy the damn game. When they want critics, they’ll hire some.

    1. it will be nice if tails is playerbl augin look at the old sonic games you can play as sonic and tails and k but now it is just sonic it is not a sonic game if is just sonic it was for the first. Sonic game but it is not and the sonic only. Is getting. Old to. It is time for us to get tails back

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  26. Sonic colors. Is bad look at the two player. Red sonic WHAT THE FUCK?!!! Mii wow and you can’t play ad tails why the fuck and sonic is a ass to tails in sonic for hire damn Seth m and your damn show fanmy. Guy fuck you

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  28. Sega. Stop with this. Sonic only bs you need to let’s us play as tails and knuckles again in the new sonic games no more of this sonic only bs

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