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LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins Review


The chase begins with McCain and he’s a chip off the old block.

Traveller’s Tales prequel to the successful Wii U version of LEGO City Undercover pins high hopes on protagonist Chase McCain as he begins life as a rookie cop, but unfortunately the game just doesn’t make the cut into the big leagues.

LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins starts out with the tell-tale humour that Lego games are most famous for, a great introductory cut scene featuring your boss – who typically hates you – and a no-nonsense, strong female officer who helps you out on occasion. And your first task? What every rookie cop dreams of – bringing in the doughnuts. Designed as a fun, if stereotypical, way of getting you into the game’s tutorial, it gives you the sense of how the game will eventually pan out.

From the get-go, the action adventure game presents you with a free-roaming LEGO world where you can explore to your heart’s content while smashing up the city’s letterboxes, or you can dive straight into the deep end with your first episodic mission.  Starting out with the menial tasks, you work your way up the career ladder as Chase, bringing in the bad guys with a classic beat-em-up style. As the game progresses, you begin to unlock disguises which help you on your main quest, while snapping up those all-important collectables – after all, it is a LEGO game.

lego chase

Chase demonstrating Pantomime is still with the modern times: He’s behind you!

The 3DS game shrinks down the Wii U world and, at times, the episodic missions can feel monotonous and repetitive. But while the combat system is exciting at first, its lack of specificity allows it to suffer from the same fate as the missions, often resigning the player to button bashing in order to trigger the special actions.

While the game has its limitations and sneaks a few glitches in here and there, TT Games also pertains to the details. Each character, while having its own specific action, also has its own specific walk – Chase has a swagger, the farmer a humble gait, the burglar a slinking run. As always, the humour is top-notch and is certainly the game’s most appealing point – where else am I going to find a chicken that fires an egg from its rear end?

LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins sets itself up as a great prequel, but its downfall is, simply put, the lack of variety. Chase McCain is a big fish in a small pond and, sadly, he doesn’t quite reach the 3DS ocean.


29 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins Review”

  1. The problem I had was the lack of humor compared to Lego City Undercover for Wii U. They rarely talk unless it is a scene. It is a shame they took that off or else it would be even better.

    1. so what if they don’t talk that much i just play halo4/halo reach all day for the xbox 360 thats why i don’t know any codes or glitces for the 3DS or the wii u for this game

    2. if you want my name for the 3DS its Max and the code is 5214-9369-4018 and i don’t have internet for my wii u yet

  2. My little cousin has bought a 3DS and this game after playing the Wiiu game with me :). He loved it so much. If only more Kids knew about Lego city , the Wiiu would be flying off of shelves.

    1. I’ve got to agree, my cousin aged 8 loves the lego games. He’s played the Batman and Lord of the Rings one and now keeps asking his Mum if she’ll buy him a Wii U so he can play Lego City. And the level of difficulty on the puzzles are great for his age and ability, they give him so much satisfaction when he figures them out. :)

      1. Yeah… My cousin is 10… And he became obsessed with Lego city and kept trying to come to my house with his mum so he could play it with me and now she has no choice left but to give in and buy him it lol. So I pointed out to her an unboxed Pre owned 3DS for £70 and told her she can download it digitally!

        Lego City has Massive potential to be the go to Lego franchise for kids , providing a GTA like Experience for them. And the game is also deep enough to satisfy older gamers aswell.

        1. Yeah, again I agree. The humour in the lego games appeals to both adults and children. Plus the games also give me a sense of nostalgia as an adult – so they work well for both generations.

  3. Not wanting to be a total dick but…do you know what chip off the old block means? We don’t know who his dad is so who knows if he is…. Sorry…little things that bug know how it is!

    1. Honestly, when I heard Madden was skipping the Wii U I just lost all hope for GTAV on Wii U. That is me personally though. It could still happen!! 💋

  4. Thanks for the review. I was leaning away from it, now I will stay clear.

    I don’t have unlimited funds, so I have to skip a few games. This will be one I skip.

    Much appreciated.

  5. 6 out of 10 isn’t bad. there’s no way anybody expected this to compare to the wiiu version.

    1. That may be true, however there are a lot of games I still need to finish, and a lot I want to pick up here soon, so I’m not bored enough for a game that’s not phenomenal just yet.

      Plus, I personally enjoy some of the bite-sized titles in the eShop.

  6. I agree with te review and I find it to be a shame. The game had so much potential. At least it isn’t as bad as Alien Colonial Marines! 💋

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