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UK Retailer Asda Cuts £50 Off Wii U Price Tag

wii_u_packagingThe Wii U has been reduced in price yet again by UK retailer Asda who have slashed the price by another £50. The basic package for an 8GB white Wii U is now listed at £149, while the premium 32GB black console with Nintendo Land is listed as £199.

In March, Asda set the goal posts for the other UK retailers by slashing prices from £249 to £199 for the basic console and £299 to £249 for the premium. The cut price comes after Nintendo announced their loss in profits for the fiscal year from April 2011 to March 2012, selling only 3.45 million units worldwide. With Asda cutting the price again, it’s a no-brainer that other retailers will soon follow suit. And with a slew of games expected this year including Pikmin 3, the Wii U should be shifting healthy numbers.

31 thoughts on “UK Retailer Asda Cuts £50 Off Wii U Price Tag”

  1. It’s sad but, I don’t believe pikmin 3 will generate many sales. Most of the people who want to play pikmin 3 already have the console. Look at the top selling western games. They’re all AAA fps like Bioshock, crysis and COD. Kids are more interested in this stuff these days and most parents don’t give a fuck and buy them for them. I prefer Nintendo games. But I don’t think the world does.

    1. Pitfall near your door

      You underestimating Mr Miyamoto-san…You would be surprised how much fans are waiting for the next pikmin.

        1. Pitfall near your door

          Not just pikmin alone, a lot of gamers have other interests too and i know Nintendo is in a rough state with the games but once they announce what games that are coming to the Wii U then it’s natural that fans will buy it so then can experience it. Will fans jump on it straight away? I can’t say since everyone is different but once Nintendo release the upcoming titles they promise then gamers will upgrade. Personally there is 4 games at the moment that are coming this year and i brought the Wii U for it…If you want to wait then wait i don’t have control over what anyone else does…that is up to nintendo. :)

    2. Sadly that generation have been brought up not to like gaming, but to like cinematic interactive experiences.

  2. Seems like they’re panicking. I don’t know why people can’t think properly anymore. As soon as the games arrive (like Mario Kart) the console is gunna be in demand and its going to sell a lot.

    The same shit was happening to the 3DS. I remember my friend who owns a gamestore was telling me how the 3DS was not looking good blah blah blah and I sad , just wait and it will be fine. And it was…

  3. Or they are just selling through stock. I bought my Wii U day 1, and I love it especially off-tv play but I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to drop £300 (+games) on a console to see it all but forgotten, developers not supporting it, publishers refusing to launch games on it, Nintendo lacking strategy and games. :( when PS4 & new Xbox hit, the Wii U is going to die a sorry death, and that makes me very sad.

    1. Pitfall near your door

      It’s only been out for 6-7 months, Nintendo is announcing upcoming titles to the Wii U and E3 and they are actually getting good 3rd party support at the moment so give Nintendo time to make as successful as their handheld. There has been a lot of consoles launches that have had bumpy starts other then Nintendo.

      1. Sorry but they aren’t getting Western 3rd party support, most AAA games are skipping Wii U because install base isn’t big enough to warrant expense.

        1. It’s an endless cycle; a system doesn’t get a bigger install base unless it’s got the games to support a bigger one. They’ve only got themselves to blame for the Wii U not having an install base big enough to satisfy them.
          If they want sales, they need to support the console with games people will want to buy on it, plain and simple.

    2. I think Wiiu will be fine. It doesn’t have to sell 100 million like the Wii did. It can sell 40 Million for all Nintendo care , and that’s fine.

    3. It’s not going to die.
      On the contrary, it’s going to get much more support once Nintendo starts showing third party manufacturers how it’s fucking DONE by raising sales with their OWN games.

  4. So what happens when the games start rolling in and everyone wants to buy a Wii U? Are they going to raise the price again??? 💋

    1. Yep, thats what i thought, too. If People gonna buy Pikmin, and for sure they will, they will raise the price again.

  5. the asda here in belfast doesn’t even have any wiiu stuff!! can’t even get luigi mansion 2 there!

    1. Haha, I just texted a friend telling him that it’s down to £150 to see if he’d be interested, but I’m from Belfast so I guess not.

  6. The UK did a $50 price cut before…it didn’t do ao anything the price isn’t the issue its simply the games. Needs more games…but it the UK its all about COD and FIFA.

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