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3D Mario For Wii U Coming In October?


Online gaming publication CVG is reporting that the brand new 3D Mario game for the Wii U should be coming in October, if their sources are correct. The publication says that a number of blockbuster Wii U games will be released from summer until the end of the year, one of which is a new 3D Mario title. Both the new Mario Kart and the 3D Mario title for Wii U will apparently be playable at this year’s E3 event in June.

Discussions with retail chains at executive level paint Nintendo’s 2013 release strategy as extensive, with the headline draw being a new 3D Mario game released on Wii U by October.

111 thoughts on “3D Mario For Wii U Coming In October?”

        1. Maybe they can actually utilize time-travel in an new, novel, or at least interesting way. We’re pretending Mario is Missing and Mario’s Time Machine don’t exist, of course! :)

      1. Another 3D mario game. The last ones that came out on the Wii are the highest rated games of all time. You can shut the haters up by saying ”we have the highest rated game of all time and you’re missing out you pos” for example.

        1. The previous 3D marios were great, there is no doubt about that, and im sure this one will be too. However, Mario is starting to get worn out, there are entirely too many Mario theme’d games coming out of Nintendo.

          1. And guess what. Take a deep breathe , this might come as a shock

            *drumroll* – You don’t have to buy them all and Nintendo isn’t forcing you to. But millions of people WANT these Mario spin offs.
            Just buy 3D mario and Mario kart and nothing else.

            1. Im not sure how I insulted you Nintenward, but there’s was no reason to act like a DBag. The truth is I will most likely buy them all, I just would like Nintendo to create some new IP’s and some new characters, take a break from Mario and Luigi for a couple years, that’s all. I know they sell well enough to justify all the games, but im sure any new IP’s will sell just as great maybe better who knows.

          2. You have to remember aswell Nintendo always has a Handheld and a home console. So they are pretty much allowed to Double up on their franchises. For example the DS got Phantom hourglass and Spirit tracks , the Wii got TP and SS.
            That’s why releasing NSMBU and NSMB2 within months of each other wasn’t bad. They’re on 2 different platforms and you can decide to play either or both or none at all.

        2. I admit that Super Mario 3D games are really good but some people owned the PS3 and Xbox 360 for 3rd party games. Hopefully that will changes this with the Wii U and sadly it haven’t yet. :(

    1. Oh yeah. E3’s only a month away. Time flies, it’s already been a year since Pikmin 3 was announced.

    1. Not a good idea releasing in November they need to get it out before PSphwoar and xbox smart illumi .

      1. I swear it’s going to be a blood bath when the PS4 & NextBox launch. I think you’re right, Nintendo might want to release some of their games earlier.

        1. This is why Nintendo will focus on Wii U software after and during E3 because they know that Xbox and PS will be in a Dog fight.

            1. The developers are more interested with the spec due to freedom of developing. Only things I don’t understand why gamers care about specs. Higher the specs more cost for the games and console alone.

              1. Why “gamers” care about specs “today”?, I don’t know, maybe they masturbate themselves by knowing the specs, the resolution and Hexadecimal numbers on a CPU/GPU, maybe they like to make sex with a good CPU? Who knows? But sadly that’s how “modern gamers” are; they care more about tiny little pixels than the gameplay itself, because if a game doesn’t meet their “polygonal orgasm” they’re just basically paying for the soundtrack.

            2. The E3 conferences are actually going to focus more on games. That’s why both companies have hardware reveals before the event. Of course they’ll still talk about hardware and features some, but evidently from what they are saying, they’re really going to push software.

              I’m all game for that. :)

        2. Why Sony and Microsoft already used there heavy hitters at the end of this Gen. People act in like they have always been down for the killzone franchise and it hasn’t even sold a mill. Second son maybe. But im not hyped for knack and dragons dogma 2.

    1. SM64 N64, SM Sunshine Gamecube, SM Galaxy 1-2 Wii, yes, this next 3D Mario will be completely diferente from the NSMB Or “2D Mario” series.

  1. Zelda ww and expect mario kart with some surprises from third party round that time.3d mario cross with mario 64 and mario galaxy,I definitely need to settle down!! Bring it on nintendo

  2. Hope it’s back to the free-roaming style of 64 and Sunshine. I adored the Galaxy games, but between them and 3D Land the line between them and the 2D style of play is becoming blurred and I hope they take a step back and go back to the 64/Sunshine way of things. But either way I’ll be happy with another masterful 3D Mario because all five of them have been masterpieces in one form or another..

  3. BY october, so it could be sooner. Im really excited for this, but my hearts gotta go to Mario Kart. Double dash will always go down as my favourite game of all time for me, and i love the series to death. Cant wait to have a WiiU one!

  4. Ummm it was pretty obvious it’d be out by then. Early late October or early November. Also hope it’d be a free roaming style with warp pipes to transport to certain areas of mushroom kingdom but have the option to run n jump there.

    1. Pitfall near your door

      Nintendo is making other IP’s then Mario for this year, not every developer works on one thing at a time lol they multitask. :3

      1. This. It’s as if fans don’t think games like Xenoblade and Dillon’s Rolling Western even count as new Nintendo IP’s. :/

        1. I been thinking about getting Dillon’s Rolling Western. How you like it? I thinking about getting the first one then get the sequel next if I like the game. (unless the game is totally different from the sequel)

          1. It’s a very challenging game that’s full of secrets and power ups in this open world. It’s rather action oriented for a tower defense game. I’d say start with the first just to familiarize yourself and then buy the sequel once you get a hang of things.

  5. Nintendo Commander

    Our forces are on standby and as soon as Pikmin 3 arrives then playtime is over!

    Let fun rule this planet once more, not graphics!

  6. If it’s another Galaxy/Universe game I’ll be super upset……but I’ll get it anyway just because it’s a 3D mario. lol But still…. I would like to see more parts of the Mushroom Kingdom in a 3D adventure/platformer.

  7. Mario 3D I really am happy for an October release. PS4 and Xbox720 shall be at each others necks, while Mario 3D shall be released a month earlier, moving consoles and software. Remember that the PS4 and Xbox720 shall be trying to sell the exact same game to you on a $450 to $550, for $60 to $70. Wait! Watch Dogs, Ghost Reacon, AC4, a bunch of other third party games shall release also on the Next generation Wii U, with offscreen play, PC quality graphics for you that are obsessed; direct X11 equivalent features, independent 5.1 and above surround sound component, Criterion level mechanics, Deux EX enhanced beyond PC game AI and visuals and extra features. Calmly play your Wii U’s as we get more Sony gamers and xbox players joining us when they realize their machines especially xbox720 only have FPS and two or four first party exclusives. PS4 will have killzone 5, and skirt wearing Kratos.

  8. Sure it’s coming in october, but delaying it until winter of 2015, i really love nintendo and i read this blog day and night but the constant delay of their games piss me off!

    1. Usually only Zelda and Smash Bros gets delayed. I don’t think a 3D Mario has ever been delayed…

    2. There’s 2 Nintendo ead’s that work on Mario game’s nintendo ead 1 worked on smg and then it was handed over to ead 2 to make galaxy 2 since they already had the resource they made sm3dl on simplified smg2 engine, that means ead 1 has had something cooking for a staggering 6 years, wouldnt be surprised about this announcement

  9. Virus misses Mallow and Geno...

    A Mario platformer is expected.
    A full 3D Mario RPG would be waaay cooler! :D

  10. If Windwaker and Mario Mart U and 3D Mario are all playable at E3 and the other 2 ARE coming this fall then Mario will also. I have been saying 3D Mario is coming this fall since the January Direct. Its just common sense.

  11. By the end of the year the Wii U will have Retros game and 3D Mario and Mario Kart U and Windwaker and Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 and Yoshi Land U and X.

  12. This does sound pretty amazing and I don’t wanna sound negative, because it’s amazing that we might get 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and Zelda WW all before the end of this year. And I realise that there needs to be loads of new amazing games for the Wii U, but I hope there’s gunna be some great games coming post 2014 etc? I know they’ll be making a new Zelda and all that, but I guess releasing the “usual” games early on might mean they have loads of cool new ideas in the works? I just don’t want all the best games to come out all at once if u see what I mean. I guess they might do a sequel to the 3D Mario game? Like with Galaxy. Also there’s Super Smash Bros. do we know when that’s out?
    I also think they’ll be working on a new Paper Mario and Metroid game, and if not they should! Both games would be cool to play with the Wii U gamepad.
    Soz if I hadn’t made sense, I don’t wanna sound negative and it’s great news if the 3D Mario game is coming in October in the run up to the holiday period.

  13. Does anybody know if nintendo will do a small E3 press conference like in 07 & 08?

    Cuz in 07 it was a sorta small room with just one big tv and not many announcements like Wii fit plus and a women that talked instead of Reggie for both 07 & 08

    1. That’s essentially what they’ll be doing. Small meeting for investors, a closed meeting for media, and then they’ll have the demos on the show floor.

  14. I actually didn’t like the map on Mario Galaxy AT ALL and found using the wiimote and nunchuck clumsy as controls. Anxious to see how something similar feels on the wiipad….

  15. the new 3d mario better not feel like galaxy, that seems like the only thing nintendo didnt milk yet is 3d mario or make it dull. if its another galaxy one nintendo you dont have anything you didnt fuck up.

  16. If it is released in October then it will be a great month for Nintendo as October is also the same month Pokemon X and Y is going to be released worldwide. Nintendo will be racking in the cash like there is no tomorrow.

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