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Game & Wario Hitting Australia On June 29th


Game & Wario will be released outside Japan in June. The party game arrives on the 23rd of that month in North America, the 28th in Europe, and the 29th in Australia. Game & Wario features 16 mini-games – all of which are played using the Wii U GamePad – and it will be available for purchase at both retail and the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

15 thoughts on “Game & Wario Hitting Australia On June 29th”

  1. I am going to get this game once I get a Wii U but I’m getting the feeling that I won’t enjoy it as much as the WarioWare games as this one is looking rather lackluster when compared to the previous titles in the series. Anyway, I am sure this is still going to be a fun game and all I know I could enjoy it more than the WarioWare games but I’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

    1. And you know that now? Man something happen to that brain of yours, it is getting slower. I know why you where playing some xbox live?

  2. what!! i knew that 40$ was still to much but 16 fucking mini games!! what are you trying to fuck a cactus!! you cant do that or charge 40$ for 16 fucking mini games!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its definitely only worth 5$ if that!!!!!!!

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