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GAME Offers Pre-Order Exclusives With Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

donkey kong 3dsUK retailer GAME has teamed up with Nintendo to reveal exclusive items when pre-ordering a copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. The UK store has been on the ball when it comes to offering fans exclusive Nintendo ware, as Animal Crossing: New Leaf fans can bag an Isabelle Town Hall figurine with pre-order of the title as well.

If you pre-order Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, ahead of its release on May 24, you will be able to get your hands on a ‘banana’ shopper bag and an accompanying banana keyring. Is this something you’ll be ‘going bananas’ over?


      1. I slipped up , because I don’t know whether to sell my Wii version and replace it with this.

  1. I’ve never played this game before but really want to. It would cost twice the price to get it on 3ds but I think I’d prefer that version :/

    1. The 3DS version has the extra world and a difficulty setting, so I guess it is the most value.
      I borrowed the Wii version from a friend a couple of months ago, I’ve already beaten it, but when I give it back to her I’ll probably get the 3DS version for myself.

  2. I really wish other stores would bother with these. Great that we are getting all this stuff but Game is like £10 more expensive than every other store. So it doesn’t make it worth it

  3. No, didn’t like the Wii version of the game, really. So I am not going to buy the 3DS one. 💋

  4. this game is for teenagers who were too busy crapping their pants to play the good ones on snes

    1. the old ones are awesome, but the only thing that makes the new one bad is the lame enemies, otherwise its harder and just as good gameplay wise, but i kinda want to agree with the older ones, there is just a lot of things there like levels seem way more unique and cooler. rare>retro

  5. i had this on order with shopto at £26.99 but just looked at game & they have it fir £29.99 with the bag & keyring, so i cancelled my shopto order & went with game i used my points 7 got the game for £17.54, this is also the third game i will need for the free game nintendo are offering for registering three 3DS games, i already had Luigi’s Mansion 2 (£27 from Shopto), i had Lego City Undercover (£27 shopto) but i didn’t like it so traded it in at game for £21 but i used the code :D & i will get Animal crossing New Leaf for free so that will be £62 for three games & i also had a play of Lego City for a week.

  6. I started trading my games towards digital content in Game.You get 25% more trading value and you also get the points at the eshop for the premium reward program.

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