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Nintendo Subsidiary 1-UP Studio Launches Its New Website


Nintendo subsidiary 1-UP Studio has launched its new website. Formerly known as Brownie Brown, the folks at 1-UP Studios were involved in the development of a number of games on Nintendo platforms, including Mother 3, Fantasy Life, Super Mario 3D Land and A Kappa’s Trail. To go to the Nintendo-owned development studio’s new website, click here.

34 thoughts on “Nintendo Subsidiary 1-UP Studio Launches Its New Website”

    1. Wow this is such a pretty site. I love it its so great . i showed mother because i love her and she said she thought it was very impressive and told me to make her some god damn supper afterwards so i made her some god damn supper because i love her. This is so great though that nintendo is getting with the times and finally cuming onto the interwebs where i can seeee new nintendo products because i love them. what games should i buy for mother and i because i love her and want her to have some new games because i love her . well got to go she’s nagging about god damn supper again because I love her. <3

    1. They just launched the site. Give them some time to get more things on there. Plus, this could be used to get future employees to be interested in working there.

      1. Yeah. I was talking about me though. I am not a current and I won’t be a future employee. So it’s not appealing to me. lol

        Obviously the site is good for the company and other people, otherwise, they wouldn’t launch it.

        I’ll stick to the consumer and press sites. =p

          1. I don’t remember what picture I had up before, to be honest. lol

            It could have been both. Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) fighting Venom, or just Ultimate Spider-Man.

    1. hey man you said you played secret of mana 2? who would i want for my party? does kevin suck in fighting or would i want to use duran for that? i dont know it seems weird to just punch in a game like that

      1. They’ve all got their good and bad sides, but for an easy win, just got with the spell casters and research their class routes.
        Heck, I’m sure Youtube could show you which ones are the most OP in that respect. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to cheese this game with nearly any character, so long as you choose the right job classes.XD

    1. Ok first off, cut back on the damn Dr Pepper its making you lose your mind. Secondly, I guess I shouldn’t have been so brief with my comment, what I should have said was;

      “As a guy who has been a Graphic Designer for almost a decade and who has worked largely in the field of logo design, I am amazed that a brand new studio would have a logo as uninspiring as this”

      But still, it is a shit logo

      1. whats wrong with dr pepper, its not green like me though because today is a green day. im green and its superb to be green. lets smoke some grass.

      2. Yeah, the logo is really not that great. I know they’re a smaller & a not as well known Dev team, but at least put some creativity into it to differentiate yourself.
        But hey, they could always redesign it, hopefully they do.
        They helped make Mother 3 & Super Mario 3D Land for God’s sake, put some pizazz into it, thats all. :/

  1. The term “1-UP” if the person who was familiar with the game

    I think that it is words that sound familiar.

    Character to your actions in the game (the ship)

    It is a word often used when increased.

    The bear to name the words positive means “increase” was put,

    Like able to build up steady results step by step

    We would like to continue to grow as a company.

    1-UP Studio Corporation
    President Kadoi original

    1. Yeah, they’re a small Dev team for Nintendo like Noise(They make the Custom Robo Games, VERY underrated ;).
      It’s too bad, they’ve done some good work over the years. :/

      1. I would pay so much money to see a better fleshed-out new entry of Custom Robo on Wii U.
        I can’t imagine why they’d let the series go dead for so long; it’s got a ton of multiplayer potential.

  2. Nintendo has a major software problem. There was practically no games released for the last two years of the Wii, Skyward Sword, however awesome, can not alleviate droughts like this, they lost their audience. The Wii U has a major software problem, not enough software games to justify the system. Unless Nintendo spends serious money to buy development studios and grow their own, then the Wii U might be the end of Nintendo home consoles.

    1. You're kidding, right?

      First off, Skyward Sword was not the only game in the last 2 years.
      Second, Nintendo has had all of its studios working hard on games lately, and reading this for the 2,000th time has gotten annoying.
      Finally, “Wii U might be the end of Nintendo home consoles.”
      >Implying Nintendo doesn’t have enough money in the bank to have consoles fail for literally 50 more years before being IN TROUBLE.

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