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Reggie Fils-Aime And Shigeru Miyamoto To Host Pre-E3 Presentation


Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime and legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto will host a presentation to the media prior to E3. The presentation will be to select media and will take place before the show floor opens to the public. Once the presentation has concluded, members of the press will be able to test out the new titles before anyone else. Nintendo has yet to confirm whether the presentation will be viewable to the public.

174 thoughts on “Reggie Fils-Aime And Shigeru Miyamoto To Host Pre-E3 Presentation”

    1. Uhh hello! Im so happie to hear that mr. myimoto will be getting some reconization this yere at the e3 showings because he works his sweet butt off making such great games for us and i cant wate to play the new 3d mario for wii u and i hope it has co op because i want to play with mother because i love her.

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  1. Do a presentation before the big E3 presentation? Sound like either they a lot to show or they trying to stay away from E3.

      1. Smash Bros 3DS is coming this holiday season bank on it. Sakurai has already been balancing the characters with 1 hand. Having a 1vs1 fight with 1 freaking hand….

      1. Nope mario kart and 3d Mario will be playable. They did say smash would be shown in some form.

        1. They would be stupid not to have smash bros playable. They cant just have mario and pikmin. I bet your right though

      2. they only said that the game was going to be there in one form or another.
        so speculations are neither wrong or right.

        i hope we get gameplay though.

      1. I might do a Snake and sneak in a Cardboard box. Right in the middle of Miyamoto’s Speech you just see a little Cardboard box wiggling across the back of the stage.

            1. Sneak into where the stage crew is, knock them out, and put on the fake Majoras Mask HD trailer from youtube. There will be a lot of cheers and tears at the same time.

                1. And the ask osama bin laden to hide you cause you will be hunted by every gamer in the world.

        1. yes, in the middle of Super Smash Bros. U presentation!
          Then you come out of the cardboard box, takes miyamoto’s microphone and say: “It’s show time!!”

  2. I bet this is where will see the new super smash and Mario kart and all the other secrets. I hope we see it strwmed or something. Also Microsoft and Sony show their new stuff the day before E3 so if this is what Nintendo ment that it wasn’t doing its normal presentation then I’m open for this

  3. Members of the press can suck a ****. I’m sick of them always being first to play every new game, and all of us normal gamers being treated like peasants. Piss on E3.

    1. What if that is one of the changes Nintendo wants to make? Imagine during the big E3 Direct Iwata tells us all the demos will be available on the eShop right when the video ends.

          1. Could be at least a beta online of smash brothers, than we’ll be testing the online for them for like 6 months and once they realease it will have no flaws!








  5. it seems Nintendo’s biggest stars will make an appearance (3D Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, Retro Studios, Xeno, Mario Kart, Pikmin, etc)

    hopefully the direct is lengthy, around an hour or so, the normal run time they’d have for an E3 conference

        1. Thats the reason i bought a second Xbox. First one broke in a matter of days(microsoft refuses to fix it) Then banjo released moments later so i buy another xbox. Now im on my third. Was excited for kinect lol.

  6. Maybe some jurnalist asked Nintendo not to make press conference because they dont want to be seeing crying when they shown the new games.

  7. We’re going to see Mario, Link, Samus Aran, Pikachu, Shulk, Bayonetta, and Yoshi all rolled into one epic E3 direct

    Now you’re playing with power

      1. Retro Studios, possibly working on Metroid, might be working on StarFox, as Nintendo said we shall find out in the not so distant future (AKA E3 in a month)

        1. imagine a starfox online multiplayer experience? how epic would it be to have 8v8 battles in the sky? id buy it in a heart beat if that came about. with a competitive ranking system and what not.

      1. Actually Retro Studios is a given. not only were they pulled from E3 last year but Nintendo said we’ll see their Wii U project in the not so distant future, which is either Metroid, Star Fox, or both. which is why Samus Aran and/or Fox Mccloud should be on that list.

        ALSO Zelda the Wind Waker and A Link to the Past 2 are due later this year making Link added to the list (we might even get info on the new Zelda for Wii U)

        1. There’s no reports on Retro doing either Star Fox or Metroid, though.
          Until we have that confirmation, it’s best not to assume.
          Also, “near future” doesn’t necessarily mean E3.
          Like I said, the fewer expectations one has, the less likely they are to be disappointed if something doesn’t go their way, and the happier and more surprised they’ll be if it does come true.

          1. It’s been narrowed down to Star Fox and Metroid… Other Nintendo studios are currently occupied with other Nintendo franchises. also refer to Emily Rogers’ speculation article on what Retro Studios is working on as it provides clues to what their Wii U project is.

            1. IIRC, Retro is also doing some sort of new engine.
              Did no one think that maybe they’re making a brand-new game on that engine, and that they might showcase both at once?
              Or just a brand new game period, or a cooperation with another third-party studio for bringing a new third party title on board?
              Again, all we’ve got right now is speculation that it’s going to be Star Fox or Metroid, no real solid evidence.
              I’d love for either to be true, but I’d rather save myself the disappointment by not expecting them to announce either.

          2. Retro has stated 2 statements. 1st was We are working on something they want. Meaning the fans. 2nd statement was there will be barrel rolling. So its Starfox or Donkey Kong nothing else has barrel rolling.

      2. even if we were to get just Mario that would still be a win seeing how Galaxy 1 and 2 were a couple of the best games of all time and that time is working on a new Mario action game

        also Smash bros 4 and Mario Kart Wii U which will both be great

    1. Also add Chrom to that list since he’s going to be in SMT X Fire Emblem.
      the only reason why I didn’t list Captain Olimar is because he’s lost/ captured in Pikmin 3.

      Also I listed Samus because I’m assuming Retro is either working on Metroid Prime 4 or the spiritual successor to Super Metroid

    2. you are forgeting about the next Xeno, Retros Project (Star Fox most likely), and the other Yoshi game.

    1. I do. I think that a lot of the playable demos at their booth will be on the E-shop. that way not only the press gets to play the games. but this is really just wistful thinking. well probably get maybe 3 at most.

  8. YESSSS. I cannot wait for the amazing things Nintendo and Sony will show. I am a really exciting gamer, dont dissappoint us like last year!!! That goes for both of them! Can’t Wait!! If i have spare time i’ll watch microsofts conference.

    1. PlaystationGamer 93

      i dont really care much for Microshit. i will watch Nintendos and definately SONY’s

  9. I don’t think a long E3 direct is necessary. directs tend to cut out sales figures and BS in general, a new game is shown every 2 to 3 minutes, game after game after game for 40 minutes. Which is the best and most effective approach to E3 in my opinion

  10. They have to be making a new Star Fox.
    Seeing that picture, you always forget it’s the 4th mascot for Nintendo, next to Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

      1. I think what he was going for was ” These are the major Nintendo franchises, Starfox is one of them and they must be making a new one.”

  11. What matters is will the general public see something? People whom don’t own a Wii U or even know what it is. Regular gamers don’t need any convincing because they already own the Wii U, had a Wii U and sold it but plan on buying it back during the holiday season when their is a probable price-drop and the 1st-party line-up will be for the most part in place, or people whom aren’t interested in buying a Wii U no matter what is shown at E3.

    Are they planning commercials? Billboards? Another round of the Wii U Experience? Talk-show appearances? Fast-food tie-ins? Perhaps a nationally-televised solo event?

    That’s the point. The press will be there obviously but it is their prerogative on what they choose to report on. Even though they are their to get information from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, they can choose which company’s conference gets the most exposure in their reports and only mention the others in passing. And of course, Nintendo Directs are great for people whom KNOW about them. But I would rather concentrate on what Nintendo CAN do

    What they CAN to do is dip into that 10 billion-dollar cash-opt and pony up for some airtime on a major network. Even if it is just a 30min special. Something to show the general public what they Wii U is all about.

    They also CAN make games PLAYABLE at the Wii U Kiosks instead of running trailers of 2-year old retread multiplats. They CAN put Wii Fit U and a balance board out there or something. I was at the Wii U Experience in Chicago last year and by-far Wii Fit U got the biggest crowd around it. That and SiNG. Of course you can’t demo games like that in a department or retail store, but Wii Fit U they can. After playing the trampoline game on Wii Fit U IMO that has the same appeal as the Bowling did on Wii Sports.

    THAT is what Nintendo CAN do to let people know the Wii U is here and to get bodies ready.

    1. Like always, Nintendo will probably give us the time less than 24 hours before the show because what ever idiot is in charge of planning the Nintendo Directs thinks that is effective.

      1. A schedule would be nice. That way word could be spread effectively so that people whom wouldn’t watch it otherwise would watch it.

          1. Well you often insult the Wii and Wii U and sometimes Nintendo in general. So many assume you don’t like Nintendo.

                1. What does qualify for valid criticism BTW? I’ve seen the same backlash in this forum towards those whom have brought up valid criticism as those whom are just trolling solely for the purpose of being annoying to entertain themselves.

                2. It is weak in games, horsepower, graphics, and online. Weak U is a very appropriate name for Nintendo’s current console.

                    1. Right, wrong, wrong, and perhaps. The launch line-up was weak. I’m not going to even dignify the horsepower argument, and the online is shaky yes but still better than what the Wii had.

                    2. PlaystationGamer 93

                      1) the weak games thing will go away next year, 2) it is very weak and insignificant to the PS4 specs so yes i can agree on that. 3) The graphics will be inferior to its rivals but surely wont be drastically better at launch or in about a year. 4) its weak in online because the system is still new.

                3. Offer valid criticism instead of hate and you’ll get people to listen.
                  So far, all you’ve done is call it the Weak U.
                  Dirty ass troll.

                    1. I don’t care whether you care or not; your opinion is nothing but hate so far.
                      Do better or STFU.

    2. People are saying “don’t get your expectations up or you’ll end up disappointed like last year.”

      Correct me if i’m wrong, last year Super Mario, Smash Bros, and Mario Kart weren’t confirmed, it was all speculation.
      Others that have a HIGH possibility of showing up includes Retro Studios, Monolith Soft, and Zelda the Wind Waker.

      Nintendo fans have the right to be hyped to the max for June 11th. Stop holding all the excitement in because that’s the best part.

      1. This year is extremely important for Nintendo. Is hardware year for everyone except them. If they want to exist (literally) this year, they need some pretty awesome game and in my opinion a brand new IP.

      2. I only say not to expect anything because it’s a two-fold strategy for happiness in any gaming announcement.
        Getting hyped only helps once the games people want to see are actually shown. Before that point, it just holds the potential to disappoint people.

        1. I agree. I’ve been burned by Nintendo overhype way too many times. Best to go in with lowered expectations. It’s hard not to after last year & seeing how the launch window has gone. I expect Pikmin3 Wind Waker HD this year, but I’m not holding my breath. After all pikmin3 has only had one firm release date so far. And I’m supposed to believe that other games that nobody outside of Nintendo has laid eyes on are shipping this year? Man, I hope so, but my natural reaction is skepticism.

          1. You forgot Game & Wario (June 23), Rayman Legends (Sept 3), and Batman: Arkham Origins (Oct 25).

          2. I think going in to E3 just taking whatever comes is the best way of doing it. That way not matter what happens you can be prepared. The only way you wouldn’t be is if it is FAR and BEYOND anything you could have hoped it would be, or it being a spectacular failure.

            I have to say, there is a realistic chance of one of those two things happening.

      3. Those things are obvious to get excited for but, still, don’t get your expectations high cause you might not like how they look.

      4. No. Last year E3 was set up for Nintendo to show off Retro Studios game (which they pulled,) Smash Bros (which hadn’t even started production yet despite being announced at E3 2011) Nintendo Network, (which wasn’t finished) and several other things. E3 was in the bag for them after yet another bad conference by Microsoft and a ‘shaky’ but effective conference by Sony. Sony was doing okay until they brought out that Wonderbook nonsense. It was all downhill from there.

        Nintendo fans also have the right to be realistic and keep their ambitions in check so that the hype does not exceed the pay-off. That’s what happened last year. People were expecting Nintendo to knock it out of the park and instead it was like that Bugs Bunny cartoon.

        (and yes, this does also mirror my dating-life so don’t even go there. :)

        If Nintendo is bold enough to close the show with NintendoLand last year I wouldn’t put anything past them in terms of fail. Hopefully they can recapture some fo teh magic they had from THIS conference.

    3. This is going to be interesting seeing Gampads at maximum playable capacity because of these Nintend exclusives. I always thought every possible way the Gamepad can get played was not 100% unveiled.

    4. There should be two Nintendo Directs. one for Wii U games and information, the other for 3DS games and information.

      1. There’s been enough 3DS love already this year. Time to give little brother Wii U some love here.

      2. There doesn’t need to be one drop of 3DS news at E3. Not a DROP. Seriously. Unless that have some type of hardware upgrade or price-drop for the 3DS to announce it needs to be all about the Wii U. It’s bad enough they aren’t having a keynote speech. You can’t take more time away from the Wii U to push a product that is already a runaway success.

    5. We could have done with Reggie in the UK at the start of april. fook me now there’s a snow ploughing chin.

        1. Oh its the clown again ! you know .. for me you are like Joffrey Lannister … everybpdy hates you and want you dead lol…

          I will tell you a little secret want to hear it ? hm ? here :

          this year at E3 .. im gonna watch the Nintendo Pre-E3 Presentation … so I can completely IGNORE Sony and Microsoft presentations after ! Like I did the last 6-7 years !! ITS COOL UH ?!

          Now dance for us clown ! Tell us Nintendo are irrelevant or something …

                      1. If you don’t hide you’re going to get hurt. Cornillius, I’m serious, HIDE! For your own sake!

      1. I would get depressed if ssb 3ds was one of the titles… I want to try it but I’m so far away… Goddamit

        1. you are going to make him like cloud and make that game into the worst fanboy game ever. just stop we dont need a good game to turn into fag fantasy 7.

      2. In the upcoming Super Smash Bros. 4 trailer, I expect to see Takamaru, Lil Mac, Palutena, Ridley, and Mega Man (Just go for it, Crapcom!) confirmed . This alone would make me cry tears of joy, Nintendo.

      3. Considering all the criticisms, Nintendo should really attempt to unveil some graphics heavy titles, namely Starfox, Waverace, Metroid, Killer Instinct (if they can secure the rights to the IP), Also remake Fatal Frame 4 and have it upscaled in HD w/ gamepad functionality.

      4. GOOD. To be completely honest with you all, I don’t care for Iwata’s presentations. At all. Stiff, awkward, and not genuine sounding.

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