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Super Mario RPG Is A Club Nintendo Reward For May


Nintendo of America has revealed precisely which rewards Club Nintendo members can redeem this month. The biggest reward of them all is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Wii Virtual Console. If you already own this critically acclaimed game then you’re welcome to download Maboshi’s Arcade, 3D Classics: Excitebike and Art Style: Aquia. Which reward will you go for?

  • Super Mario RPG – Wii Virtual Console (200 coins)
  • Maboshi’s Arcade – WiiWare (150 coins)
  • 3D Classics: Excitebike – 3DS eShop (150 coins)
  • Art Style: Aquia – DSiWare on 3DS (100 coins)

57 thoughts on “Super Mario RPG Is A Club Nintendo Reward For May”

  1. why don’t we get this type of reward in the UK ?

    are these coins the ones you earn by walking about ?

    1. No, they aren’t play coins, basically NA’s Club Nintendo Coins are UK’s Club Nintendo Points, or whatever other places that have points or coins, all I know is that NA has coins, UK has points.

    2. No…. You get them from entering codes that are included with Nintendo games. For example, if you go out and buy Skyward Sword, there’ll be a small pamphlet inside with a code on it. When you enter it in on club Nintendo, you get like 40 coins after doing a small survey, asking you why you bought it. And then a week later, you can do another one, asking what you think about the game, and you get an extra 10.

            1. Er du norsk?! :D
              Jeg har ikke prøvd det før, men jeg har hørt mye godt om det. Jeg er nødt til å kjøpe det når det kommer på eShop!

              Are you Norwegian? :D
              I haven’t tried it before, but I have heard nothing but good things about it. I have to buy it when it is released on the eShop! :

              1. Ja, jeg er norsk. Jeg og broren min kjøpte det til Wii, men jeg ble aldri ferdig. Jeg vet ikke om jeg kom langt engang, jeg bare ga opp. Har tenkt til å ta det opp igjen en gang, da.

      1. I hate how we don’t have Club Nintendo here. I buy a lot of Nintendo games, so all my points go to waste.

  2. Well, if their job was choosing a great game, they did a good job. Super Mario RPG is one of my favorite Super NES games.

  3. Does this mean the game is coming out for download too? Or does it mean the opposite and that it’s going to be club nintendo exclusive? This is one of the ones I’m actually willing to pay the 8 euro for as I’ve never played it.

      1. That’s so unsound. Maybe they might release it to European e shop since we do things different. Thanks for the info.

  4. Some dude in the previous post was crying about nintendo not giving any love with Mario rpg and here it is hahahahahaha. Patience is a great virtue :).

        1. Yeah, if you already did the update, just press b on the gampad when the system’s starting up to go Wii Mode.

  5. Guys, can i download this game and then buy the patch process in order to play it on WiiU gamepad? I don’t know how that process works.

  6. I’m so fcking done with Club Nintendo. Idgaf whether these rewards are practically free or not, but why would they give us shitty games for 3DS and good games for a dead console? plus their physical stuff even crappier than that Excitebike game that they’ve put there for almost 5 times.

  7. Do we have anything like this on the UK Club Nintendo? I’d love to buy VC games with my stars, none of the rewards are really enticing :/

  8. Are you f***ing kidding me! I’ve been a platinum member and a total adept to the 3ds, have been disappointed by the wii u from day minus 1 and all the great games are coming on the wii u? Really Nintendo…are you really trying to push me towards another console? Why can’t you make it available for the 3ds and the wii u from the beginning…ant what the f for 3ds? Super Metroid and Mario Rpg for wii U? Brilliant strategy but really horrible…make em available for both platforms..c’mon guys…I’m waiting to give my money away, seriously love you guys, but a white and black bland wii u that looks like an elongated toaster? Yes I’m a sucker for design…but after the N64…and now giving al the sweet designs to Japan instead of porting them? Really…Super Metroid..ok…but now Mario RPG…c’moooooon…..

  9. Its unfair! SUper Mario RPG legend of the seven stars should also be good on 3DS as well. I ranked 210 points so I can put it on my 3ds-WHY can’t they make a download game for both wii and 3DS for that awesome game

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