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Wasteland 2 And Torment: Tides Of Numenera Could Come To Wii U?

torment tides of numenaraIn a recent article from Nintendo Enthusiast, the PC-only games Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera may come to the Wii U. Brian Fargo, founder of InXile and Interplay Entertainment, raised over $7 million in a recent successful Kickstarter campaign to bring both sequels to PC by using the game engine Unity.

Though the money raised wouldn’t go towards a Wii U Port, it could still on be on the horizon. According to Thomas Beekers, a producer at Fargo’s company InXile, they have not ruled out development on the Wii U and may revisit it in the future:

“[The idea of releasing the games on Wii U] is interesting. Right now we’re not looking into other platforms at all, we’re focusing first and foremost on personal computer platforms, but post-release we might get back to this if opportunity permits.”

20 thoughts on “Wasteland 2 And Torment: Tides Of Numenera Could Come To Wii U?”

  1. Well technically a game like Halo could come to the Wii U
    But It wont due to obvious reasons

    And game COULD come to the Wii U

  2. These kickstarter projects are bleeding us gamers left right and center. Paying for development and purchase hmmmm! Okay I am switching to making a game Video game myself.

  3. Their site doesn’t show much, but as far as the plot goes, its really smart (especially considering all of the dumb games that come out and sell millions). I can see why people put up their money, this sounds epic!

  4. Are you f***ing kidding me! I’ve been a platinum member and a total adept to the 3ds, have been disappointed by the wii u from day minus 1 and all the great games are coming on the wii u? Really Nintendo…are you really trying to push me towards another console? Why can’t you make it available for the 3ds and the wii u from the beginning…ant what the f for 3ds? Super Metroid and Mario Rpg for wii U? Brilliant strategy but really horrible…make em available for both platforms..c’mon guys…I’m waiting to give my money away, seriously love you guys, but a white and black bland wii u that looks like an elongated toaster? Yes I’m a sucker for design…but after the N64…and now giving al the sweet designs to Japan instead of porting them? Really…Super Metroid..ok…but now Mario RPG…c’moooooon…..

      1. Mario fits very well in the RPG setting. Mario fits well in any genre, save for shooters. We have enough of those already anyways. Super Mario RPG for Snes is an awesome game.

  5. My goodnes! I really hope this trend of possibilties continue, it would be a killer strategy for Nintendo! By looking at that ETERNAL game trailer, n this… NOBODY will ever doubt WIIU’s might…

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