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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Character Profiles – Sable And Mabel


Tailor shop managers Sable and Mabel have appeared in every single Animal Crossing game, and they will also be in the next title in the series, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. For those who don’t know, the brown hedgehog Sable is the older of the two sisters, she always seems to be preoccupied at her desk, and she initially doesn’t come off as a friendly animal. On the other hand, Mabel is more welcoming, always greets customers who enter the shop, and follow them around to see if they are in need of assistance. Animal Crossing: New Leaf launches in June at retail and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.sable

Sable is Mabel’s big sister and also works at the Able Sisters’ Tailor shop. Sable might be a little shy at first or busy sewing her next creation but chat with her every day and she’ll warm up to you.


Mabel works at the Able Sisters’ Tailor shop. If you want to create new custom designs, she is the one to talk to. 

37 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Leaf Character Profiles – Sable And Mabel”

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  1. Animal Crossing my come off as a “kiddy” game, but it’s quite relaxing and addicting for all ages.

    1. seems to me that nintendo is fucked!! :} nobody wants to develop anything for them because of there fan base only eats up mario and no 3rd party games sell.

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  2. zigfried Von Schroder

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    1. Spoken by a closet fan who’s afraid to admit they really LOVE the Wii U and Animal Crossing. Like every troll that posts on here.

      1. the only difference between wii and wii u is HD which is stupid anyway. 480p is better than HD for gaming because of refresh rates and your eyes can capture all the pixels. Nintendo should’ve stayed supporting the wii or made the wii more powerful to begin with to extend its life cycle already so many ppl own it if they had more good games people would buy them but no they release new hardware for no purpose , shitenddo is shit

      2. zigfried Von Schroder

        I have never been a nintendo videogame player before in my life and i WILL NEVER BE!
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  3. zigfried Von Schroder


    1. There is more Nintendo games coming out than all developers and their games combine, even if its a stretch im still getting a PS4, so its a good time to be a true gamer and sucks being an ignorant gamer like you :)

        1. Brawl, Zelda Mario3d and kart. The rest of nintendos games will be for preteen girls in japan.
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  4. Mable & Sable are so incredibly LAME beyond belief! I honestly wouldn’t give two shits if they both met the same fate as their parents.

    BTW, please tell me that AC isn’t the “best” 3DS game Nintendo’s releasing for the coming months


  5. Why do ppl above age 6 like AC? Sorry to say I have more fun playing any CoD on my Wii. As much as people seem to hate CoD, I admit it’s more fun & definitely more challenging.
    The biggest challenge in AC is pulling out weeds on a daily basis, LMFAO.

  6. WOW!! cant believe you ppl are SUCH HATERS ON animal crossing and ppl who like it over the age of 6!!! like seriously come on! i frickin love that game and its not a “kids” game!!

  7. why so…loud? every night I look up animal crossing new leaf trailers and they never get old lol. please keep rude comments to your self and don’t cuss,there is kids like me reading them and im only 10! so please be nice. i love the trailers! LOL!!!!! :D

  8. i love to shop swim and decorate stuff and houses so this game relly is a perfact game for me and im going to stay up till midnight idlest and be the first amarican to play it by downloading it from nintendo e–shop! :•3

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  10. If you are aloud to go on YOUTUBE then, ummm….o yeah! search up LIN AND KO ANIMAL CROSSING:NEW LEAF cause they will teach you every thing you need to know on animal crossing:new leaf. if i were you, i would if you had NO clue whatsoever,nope,nada! o and if Linzy and Kohe are reading this than………….i want to let you know that im a……………..HUGE FAN OF YOU TO JAPANESE PEOPLE! i used to live in Japan when i was 3,now im big 10! :•¶ lol :D hahahaha!!!!

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