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SnowCastle Games To Bring Festival Of Magic To Wii U

Independent games developer SnowCastle Games has announced via Twitter that it is the latest team to become an official Wii U developer, and follows in the footsteps of many other indie developers. The Norwegian team are currently developing their RPG fantasy adventure title Festival of Magic, featuring a Nordic take on an Eastern genre.

Festival of Magic – of which you can see the early alpha trailer above – promises to take you on a journey like no other where you can grow crops and use this to your advantage by creating magical spells from your harvest. The title also gives you the chance to solve challenging puzzles, collect rare items and explore to your heart’s content in the over world dungeons.

SnowCastle Games believes their Nordic adventure title will work wonderfully on the Wii U and has promised it isn’t just a port in a series of published tweets to fans:

“Thanks for all the kind words about us becoming a WiiU developer guys!! We’ll do our best to bring you all a great game!!

“Thank you! We’re very excited! We think Festival of Magic is very well suited for the WiiU, it’ll be fun working on it!

“It’s not just a port. We’ll be taking the unique control options for the WiiU into consideration while building the game.”

29 thoughts on “SnowCastle Games To Bring Festival Of Magic To Wii U”

    1. I am seriously looking forward to it. It looks like a puzzler/rpg.. interesting concept and beautiful art style.

      I just hope it comes soon.

  1. Seems nice, if it’s among the ‘many devs’ joining the WiiU indie bandwagon.

    I can definitely see how it would be appealing, with lower production costs and unlimited free update deliveries for the devs.

  2. Its sad how Alba, Sickr, and Silvershadowfly work hard to provide these news and people have the audacity to do irreverent things. Thankyou authors of MNN.

    1. Thanks! On behalf of Sickr and Alba I’d like to say that we do this because we’re passionate about Nintendo and we find it very rewarding. If people enjoy it, then it’s a great bonus. :)

      1. I come to this site multiple times every day on my Wii U. I’m very happy it exists, I quite prefer it over other news sites. Trolls and haters should prolly gtfo.

      2. TheTrruth4thaHaters

        Hell yeah this site is my favorite! It seems that its always updating with new stuff I dont hear elsewhwere… Awesome site thanks! Nintendoooo! lol

  3. I really hope the world map is big enough…

    The many locations of the world will probably give a similar feel to how you discovered the islands in WW…

    That is what I like the most right now…

  4. Those goose barnacles look way cool! The game doesn’t look very finished, but I have high hopes. Welcome aboard, Snowcastle!

  5. from what I saw on the video this is one game I will get if it comes to the Wii U. just my kind of game, puzzles yes, with lack of bloddy killing. Hope to see it on the Wii U. To Alba, Sickr, and Silvershadowfly I appreciate the effort to provide new information about Nintendo,

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