Capcom’s financial results for the past quarter have come in today, showing that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate had tremendous global success. As such, Capcom will be heavily focusing promotional efforts on Monster Hunter 4. Capcom has also decided to shorten development times, reduce outsourcing, and focus on restructuring development methods.



  1. Monster Hunter 4 on Wiiu and 3DS in the west this time next year ;) with MH3U still being supported for those who don’t want to upgrade.


  2. First, who is mario64mario? and second, this actually is a good move by Capcom! They should promote their most popular franchise! Gla to hear some good news regarding the company for once! 💋


  3. Who said they were releasing it globally? The only mention of the game says they’re focusing their efforts on the domestic (Japanese) market:

    “As for product strategies for the current fiscal year ending in March 31, 2014, the Company will take an aggressive stance focusing to promote large-scale titles with “Monster Hunter 4” (for Nintendo 3DS) and “Lost Planet 3” (for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) focused on the domestic and overseas markets respectively”


  4. Humbly, I stated nintendo and Capcom would be that great force. Look now everyone, the Capconians as my fellow general Nintendo commander calls them, know working with nintendo is a winning formula. Commander, Nintedward it has begun :).


  5. Monster Hunter Ultimate is, probably, the only game that’s forcing me to consider buying a Wii U this semester, since Nintendo will take ALL THE TIME OF THE WORLD to start releasing some must-buy games. But with so many good 3DS games… it’s a hard decision! >_<"
    Oh and I wouldn't mind if they released some longer charger for the Gamepad so that we can continue playing games while it's charging. That, or maybe a new Wii U model with an improved battery on the Gamepad, just like they did with the 3DS *shrug*


    • You can play it while its charging. & they are plenty of good e-shop games to keep you busy until nintendo drops more games. I’ve got mine at launch and have never had a moment where I haven’t had something to play. :) Not to mention the stack of like 10 e-shop games I’ve yet to play. :(


  6. So 3rd parties don’t make money on Wii U huh? Yeah right! Attention all developers: If you want your game to sell on Wii U, 1st make sure your game is good. 2nd, make sure the version you create for the Wii U is the same as the other console versions. Especially if we’re paying the same price (Injustice). Follow these steps, and you to can make money like Capcom.


  7. The hell is wrong with you people? Did you not notice this little line: ” Capcom has also decided to shorten development times..” are you blind? This means we are, once again, going to end up with a shitty, rushed, buggy and filled with LESS CONTENT product! While you people are just going on about meaningless shit it just slips your awareness. No wonder the industry is slipping so steadily in the gutter. FUCKING CAPCOM!


  8. I think that releasing MH4 globally will bring another success to CAPCOM on 3DS due to the HIGH number of 3DS sales worldwide so lets wait for global release :)


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