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Resident Evil Revelations Wii U Demo Coming May 14th


Nintendo of America has announced that the eagerly awaited Resident Evil Revelations demo for the Wii U will be available to download on May 14th. Details regarding the demo are scarce, but it should provide gamers with plenty of survival horror themed entertainment. Resident Evil Revelations launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U on May 21st in North America.

39 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations Wii U Demo Coming May 14th”

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      1. Listen man, as much as I’m on your side, responding to him like that makes you look like a bigger dipshit than him. It makes you come off as a fanboy; the people who (in my opinion and the minds of many) are killing the games industry, plus it makes Nintendo’s consumers look terrible. Just let him speak his mind in peace, and leave him alone.

          1. No, I mean you come across as a fanboy of Nintendo in particular. Also, don’t tell me that I don’t have a sense of humor because I didn’t laugh at a comment that wasn’t relatively funny.

      1. Lol at least someone here knows Blaise. he’s been on this site saying the same thing for years now.

      2. My aplogies if it was sarcasm lol, I don’t know squat about the community here or who’s known for sarcastic comments or what. I follow it pretty much for the news alone.

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      1. I have played the demo on the 3DS but I still plan to do the same. Play the Wii U demo of it, see how it is, then buy if I like. The 3DS demo was good though.

      2. Ofcourse I have. I meant to say is , if the HD version impresses me enough , I will buy it. I sold my 3DS copy a long time ago and wouldn’t mind playing the game again. But only if the demo shows me that it’s a good conversion.

        1. You sold it!! D:

          I’m obsessed with RE,… Well, Revelations was the last game I truely enjoyed, and I play Raid Mode with some friends in Spain once a month.

          I’m thrilled that WiiU is getting a remake of revelations rather than getting ports of 5 & 6.

          As an obsessed collector of RE memorabilia, I’ll buy it outright, but it is my last RE day-1 purchase.

          From te sound of some of the comments above, Capcom may have captured a new demographic with 5 & 6, the “run ‘n gunner” generation.

          Those of us that grew up with RE are pretty much screwed though.

          1. Yeah , I LOVED the game and would score it around the 9/10 mark if I had to. But at the time I was skint and a friend offered me £18 for it and I paid £29:99 , so we both won , ya know how it is…

            I did regret selling it and wanted to do some raid mode and I believe it will be more immersive on the Wiiu , being HD and connected to my Surround sound :D

            I’m 90% gunna buy it , just need the demo to push me over the edge.
            We’ll have to do some raid mode when we get the chance!

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  3. I really liked this game on 3DS. The recent RE games have all sucked since 4 excluding this one. If the demo is any good and I have spare change I might buy it.

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  7. I already preordered the game, so the demo is not necessary for me. I may just download it just so it could get some type of hits.

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