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Today’s New Releases In The North American Wii U And 3DS eShop

Mario_and_Donkey_Kong_Minis_on_the_Move_logoToday, Nintendo brings a colourful assortment of titles to the Wii U and 3DS eShop for North America. It’s time to get your minis on the march with Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move and purchase this for a splendid $9.99 for your 3DS – remember to check out the review if you’re on the fence. Other 3DS titles new this week are SpeedX 3D Edition for $2.99 and Publisher Dream for a cheap $1.99 price tag.

You can also grab two great titles on the Wii U Virtual Console: Xevious and Solomon’s Key for $4.99 each. And if your bank balance is beginning to weaken a little, you can always take Chasing Aurora – an indie multiplayer game for the Wii U – with a sweet 50 per cent discount until May 16. With all these titles available, there’s no excuse for you to be strapped for games to play.

44 thoughts on “Today’s New Releases In The North American Wii U And 3DS eShop”

    1. No, there’s 4 more left (one bundle and one individual). Thank goodness, my wallet was crying every time there was new DLC out.

  1. Methinks this Silverfly fellow tries too hard to be entertaining when he writes this stuff. :/

        1. Wow. I’ve just re-entered gradeschool.

          Nice work guys, you are proof that the notion of humans evolving is bullshit.

            1. I didn’t want to start a science & religion debate, just point out that they were being immature. :)

  2. i hope nobody buys these crappy virtual console games.. Im really dissapointed with the selection so far and how they are only releasing 2 games a week. Also no games have been first party since the first week

    1. You and me both. I thought I would go platinum this year for the first time ever, but apparently Nintendo does not want my money. This is the first time I’ve complained about the Wii U launch. I thought the VC would provide them an excellent means to tide us over until summer, but these releases are an utter failure imo. There’s a reason I’m the only person I know who owns a Wii U and I don’t this will change for a few more months in the best case scenario. I love Nintendo and have had their systems from the very first, but come on big N, show your fans who dished out hundreds of dollars in faith some love!!!!!

  3. I cant seem to be able to download Minis on the move, the eshop keeps telling me coming soon to Nintendo Eshop

  4. People complain about every damn thing on these websites. Complaining about a person writing an article because they have an upbeat personality.

    Complaining about the eshop. on the website. People read the complaints and based on that it may deter their decision to purchase the console. If you are truely as unhappy as you say you are start a petition and send it to Nintendo let them know how you feel voice your opinion vote with your dollars.

      1. Super Metroid is still going to be .30?? GOOD! I was curious about that since the VC is now up and running…

  5. Yea its 11am PST and mario v DK still says “coming soon”

    Wtf nintendo lookin worse and worse everyday :/

    1. thats because the Mario and Donkey Kong Mini doesnt come out til May 10th which is tomorrow..I have no idea why it says today its for the 10th

    2. Pitfall near your door

      Did you check again? Im in AUS and it’s already out for me. Probably it comes out in a different time zone for you so just keep checking…It takes time to get to every region.

  6. Nintendo needs a make-over. Starting from the tippy top all the way to the ground. The sooner they get rid of guys like Iwata the better.

      1. Nintendo is failing at every turn, they need a new direction, Iwata and the current staff can not provide this needed change of pace for Nintendo.

    1. dont forget about reggie at least iwata runs noj good. dont say reggie is good becuase he doesnt release any of the good games and have you seen these wii u commercials!!!!

        1. the only good person is the guy from noe. fanboys will do anything to defend nintendo even reggie, who makes there systems have shitty games. if he was president during gamecube he would of cancelled eternal darkness and instead got mini golf because he thinks thats a good game

            1. he seems better, he brought over xenoblade last story disaster, pandoras tower fatal frame, while reggie brought over none, gamestop was the only reason for xenoblade getting published by them so that doesnt even count. even they are better than reggie

              1. Yeah i like him too, since i am in Australia we always get feed from NOE when it comes to directs so he always gives us news.

                1. yeah apparently noe used to suck during the snes and didnt get a lot of good games, now it seems noa is that now, probably because our dollar fucking sucks. and that reggie is an idiot

              2. It’s definitely debatable. If they sell hundreads of thousands of wii fit boards but I don’t get hardcore games I want like xenoblade (which will only sell a fraction as well), is that them being stupid or smart? At the end of the day for all companies, Nintendo included, it’s all about the money. Look at Rayman Origins, it’s an extremely competent platformer that just didn’t sell as it should have. Because it wasn’t what everyone who owned a wii wanted. Reggie’s not the president we deserve, but he’s the president we need right now (which is in contrast to the batman line).

                1. I think Rayman origins didn’t sell that well because it was release on a really bad time where a lot of AAA titles came out and it felt like Legends might do the same, personally im still getting Legends on the Wii U but i wish they just released the game for Wii U now and then port it later on Since the Wii U version is basically complete…it would sell well since it doesn’t have any competition on the board…Rayman legends head to head against the AAA titles for nintendo, Son and MS?

                  1. Well it was just the first example that came to my head to be honest. Rayman Legends is definitely near the top of my list for 2013 purchases and was at a stage, at the top. It will definitely come down, as you said, to a competition with the AAA titles. And I speculate it will once again just not do as well. I’ve seen polls on wii U daily with “most anticipated game” and out of WW and Mario 3d Pikmin etc it was getting around 9% of votes. I voted for Mario. When in February it would have had my vote over all them just because of that beautiful period of hype we had for it. Ubisoft messed it up for themselves on the Rayman front but they will make up for lost wii U sales on the other platforms which asks the question was it worth the extra time?

                2. they have nothing to show for besides having horrible games on there console like shovelware. did the wii pay of no. it made them have no support and made a lot of core fans leave and having everybody trash talk the company. systems need good games and not bringing critically acclaimed to great games is unacceptable. why do you think that people to this day say the snes is the best systems ever. the wii wont be remembered for anything and noa leaving fans with no games to play that pissed off people.

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