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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Misses Sales Expectations


Namco Bandai has revealed that the well-received Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has missed company sales expectations. The publisher says that the company planned to ship 1.7 million units of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 but ended up just under target at 1.5 million units worldwide. The Wii U version of the popular beat-em-up franchise ended up with an average review score of 83% on online review aggregator, Metacritic.

44 thoughts on “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Misses Sales Expectations”

    1. Old port ? It was launched only two months after the Ps3 and Xbox360 versions, because the WiiU wasn´t on sale when it lauched. I don´t think it´s a “port” after all, since the WiiU version is the complete one, with the extra modes and unlocked rooster from the start

  1. I still have a lot of fun with the game. There is a good amount of content, but I wish the character customization was a bit more like Soul Calibur’s…

    One thing I did notice is that looking at the entire roster, the girl characters are a bit boring. Most of them are just hotties, only 3ish are unique and interesting…

    1. I agree about the customization. It should hae been like Soul Calibur V’s! I was very, very disappointed when I found out it wasn’t. I felt Namco-bandai took a step back with the game because of that. 💋

  2. “Planned to reach 1.7 million, but only hit 1.5 million”.
    Seriously? The system has sold what, 4 million? Thats an install base of 40%

    1. Yeah , this is for all platforms combined. It would be fucking unbelievably incredible if it sold 1.5 million on the Wiiu. It would single handedly convince 80% of third party devs to put their stuff on Wiiu lol.

    1. Others… PS3 and X360 versions as well.

      I’ve bought the pre-owned version for the Wii U and had a great time playing Tekken Tag 2… especially most of the characters wearing Nintendo franchise costumes.

      1. I was very let down because there was so long loading breaks between team battle rounds. Game seems to take almost as much time loading and showing characters speaking same things again and again than actually fighting. I haven’t played Wii U version which is propably better than 360 version i have.

  3. TheTrruth4thaHaters

    Fighting games have took a nosedive in popularity years ago compared to other genres… Maybe the best time to bring back brawlers like Streets of Rage and the like. That would be a treat.

      1. Doesn’t SOR and FF fall in the category of beat ’em ups than brawlers? Usually, brawlers refer to games like PlayStation All Stars and Super Smash Bros.

        Also, I heard that Square Enix was developing a new Streets of Rage a while ago, but canceled it along with a possible Strider revival.

      1. Imo , fucking yes. I didn’t like Tekken tag 2 and I really like Injustice. Sorry if you disagree.

        1. Injustice is a THOUSAND times better than TTT2!!! Tekkan Tag 2 has litterally no lasting appeal. Injustice’s story mode was 20 times better. Kisses! 💋

          1. Right on, Mammajynx! Tekken was OK , but I prefer injustice.
            It has a great , long story mode. And mechanics more tuned to Street fighter style which again , I prefer.

            I don’t really like any of these 3D fighters like Tekken or DOAD…. Not my thing really.

      1. Actually they are both 2D fighters. There are just certain little aspects that make them different. At heart, they are VERY similar. 💋

        1. When did tekken go all 2D fighting? Last one I played was more of a 3D fighter. Maybe I’m thinking of something else.

          1. i prefer ttt2. .-. individual opinion, losers. u should learn that everyone has an different opinion, duh. stop fighting, kids.

            1. Also, I didn’t think we were fighting, but talking about fighting games? “…everyone has *a different opinion.” That a makes a world of difference in being a good sentence and proving that you are a child. Just saying.

  4. They barely friggen missed it lol! I’d say their sales expectation was pretty spot on! Plus, I personally did not like the game. It didn’t have the same customizeable features as Soul Calibur (which was disappointing) and all the characters (but one) came already unlocked and the story mode was very short. The game had very little lasting appeal to me. 💋

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