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Here’s Nine Minutes From Shadow Of The Eternals

Precursor Games has uploaded a gripping nine minutes of footage from the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, Shadow of the Eternals. The footage shows of the incredibly rendered visuals which have been built using the impressive CryEngine 3. The crowdfunding campaign for Shadow of the Eternals has already amassed $136,928. The goal for the studio is to raise $1,500,000. You can support the game, right here.

Thanks, Sam & Mike S

44 thoughts on “Here’s Nine Minutes From Shadow Of The Eternals”

  1. Why isn’t Nintendo fully funding this project and providing top tiered support??? What is Wii U’s buggest issues right now…. quality games.

    1. Pitfall near your door

      Precursor is in contact with Nintendo and Nintendo replied that they are excited for this game for the Wii U so Nintendo will probably help fun soon once they see if it is a big hit to the public because if not one funds it to show then they expect no one wants it.

      1. No, it’s BECAUSE your precious Sony are selfish scumbags and not want to spend their money and rather layoff employees, closing their development studios and sacrifice their headquarters in order to release the HackStation 4.

    1. yeah i heard too, they did say that the CryEngine 3 was running smoothly on the Wii U so that is enough for me.

      1. they could have simply implemented those icons and mapped them to the keys of a different controller (or even the keyboard)
        it’s much easier to record gameplay from a PC so it’s more likely that they’ve been recording this off a PC
        but they’re apparently already playtesting for wii U support or else those icons wouldn’t be present in the first place

      2. Remember the Bayonetta 2 behind the scenes video? They were playing Bayonetta 2 on PC buy playing with the Wii U Gamepad. You can use the Gamepad as a controller for games in development on PC.

        1. that too of course
          they’d just have to write their own interface for PC (unless of course nintendo even supplied that along with the devkits)
          that’s not too hard

  2. just beat eternal darkness yesterday. awesome game. its funny in my experience with the game it ended of as not a surviver horror game but a comedy. one of the funniest moments i had in a videogame!

      1. yes i would, it took me a long time to learn how to use the magic and when to use it and how it works though. its not that difficult but if you know what comes in handy it helps. it doesnt hold your hand you might seriously get stuck. i would have to look up a guide a few times to see how to proceed. you should try to find a good price and get it and try not to say wtf while playing it!!

  3. I remember when I sent in the tip to this three or four days ago.
    Wasn’t a youtube link, though, but the original link to the vid on IGN, I believe.
    Ah, who cares; I’m just glad it’s being shown. This video is AWESOME….

  4. Nintendo if you don’t help fund this you are idiots. I will sell my Wii u if you don’t, if you do t then you don’t care about your product.
    These graphics and gameplay will help other developers see what the Wii u can do.
    So hurry up already!!!

  5. there are only 26 days left but it has only received 9% of the funding, i have funded $50 myself, but i don’t think they are going to get the full funding, i doubt they will get 50% :(

  6. It’s gonna take a miracle to reach the $1 1/2 million goal. Even for an indie game powered by CryEngine 3, it looks incredibly beautiful. The PC and Wii U versions will be the best game ever made. Make it happen.

    1. nah it won’t take a miracle

      so far they’re on a good track

      it’s only been 5 days and they’ve almost collected 10%
      if they get a little more publicity it should be doable.. and they should also keep working on getting a kickstarter campaign started in parallel

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  8. Gee whiz, I’ve got an idea! How about instead of clicking that link and giving them money to support the game, I support it by paying $60 for it when it comes out? Take out a business loan or find high capital in investors like every other business model. Or, maybe give people who donate $60 or more a free copy of the game when it’s done and not some DLC.

  9. I’m more convinced now that I want this game. It looked pretty bad at first but got really cool when it started giving off the whole Mordor vibe. Can’t wait to find out more about this game.

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