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Pokemon X And Y Set In Karos Region, Appears To Be Based On France


The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Coro Coro has plenty of new information regarding the long-awaited Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS. One of the pieces of information is that the latest game is set in the Karos region, which appears to be based on France. Pokemon X & Y gamers will also be able to customise their Pokemon trainer slightly with different hair colour and skin shade. The main city in the Karos region has been announced as Miare City. We already heard earlier today that four new Pokemon have been revealed for Pokemon X & Y, you can read all about them, right here.

56 thoughts on “Pokemon X And Y Set In Karos Region, Appears To Be Based On France”

  1. I’m glad at least we get to change our trainer a little bit. Who knows, maybe the customization will be more deeper later in the game! 8)

  2. Finally! Some customization! Although I was hoping for a little more than just skin and har, but its start, clothes would have been appreciated. In that way, evryone could be unique. And maybe the most expensive clothes would be theones other trainers wore in other regions. I think That you should be able to customize shirt, pants, shoes, and hair style too. But if we must, thn we can wait for these feautures to be implemented into th next big pokemon game on the Nintendo 3DS.

    1. Who knows, maybe you can customize clothing “in-game.” So far it looks like changing your skin and hair color are for the intro of the game. Like when you choose your name and stuff. Fingers crossed! 💋

  3. Can we get in-battle evolutions in X & Y? Its the 1 thing the show does right… Btw, when does Ash get to the Karos region in the show? I’d watch that.

    1. Can we also do some of the things that Pokemon do in the anime? Like when Pikachu jumpe on a Swellow’s back and charged it’s Brave Bird attack with Thunderbolt and Swellow turned a golden color making it really strong! :P 💋

    2. I’m thinking a month before the games are released. Sooner in Japan (*insert M. Bison quote*).

        1. I’m talking about the amine, not the game itself. Japan might still be showing the new season first before NA does.

  4. 私は非常にこれらの新しいポケモンを楽しんでいます!ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

    1. The bird is super cute!! The Panda sounds weird being a fighting type. Wish it were normal. That electric type looks kinda weird, but it’ll probably evolve into something awesome! Also, that ride on goat Polemon sounds crazy cool!! I hope you can ride on other Pokemon too!!! 💋

        1. Lol yeah that makes sense. I would think the little panda would evolve into a chunky one and be more like Snorlax than Rattata.

    1. it should be britainas it has been set in japan america and now france plus they have given the streets routes eg route16 witch you have in america

  5. Hi Nintendo. Wow wicked developments going on there I’m excited to see what the new game play is like and how the story and game activities is going to be like! I’m always buying your latest stuff (original) and all your rare games TOP#1 fan here your games are that peng its the piffiest ting going keep it up!

  6. Nintendo Commander

    If you cannot customize your character more than that it would be kinda stupid…

    Why couldn’t they just go all the way? which is what I always wanted…

    1. Because then these trainers won’t be able to appear in Super Smash Bros. 4 to either co-exist with Red or replace him in position of the Pokemon Trainer concept. Sakurai may not allow main characters who are customizable and have no canon design. That is also why Ike will stay, because Chrom wasn’t “the” main character in Awakening, it was your customizable unit.

  7. What I’ve seen of the new X & Y Pokemon names and designs looks quite promising. They’re actually memorable, something I haven’t seen in years… :)

  8. That little yellow guy is really cool! Reminds me of an egyptian dauchsund oor something…. -I know some people are saying lizard-

  9. ugh. making it so the character is completely customizable would make it so they couldn’t take it and put it in pokemon special. hige, that was not a weak statement.

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