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Nintendo To Fix Gay Marriage Glitch In Tomodachi Collection: New Life

tomodachi collection marriageNintendo of Japan are reportedly fixing an in-game glitch that occurs in the simulation title Tomodachi Collection: New Life. According to various users in Japan, the glitch is said to enable same-sex marriages to appear after transferring Miis to the 3DS by using the Mii transfer tool.

The recently released simulation game has never allowed same-sex marriages to occur, however the glitch is said to only effect the male gender, leaving females out of the loop. According to Kotaku, images were posted on Twitter by users detailing the gay marriages, with some choosing to go steady or bathe together.

The patch will be available in the near future and fixes the following after the same-sex marriage occurs:

  • Inability to boot up the game.
  • General errors.
  • Inability to save.
  • Received a notice on the Home menu’s notifications from a child sent on a journey, but no actual message is there.

168 thoughts on “Nintendo To Fix Gay Marriage Glitch In Tomodachi Collection: New Life”

    1. Because the glitch affects the game and the inability to save, they are sending a patch out to stop the same-sex marriages from happening, as it wasn’t intended to be in the game. Though some users are refusing to download the patch to show their support for same-sex marriages.

      1. Although it is a valid point, refusing to download the patch could eventually lead to the corruption of the game card.

      2. Same sex should be allowed especially with all the pro gay marriage going on in america. They are going to make many people angry if word gets out about this.

        1. Yeah, good point. But less than 10% of Americans will ever really know of this game anyway unless they’re a true Nintendo gamer or they live in Japan for whatever reason.
          Still. This is one of those things that could escalate into something problematic.

  1. Too bad it wasn’t actually implemented. They aren’t going to really “fix” anything at all. The patch should enable same sex marriage for males and females not prohibit against it. ūüíč

      1. That’s what’s wrong with the world these days. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2013 or 3102, we humans were not designed to be with the same sex. If you’re a God fearing man like myself, you would know it’s not right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I hate gay people. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Kudos to Nintendo for staying on the path of good morals. Hate all you want, your angry remarks won’t get to me.

        1. Well for those of us who aren’t god fearing, kindly keep your beliefs to yourself, and don’t use a book as the basis for discrimination or repression of rights.

        2. Oh fuck off.
          Clearly 2000 years hasn’t woken up the idiots from the spell of “magic men in the clouds”.
          Nobody gives a FUCK what your religion thinks.
          We HUMANS, not Christians, fuck off.
          If some HUMANS, want to have same sex, fuck all you can do about it.
          Your stupid book is full of so many errors, the fact you deem your religion even slightly credible, is a joke.

          1. DarklordNintendoFan

            Couldn’t agree more. Honestly… it’s no wonder I can’t take Christianity seriously. Christians are just so pathetic, looking for any possible reason to hate someone just because the bible apparently says they can! IT’S FUCKING PATHETIC! If anything, all these… so called Christians are going to go to Hell for being completely bigoted assholes… that is, if Hell actually exists. Who knows… maybe Hell was designed with those bigots in mind and all the gay people who these disgusting Christians claim will go to Hell, are just on their way to Heaven instead.

            Also… they claim that God hates gays… HOW THE FUCK DO THEY KNOW THAT?! Do they know God personally? Did God tell them, “oh, I hate those faggots! Spread the word, my puppets.” No? Oh… then what’s with the random, “God hates fags!” bullshit that people keep spewing? It’s just random fucking nonsense that unintelligible Christians made up just to make themselves seem superior in some way!

        3. nintendougan completly agree. next thing will be beasteality and its ok because i have the right to fuck a horse…. dont want my kids to grow up in a world spammed by fagots screwing with there minds. if they could just stop being so open and just be normal about it i dont care….. at schools you have to break up straight people holding hands but you cant if gay people are making out in the middle of the halls, seriously thats disgusting and is sick of them to do this disgriminating bullshit. just wrong. just to be sure though if you are normal about it i dont care ass long as your respectful.

          1. Really iceazeama? Your comments are truly hilarious. 1. So, your saying if we allow two adults of the same sex, who mutually agree to sleep with each other, to do so, then the next step is allowing bestiality? (that’s how you spell it correctly). 2. You really think homosexuals are going to “screw with your kid’s minds”? How might they be capable of doing so? If I were one of them I’d be more afraid of the damage you are causing their minds. 3. What do you determine to be normal? and Finally How on earth can you, a “presumably” straight male, deem yourself or your sexual orientation discriminated against??? SMH.

            p.s. its usually the most homophobic people who turn out to be gay themselves…

            1. this is exactly the problem, im sick of seeing and hearing it. would you want to bring your kids to r movies when there 5 and see them seeing people fucking getting murdered swearing. same thing as the gay community being so disgustingly open about it and nobody wants to see it, as long as there kids being exposed to it. thats my view, ok thats all, nothing more. everybody might have different views and i hate fighting over it, as i said dont care if anybody is as long they act normal about it. no dis respect

              1. Nintendo Commander

                Funny how you haters always say “no disrespect” or “hate the sin, not sinner”, when all you do is hating the actual humans…

                And why on earth do you take your kids to see such movies if you don’t like it?…

                Hypocrite much?…

          2. I bet this hypocrite probably loves lesbian porn though… Also, surely this site has some kind of report button right?

            1. that is just gross and why would i want to see two girls fucking with a dildo, seeing two girls is just as wrong, it doesnt make me as disgusted since im a guy unless its a dike, but no i dont want to see that, and to me its just as wrong and the same goes for them in my view as any other, read what i just said above you so i dont have to type that up again

              1. You equate seeing two people in love kissing on the street to a child seeing a guy getting murdered on film? Well guess what, children aren’t born with prejudice, it’s taught to them. They accept everything around them as the way life is, without getting traumatized in any way whatsoever. Only when you react with disgust and horror do would you make a child feel uncomfortable.

        4. I’m “God fearing”(christian) as well, but this is the internet so you get discriminated against for what you believe in and they will always be the immature(sadly). As for my opinion on gay marriage, I don’t see anything wrong with it really. The bible may be against gay marriage, but at the end of the day, persons need to make their own decisions and I respect that.

          1. DarklordNintendoFan

            Uh… no. The bible’s not against gay marriage. How many times has the bible been rewritten and reworked? Why do people believe that God actually wrote the bible? He didn’t. It was crafted by a MAN! Not a being who may ore may not exist. Wasn’t it also written that all men were created equal? Well… in that case… what the hell was up with the slaves? Weren’t they men? Just because they weren’t white, they didn’t get the same rights as every other man? That makes sooooo much sense! Oh… and how about gay men? Are they not men, either, so they shouldn’t be treated as equal? Wow! I have sooooooo much to learn about the magic of hypocrisy!

        5. A god? you think there’s someone in the sky looking out for you? you think just because you pray that person is going to come and save you? If you ask me, the only god here is the Sun, if it wasn’t for a giant ball of fire which sustains life on Earth you wouldn’t be here, heck no one would be here, It’s all science!

            1. What a stupid reply, is that all you have to say? give me proof because i can give you all the proof you want imbecile and it would be better than the crap you throw at me because it actually exists not like your God!

              1. Notice I say Christians also. Your are obviously very much a pretentious person who thinks as long as you have knowledge in books that’s all you need. There is absolutely no proof of God existing, but that’s the exact point of it all. If God showed you everything, do you really believe we would grow? If a child got told not to touch the oven when it’s hot, but never did, do you really think he knows what it’s like to touch that hot oven and get burnt? God is loving, he wants us to learn for ourselves the difference between right and wrong. I’m sorry i was being sort of a douchebag earlier with my last comment. I can’t judge Atheism as much as Atheist people shouldn’t judge me. I believe in God without a doubt in my mind, I stand without shame.

                1. You know, for someone who claims that “atheists are dicks”, you seem to be much of a pretentious asshole.

                  There’s nothing wrong with spirituality, as I am myself spiritual, but saying “God doesn’t reveal himself for the purpose of growth” is both pretensious, idiotic and downright irrational.

        6. If you’re a god-fearing man like yourself, you need to read Leviticus (the book that bans male homosexuality) & start offering animal sacrifices, not eating rare meat, never cut your side burns, always stand in the presence of the elderly, kill anyone who bad-mouths their parents, kill adulterers, never participate in any cultural custom of any nation other than israel, etc…
          If you are doing ALL these things, then you can play the god-of-leviticus card.
          Until then, it’s just a logical disconnect. You’re using ancient scripture that you personally disobey to condemn another’s actions.

          1. I fear Minotaurs. One got on the bus and sat right behind me yesterday evening. It asked me to ring the bell for it since the cord was broken where he was sitting.

            The worst thing was that the Minotaur got off at my stop.

        7. “Those who consider homosexuality an abnormal and unhealthy form of human relationship should, nonetheless, work to uphold the civil rights of all citizens, including those who practice homosexuality, just as they would uphold the civil rights of practicing heterosexuals who violate their marriage bonds or engage in premarital heterosexuality. Abnormal and immoral practices, whether by heterosexuals or homosexuals, do not present a reason for the denial of civil rights to those who act in those ways.”

          “[…] social science has shown that the concerns often raised about children of lesbian and gay parents‚ÄĒconcerns that are generally grounded in prejudice against and stereotypes about gay people‚ÄĒare unfounded. Overall, the research indicates that the children of lesbian and gay parents do not differ markedly from the children of heterosexual parents in their development,adjustment, or overall well-being.”

          Now that i have posted some sources so you can read and learn, here’s another tid bit of information: the bible actually is not against homosexual relations. There are 2 passages that even discuss homosexuality and that is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Leviticus, and the rest is outright speculation. Now if you actually know how to distinguish themes in writing you would realize that Sodom and Gomorrah is about hospitality, not condemning gays, and Leviticus is thrown out entirely, since it also discourages eating seafood and wearing clothing of more than one fabric. Another funny thing about The Bible is how old it is and how it still finds it completely okay to stone your wife or sell your daughter into slavery. I think its time to throw this bigotry away and stop soiling the “peace loving God” that you revere since if he truly loved man, he would not discriminate against his own children.Seems I know more about your Bible than you do, and I’m an atheist.

        8. Then whatever happened to God loves everyone? Gay marriage is okay, and its incredibly stupid to think they choose to be Gay (I’m not saying you think that), why would you choose to be something that everyone hates or disprove of?! It’s not morally wrong, its being real and accepting like God wanted us to be. At least you’re not acting like an ignorant little boy though so I still appreciate that.

        9. I feel obliged to anonymously apologize for this Christian’s wording, as I am a Christian who does not believe in gay marriage. This was not worded optimally, and iceazeama’s was just embarassing (same with Croxynd’s). Not all of us are judgmental, and I think the best thing to do is accept gay people and be nice to them, not judge them, as all sin is the same in God’s eyes, and we are as guilty as them when compared to perfection. He is right, though, it doesn’t matter what year it is. Someday, maybe we will look back on the current day, and view it as we view the Jim Crow laws and that era now. But they are not the same. And regardless of your religious beliefs, not only is same sex marriage not normal, but no matter how much you support gay marriage, you ARE prejudiced against gay people. Regardless of how much you support them, if your long time best friend told you he was gay and had feelings for you, you would never look at him the same way. I try to treat gay people equally, and not discriminate, because judging them is not the solution. But the bottom line is gay marriage is not normal, and the media (game devs included) should not be looked down upon for not including it in their game (and just to clear something up, I do own and enjoy many games that include same sex marriage, it in no way lowers my enjoyance of the game).

          1. Actually I was kissed by a friend of mine when we were pissed. I found it pretty humorous and just explained I didn’t feel it. It was weird for all of 3 days, we’ve been friends for 10years after that. I don’t feel any different towards them now at all. It’s not a big deal and no harm came to me.

        10. Not only isn’t Christianity necessarily homophobic (all the verses “supporting it” are hilariously mistranslated), but “hate the sin, love the sinner” is one of the most hilariously narcissitic and insensitive things a human being could say.

          Also, if by “morals” you mean opression,bigotry and self-denial, then yes, they’re “adhering to morals”.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      That was honestly my first thought. This news is gold for news sites who will gobble this up and share it with any who’ll listen. Then people will be bugging Nintendo about it and they’ll be in a pickle.

    2. Exactly. I can see why they would want to fix the patch, but they still could have allowed same-sex marriage.

            1. So i have to gay to be fine with homosexuality?
              Guess i’m Omnirace too because i’m not racist, and im asexual as i’m not a sexist.
              In fact, lets just do the whole shabang, i’m an omnipresent collection of energy mass, i am neither here nor there, i am nothing and everything, because that’s apparently what it takes to not be a stupid.

            1. Implying that i like women, yes.
              However i treat women with respect and dont go around referring them to a slang word for whats between their legs

            2. retro junkie your from a stable generation man, this has gone way to far, and the fag community is spamming sick open and being disrespectful. keep it to yourselves and stop brainwashing young kids. its wrong and i hate how straight people are victoms and get attacked by the faggots. if i see to gay people being disgusting in front of my kids or more in reak time my niese im going to kick there ass.

              1. Being a gay man I have never victimized straight people. You obviously have no idea what its like living in a society where people like you exist making our childhoods a living nightmare.
                Saying that the ‘Fag’ community is being open and disrespectful is hilarious, have you not noticed that you are promoting homophobia on a Nintendo blog?! Come on man, move along.

                1. yeah i worded it sorta harsh and im over it. just want everybody to get along and just maybe some day everyone will able to have an agreement over the views. how and maybe a better way for everyone to show that they both understand a more normal way of doing it. as i said not everyone is like it and is all ready fine the way they act.

                2. Just keep going buddy, just because a lot of ignorant people won’t accept being Gay doesn’t mean its wrong. I also think its stupid how some people think you chooses to be gay, why would you choose to be something that many people hate or disprove of?!

          1. Here we go again. Lol Like Sodom and Gomorrah. People have the right to do what they want. If you want to support 2 dads, go right ahead, although you know by nature it’s not meant to be that way, if it were, men would b born with a vagina regularly. You can choose to deny the existence of God but creation speaks for itself. Just want to let you know, your not an animal like that thought u in school, the God who made you is a Holy Righteous God, and the order of creation gives us a glimpse of his Character. God is good, we are corrupted by sin, that’s why the world is sick with evil. God has declared homosexuality along with everyone’s sin, an abomination. Your argument against that rule is with your maker. But yea, I know you may not believe, but as long as you heard the truth, you have something to think about. Your entitled to your freedom. But God is still Soverign and everything people do will be held accountable. We have an inert understanding of right and wrong, thou we choose to deny it. If there’s no God, why have any rules at all, who made anyone judge and master? Why not just mistreat people and live like pure monsters? Because there’s deep down inside we have a God given knowledge of good and evil. God is the one who establishes rules for his creatures, to keep order and justice and he also places kings, governements and authorities on earth. He is Soverign over all.

            1. Hey here’s a weird thought, perhaps, now just perhaps, you don’t need the threat of some deity to be a good person. Perhaps you know, just like men, society evolved. Now in order for society to continue, we obviously decided it was social normality not to kill each other, it’s a bit of a no-win scenario. And you know, just perhaps I go about my day not killing people, not stealing from people, not coveting my neighbors wife and so on, all without the threat of a god above me. Just because I find it more productive to be a good person. If I’m a good person people are good to me, so I spread love, and not hatred of people that I don’t understand or fear. I believe that when you die you die, that’s it, just one existence and then nothingness. But you know what? That thought makes me enjoy each day. It doesn’t make me cry in fear that I have no flying spaghetti monster to visit after I die or make me go crazy and stab people.

              1. Great response. It’s kind of creepy when someone say that they’re only good because they believe a magical fairy dad “spoke” that they should be and gave them “rules”…

            2. You do realize this is a blog about Nintendo… not a blog to preach on?
              You are basing your entire existence on a book that was written 1000’s of years ago and has no physical proof whatsoever, just word of mouth.
              By living your life preaching and teaching hate to young people you are causing so much damage to society, where as I assume your goal is to promote godly love and forgiveness?
              I think people like yourself have a very warped opinion on gay lifestyles that you have decided, without proper investigation (other than consulting the bible) to hate what you do not understand, or that is different from yourself. The same way racists hate what is different.

              I have many friends who believe in a God, but do not follow a specific religion, they simply are good people, who like you, should keep their beliefs as a personal journey rather than condemning all those who do not follow suit.

            3. Not only does Yahweh not condemn homosexuality – if you actually bothered to study the context, you’d see how retarded your assumptions are -, but also:

              – Jesus condemns self righteous people like you

              – You utterly fail at biblical theology, as not only does it support predestination over the “free will” bullshit, but also the Bible claims that you need to be OVERWHELMED with compassion, whenceforth making you an utter hypocrite as you accuse LGBT people of “being animals due to following their emotions”.

              TLDR: you are an utter hypocrite, ignorant of what you actually talk about, and deserve to die, pure and simple.

    1. Respect My Virginity

      “Glitch” Yea right. So how come no lesbians? NIntendo is Gay why did they create Tingle?

        1. Or that egg shooting gay dino in Super Mario Bros 2.
          Or was he just a transvestite, dont remember.

  2. I think Nintendo should patch this by fully implementing marriage between two male characters or two female characters into the game. Unfortunately, they probably won’t do this and will also probably remove the ability to marry a same-sex character. If they end up “banning” it, it’ll be a huge step back for Nintendo, in my opinion.

    1. Well the problem it’s not a homosexual issue or intentional diss. What happened was they created a game without same-sex marriages, which is nothing new and isn’t a big deal, but then due to a bug people married male+male characters. I recognize that a wider variety of options are desirable in games, but it’s the same as a game featuring a male lead vs a female lead, it doesn’t make the game sexist or homophobic.

      BUT, by using the bug like this, it created more bugs and just made the entire game unplayable, in some cases not even boot up. It is very easy to patch this bug to make the game playable again by removing the same sex marriage, but it would be much more difficult in my opinion to try to stabilize this bug and open it up to females as well without a complete product recall.

  3. I don’t know why it wasn’t implemented in the first place. It’d be cool if you could pick a sexuality for each character just like how people in real life have sexualities. So if you really hate gays and stuff you could just not make any gay characters. It shouldn’t be forced but it should be there.

    1. I would rather that games are the wide and varied things that they are, I don’t want homogenized games where you can always pick between a female and male lead, gay or straight. In games where the idea is to immerse yourself and make yourself the lead, then yes, a lot of customization is needed. But if you are for example we’ll pick a recent char, Booker De Witt. If you are playing as Booker De Witt I want to play the story that was written for him, a presumably straight male. What you loose in customization, you gain in character development.

      1. For a plot heavy game like Bioshock Infinite, I agree completely. For a life sim like this game, or an open world RPG like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, where it’s all about customisation and player choices, I disagree. It depends on the game, some games the characters are written a specific way but others they could easily be reworked by players to be whatever the player wanted.

  4. Leaving my opinion on homosexuality aside, it’s only natural that they took these route. Gay men are still in a disadvantageous position in Japan and literally invisible to the public eye. Gay marriage isn’t even legal, it’d just be too bold of a move given their culture and general values.

      1. You’re making a huge mistake if you think boys love actually reflects on gay issues at all. Boys love is nothing more than a wank for women, its fictitious, doesn’t address the reality of being gay and is completely and utterly unrealistic. I’ve met many fujoshi who have been utterly disgusted at the idea of two males being together in real life.

    1. It looks like it’s being patched because it causes further glitches rather than anything else. I wouldn’t go as far as calling Nintendo homophobic, though it would be nice to see same sex marriage implemented in future titles from them… Fire Emblem for example, I’m surprised didn’t have same sex marriages.

      1. There were same-sex racy conversations, they just didn’t let them “tie the knot,” but same sex attraction was there, subtle most times.

      2. the marriage system was pretty much there just so that there could be children characters included. gotta have a man and a woman for that! totally justified

  5. Where is the Toddster from Scrubs when I need him, he will really enjoy this.

    Also on note, Big N does not allow same sex but for some reason Sega DOES!?!??! whats up with that?

  6. OK, Gawwd these comments…
    1.) Nintendo is fixing a game, not taking a stance on gay marriage. It’s a family gaming company, my guess id they don’t want caught in the middle of this. They will only lose.

    2.) It’s an unfortunate glitch. It forces them to have the appearance of taking a stance to fix the game.

    3.) Leave God out of these cluster-fuck. God loves everyone. Period. Don’t give me this “hate the sin” shit. We all sin. I make a daily habit of it, so let’s not fucking judge anyone,

    Let’s get back to gaming. As this is news, I am glad it was posted, although I knew it would bring out the worst in everyone except me. (I’m always at my worst)

    1. According to studies, about 1-2 people out of 30 refers to themselves as something else than heterosexuals. This “family” thing isn’t valid any more. =D

  7. I read so many threads like this that start relatively normal and end up being streams of hate speech from die hard homophophic Christian nut jobs.
    The arguments above are just crazy, implying that if ‘God’ wanted two men to have sex he would have given them vaginas, I mean come on don’t you see how crazy you sound?!
    If you are so serious about following the Bibles every word then I suggest you check whether your girlfriend/wife was a virgin before you slept together as Deuteronomy clearly states that if she isn’t she must be stoned to death…
    Picking and choosing what you take from your so called ‘sacred book’ and then applying it to your life is in itself against what your ‘sacred book’ teaches.

    Stop trolling every thread about gay issues and move on to something else….

    1. I don’t understand how such close minded people play games in the first place to be honest. Any gaming community I have been in were the most accepting people on the planet. I’m not sure if these people are just trolling or what to be honest.

  8. NEEDS TO COME TO AMERICA!!! I saw that it got #1 on their charts for 3DS releases, so why not bring it over here -__- I’m sure they won’t have a hard time selling it.

  9. They aren’t fixing it because they hate gay marriage, they aren’t fixing it because it breaks your game. People refusing to download the patch are silly because Nintendo will have no idea you’re doing this, and your game might break. And other people are right, I doubt gay marriage has much support in Japan. We can’t really expect our cultural standards to apply everywhere

  10. Nintendo Commander

    I never should have created you humans…

    Hating, murdering and just plain hurting your fellow human…

    Pathetic creation…

  11. Faggots should not be allowed to be married if you think about it God doesn’t allow it if you believe in the Bible which is God given to the human mind, So if marriage belongs to God why on earth would faggots want it?

    1. I don’t even understand people like you. You’re talking about god and how being gay/gay marriage is a sin but you’re sinning yourself. You’re judging other people which i’m sure is a sin? And you’ll probably avoid this point or any other points that i make. Because that’s what people like you do.

      PERSON 2: But isn’t judging people? Isn’t having sex before marriage? Isn’t eating shrimps?
      PERSON 2: So is the very computer you’re using. I don’t know if you know this right, but it didn’t grow from a tree. And Homosexuality has lots of evidence to back up the whole not a choice thing, even homosexuality in other animals.

      Like seriously, what’s wrong with loving another human being who happens to be the same gender. What are you afraid of? Probably yourself. You’re probably gay and you try to hide it by spouting out illogical bigotry because it makes you seem anti-gay when actually you’re anti-you. You probably wouldn’t even reply. And this is to anyone who thinks similarly to this idiot here.

      1. You shouldn’t just attack Christians you know. There are some very idiotic atheists out there. You also say that eating shrimp is a sin, this isn’t true, but I really don’t want to go into deep detail right now. Having sex with the same gender is a sin, and so is sex before marriage which I will not have. Yes, I’m still a virgin, get over it. I actually believe that gay marriage should be legalized, but you should always remember to respect people with different beliefs than you. I don’t hate the people, I hate the sin. I honestly have no idea where I’m going with this I would just like you to know that most Christians aren’t bigots like you say. It’s just the idiots who talk the loudest.

        And to leave on an even lighter note, here’s a Nintendo related joke:

        Knock knock.
        Who’s there?
        Luigi who?
        Story of my life…

        1. you can say it’s “not true” all you want, but at the end of the day you are deciding what parts of the Bible matter and don’t. If you think the Bible is the reason homosexuality is bad, then you CANNOT remove away the copious other commandments that are ignored from the bible without hypocrisy.
          Life becomes much easier when you decide what’s right and wrong based on how it affects you and others, rather than trying to obey an arbitrary book.

          1. I don’t obey a book. I do not worship a book. I worship a perfect God, and I know for myself what’s right and wrong from my own experience in my life. Things of the Bible have been taken out. Truths. I’m sorry that I’m not the ordinary bigot Christian that you’re wanting to argue with now. How about this though?: the internet is no place to talk about this. We have never met eachother, we don’t know what type of people we actually are. I’m sure you’re friends with Christians as I’m friends with Atheists, but they’re all good people. At the end of the day, the Atheist man who saved someones life is going to be more blessed than the Christian who murdered. The man who was homosexual and changed a life is going to be more blessed than the Christian who did nothing but hate.

                1. If you believe in the Bible as you claim, then I’m making an accurate statement.

                  If you believe in diluted pop cultural Christianity without any regards to spirituality, then no.

        2. Nintendo Commander

          There is nothing called “hating the sin”, you just hate the humans themselves…

          Lying is another sin you know?…

        3. what? i said nothing about christians. I have many freinds from all religions who are in support of same sex marriage because they realize how stupid opposing it is. And get over what? I do not care that you choose not to have sex before marriage as that is your own choice. In my opinion: the bible contradicts itself; promotes horrific things like slavery; states that we decended from adam and eve so therefore incest; talking snake; gay sex is wrong. And i want to elaborate on that last point. because it’s just about sex. Also even if what ever religious scripture specifically says gay is sin or gay sex is sin, can i ask, why? Because god says so? i mean even without a religious compass we can tell that murder, slavery etc is morally wrong. Because it’s horrible and hurtfull. gay…doesn’t hurt anyone or anything.

          1. I respect your beliefs and I’m done arguing about this topic. Now let us all go play some videogames and drool over the fact Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda And Super Smash Bros. are coming soon!

        4. “Respect people with different beliefs” is not the same as supporting hate speech.

          I guess we should support rape and murder, since people too sometimes tolerate those.

          1. I’m pretty much over this crap. I’m done arguing to people over the internet about religion. It’s pointless. I thought at first being respectful, I would get respect from others but now I see this isn’t true. Obviously in your stance, if someone was a good person who loved everyone but was still against gay marriage being legalized they’re suddenly Hitler. I’m not even talking about myself either because I believe gay marriage should be legalized, I just don’t believe having intercourse with the same sex is right. I’m a believer that we should come to respect all religions. I respect Atheist just the same, but I do not respect those pretentious bigots of any religion that think they have all the answers and believe they’re smarter than a person with or without faith or have different beliefs.

            Here let me start another argument so we can blot this one out: “Video games are evil and they make people shoot people and create terrorism and anyone who plays them will undoubtedly shoot other people with guns.”
            This probably won’t work, but I thought I’d give it a try!

    2. you do know the bible has been rewritten hundreds of times right? no one really knows what words were written the original bible. believe in your words, not someone elses

  12. Well, its a glitch that causes the game to become broken & unstable, so of course they’re gonna fix it.
    If it didn’t cause any negative effects, they probably wouldn’t have bothered with it.
    The fact that they’re fixing this glitch has nothing to do with Nintendo’s view on Homosexual relationships, Stop over exaggerating everything.
    Now if they intentionally built the game to support gay marriage & then Patched it out for whatever reason, then that would open room for discussion.

  13. I can’t be the only one who grabbed my popcorns as soon as I saw the title of this thread >:3
    This is the stuff that makes my day brighter ^^

  14. DarklordNintendoFan

    Being gay is perfectly fine and anyone who says otherwise is a complete fucking moron. I thought we lived in the year 2013. Yet, we still have morons who believe that being gay is wrong? Let me tell you something… God didn’t actually write the bible, contrary to moronic belief. Nor does the bible say ANYTHING about it being wrong to be gay! You’re just making shit up so that you can justify your bigotry in any way you possibly can! There is nothing that pisses me off more than fucking BIGOTRY, YOU INTOLERABLE FUCK HEADS!

    And yes, it’s understandable that Nintendo wants to fix a glitch that makes it impossible to save and whatnot, but couldn’t they go a different route? Keep the ability to marry the same sex and fix the glitch some other way.

    1. Nevermind the fact that the bible promotes a bunch of even worse things. I seem to remember reading a story about 2 daughters and their father in a desert, and an angel appeared to them and told them to get their father drunk to impregnate them.

      1. DarklordNintendoFan

        Wait… really? Good lord… I’ve never actually read the bible, but I have heard that there’s some pretty fucked up shit in it… so this doesn’t seem to far-fetched to me. It’s completely disgusting that such a thing is written in the bible… and yet, no one ever mentions it or how disgusting it is.

        So… apparently it’s okay to get drunk and fuck your own (underaged?) daughters, making them pregnant… yet, it’s not okay for two men/women to sleep with one another. I hate the bible…

  15. I’d like to ask something for those christians that fear God… Why in the world the man who saved/will save you should be feared? Does. Not. Make. Sense. At. All.

  16. Maybe they should’ve just fixed the errors that happen after and let those Tomdachi live a happy, gay life. Isn’t Japan a lot more open minded about that type of thing? I mean, they basically had a gay marriage in a Harvest Moon game that got removed from the English version. “Best Friends Ceremony”…. and you adopt a baby later.


    To the one who said to keep our Christian beliefs to ourselves” Not a chance. You can not tell us what to or to not say

    1. DarklordNintendoFan

      Well, that’s just what happens when it comes to the possibility of a character being gay. Know what happened with Mass Effect 3 when it was first released and it was possible for Bro Shep to be gay? People bitched and bitched and BITCHED about how wrong it was. Despite the fact that Fem Shep could be gay in all THREE OF THE FUCKING GAMES! Whenever it comes to homosexuality, rather it be in movies, video games, or fucking real life, people are always going to be there to bitch about it and claim that God hates gays. Hell, an entire group exists just to remind us how “immoral” it apparently is and how much God apparently hates it. Do they even fucking know God? No? So… how the fuck can they know rather or not he hates Gays? They can’t! So, really, they need to shut up about it and stop trying to bring up religion when it comes to someone being gay. They deserve the right to be gay (even if it is virtual people) without being judged for it. Wasn’t it stated in the bible that… you know… all me are created equal? That also means people who are gay! Gotta love the people who completely follow the words of the bible… not. I mean… it only said that all men are created equal so let’s fucking make slaves out of everyone who’s not white and constantly bash any gay guys! Yep… contradicting the fucking bible! Way to go.

      This is why I think religion is complete bullshit.

  18. Just remember while you condemn gays to follow the bible to the letter!

    If you work on the Sabbath we should execute you Exodus 35:2-3

    If you beat your slave and he lives, it’s okay Exodus 21:20-21

    If you make a promise to god don’t back out, even if it means killing your own daughter Judges 11:29-40 (Odd how god didn’t let that father out of his promise like Abraham)

    If you rape someone just pay her father and marry her Deuteronomy 22:28-29

    Handicapped people aren’t getting into heaven Deuteronomy 23:2

    God admits he did evil things Jeremiah 42:9-10

    Stone your non-virgin wife Deuteronomy 22:20-21

    Kill all non-christians Acts 3:23

    1. Way to quote ancient precepts that have no basis in modern Christianity.
      Go to Hell. Literally. It’s pricks like you that keep people from coming to a peaceful understanding.

      1. DarklordNintendoFan

        He’s just making a point. If people are allowed to condemn gays to eternal damnation because the bible says so, they may as well follow every other fucked up thing that appears in the bible.

    2. Are you a straight-up moron who doesn’t even take time to read but just blurts out whatever is in his mouth? Why don’t you read those verses and the context you referenced you brainless arrogant generation. Much of the Old Testament refers to the Jews and how God brought the Messiah Jesus Christ from out of their nation. The New Testament testifies of salvation being revealed as God’s way to redeem fallen man. It sounds like you people just spout out whatever is on your mind or what you’ve heard rather than study for yourself what the Bible is saying. Don’t be a moron and just take others’ word for it. Man up and study for yourself.

  19. lmao
    The commentary on this post is hilarious
    When did this turn into a debate regarding faith?
    If you don’t like the specific game, then don’t buy it.
    This is a consumer issue, not a philosophical one.
    Nintendo will go with whatever will make them the most money, or keep the most money in their pocket.

  20. For all you people calling christians bigots you do realize you are one yourself. just because we believe the bible and the one true God weather you like or not if you are gay you will go to hell not being mean we just dont want you to go to hell.and the people who are telling us not to preach then you stop preaching about how much you love and support homesexuailty just like we love and support are God. and we are not supposed to be mean to them we should share the gospel lovingly and if you say im judgeing then your judgeing me for saying that im judgeing . love you all but not in that way goodnight.

    1. Dear Gotendo, stop being intellectually dishonst and an utter selfish sociopath:

      1- No, responding to opression and disregard of human rights is not “bigotry”. Actually opressing human beings like you do is bigotry, asshole

      2- The Bible does not condemn homosexuality. Bother to learn greek and hebrew.

      3- No, preaching is not “showing people God’s love”, it’s shoving your personal beliefs down other people’s throats. Quit being a narcissist, you disgusting sociopath.

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