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Brand New Pokemon X & Y Gameplay Trailer

Nintendo of America has uploaded brand new footage of the eagerly awaited Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The trailer shows off the game’s overhauled visuals and gives a look at the series traditional battle system. We found out earlier today that the game will be separated into three different areas. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and is due to be released worldwide sometime in October this year.

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    1. Go to ign then may be if you are lucky you get this news by the end of the week.

      1. Is that confirmed. I was thinking that there is no free walk in the trailer , but who knows.

      2. It looks grid based, free walk would make the game harder to control

      3. Looking at this I seen the male character move away from the side walk slightly at about 15-17 seconds in… I’m unsure but I don’t think you cane do that on a grid based movement… Unles the grid is out of wack

      4. I believe its because of the street. He moves strait until there where the street crosses.

      5. He’s walking in a ‘straight’ line and at a point the side walk gets in his way and the game moves him away from it

      6. I mean it could be an eight directional grid but maybe it’s 3d movement…

  1. Well …… This looks like the greatest thing ever.
    The graphics look lots better since the last trailer and everything seems to be coming together.

    This is now BY FAR my most anticipated game of 2013. And that’s saying something because we have games like Zelda Alttp 2 , GTAV , Pikmin 3 and much more.

  2. oh man look at those graphics and gameplay we 90 kids dreamed much about this to happend and finaly in 2013 on a portable system the main series in fully glory 3d october you have speed up

      1. yes we had imagination :P pokemon started with us 90 kids and is the second biggest gaming franchise on the world we have merits for raising a big franchise to

      2. I even sold my bike to get Pokémon blue, but it was fine… I was growing out of it and it was pink. lol I just had to get the game.

  3. This looks amazing! You’d have to be lying to say that it doesn’t! Even if it’s your own opinion! That’s right I’m talking about you Neutron!

    1. I don’t even think Neutron shows up anymore. Haven’t seen that guy in a LONG time. 💋

  4. Cant freaking wait. Haven’t seen a pokemon that I dont like yet unlike the 5 Gen freaking broccoli pokemon lol. This will be a great birthday gift for me.

      1. Lol! ^ I was thinking the same thing. There is NO broccoli Pokemon. 💋

  5. I had hoped that someday these Pokémon games would overhaul the battle system in some visual way that captures the action of the anime (love it or hate it for what you will) and I’m glad to see it actually come to fruition. And a lot sooner than expected. This looks excellent.

  6. Beautiful. I’m mad that the Eiffel Tower has been reimagined while the Statue of Liberty was not in the so called “American” based Generation 5.

  7. WAIT! NO MORE CUTE CHIBI PIXELATED SPRITES! HOW INHUMANE! I-I-I *Dies from nuclear stress attack*



    AND I THINK I JUST SAW A CAR. :(( I never noticed any cars in the other games. //flail

    I can’t wait for this! The battle graphics are coming along really nicely, too, and I really like Pancham~

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