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Capcom Responds To Why Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Is Digital Only

phoenix wrightCapcom officially announced yesterday that Phoenix Wright is back to bring justice in the court room to the west in the newly named Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. However, they also revealed the Nintendo 3DS game will only be available as a digital download. Today, the company has responded to a query from Nintendo Everything asking about the decision to leave retail in the shadows and plough forward with digital-only releases in the Nintendo eShop:

“Historically it’s been tough to attract long-term retail support for Ace Attorney titles. With the release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies we wanted as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the game for as long as possible. With that in mind we have opted for a digital only release via the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

“We understand that this decision may upset fans who wanted to have a physical version of the title to add to their collection but we believe this direction is the best to take to ensure that fans are able to enjoy the game at their own leisure.

“We will be confirming details on the price point soon so please stay tuned for more information on the latest in the Ace Attorney series.”

42 thoughts on “Capcom Responds To Why Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Is Digital Only”

    1. But a digital copy is just a physical one, downloaded onto your hardware. It’s the same thing, so unless you wouldn’t pay over $20 for a physical copy, it doesn’t make sense.

      Unless you’re talking about those cheap as apps of today, in which case this is NOT one of. I really don’t like the mentality the App Store’s brought around. A quick fix for an insanely cheap price.

      1. It is not. Firstly its more difficult to play on another console. Secondly it’s less visible. It’s one of X number of files on a drive. Thirdly, people expect the price to decrease via digital distribution, but publishers are trying to take advantage of consumers by trying to sell it to them as a new technology. 4th it uses disc space, which is finite, and which you have to pay more for when you run out – i.e mass produced discs/carts are cheaper.

      2. Not at all. you also pay for the distribution of the physical product, the casing, the ink and whatever else they package with, or do you seriously believe they are charging you $40 for just the game and have all the other stuff just hanging around for free. No, you pay no more than $25 for the game, and that’s already $5 too much and the rest is literally everything else needed to make the case’ give it to retailers and such.

        And like the most of us here, unless they make an account, once ur 3ds is lost or stolen, that’s it. unlike ps360 that stuff is linked to your account, not the system. btw, Sony acknowledges the fact that digital =/= physical so they sell their digital stuff up to $20, granted, for a limited time.

    2. Digital games will never be cheaper than physical because that would upset retailers and developers can’t afford to not have retailers on their side

        1. I am not sure if this is sarcasm or not. Digital always upset retailers especially the digital copies is cheaper than physical copies which happened in the past. Only way to please the retail stores by providing them to sell digital copies. I was hoping this game would be cheaper due to the fact it is digital.

  1. Well, I can see how people would get annoyed at this.

    It’s always a good feeling to have a physical copy of a game on the shelf (especially if you have all of them in the series, or it’s part of your collection) or if you just want it to trade in later.

    But I think it’s a good direction. As long as they link the games to my NN account, like Steam.

  2. I’m ok with this.
    If I have to download games for increased localization, that’s fine I suppose.

  3. To be absolutely fair the box and cartridge they put that digitial copy on for you costs all of about 5 dollars in materials…even less. I personally collect games, so this doesn’t suit me. But if it was the only way to bring a game out overseas where projected sales are weak then I’m all for it. I wish they would do this fo the advetnure time game for europe. We obviously don’t have the fan base but they’ve got nothing to lose brining it to the eshop.

  4. I get why they are doing this but will limit the consumer base somewhat. 20% of all 3ds console have never been on the internet.

  5. Great way to limit sales of your games Capcom -__-
    Their lack of faith in the Western market is disheartening, to say the very least

  6. I like that I can get digital copies, listen it may not be that great for you guys there in the US but here in Latin America retail games are extremely hard to find and cost triple the price (that’s why piracy is so big here) so we like that we can support developers and games in legal ways without paying a lot, it seems fair to me

  7. Whelp, looks like no new Ace Attorney for me! I don’t buy dat digital bull, not enough security. If I ever lose my 3DS (again, as this is my second one) I won’t be able to recover my purchases basically making them burnt money.

    1. Then you are not a true Ace Attorney fan. Think of it like this: If you lost your 3DS, you would also lose whatever physical cartridge was in the slot at the time. Just imagine that Ace Attorney is in a second slot and suffers the same fate of the physical game.

  8. While I am saddened by the news of this game being digital only, I also understand the reasoning. It’s the same reason that AAI2 and PLvsPW still haven’t released in the US: there are not enough fans of the series here to make it worthwhile for Capcom. I hope that this game sells enough that they will also release the other games here in the US, even if that means more digital.

  9. So wtf happens of you download it and your 3DS breaks?

    I’m sure theirs ways to store downloads and such but as a paranoid collector have always preferred physical copies of all my games.

      1. HOPEFULLY, you contact Nintendo for repair and get all your stuffs back. There are a lot of mixed reviews for Nintendo Customer Services. Last time I contact Nintendo for my broken Wii, they charge me $100 to fix it. I got all the bought contents like VC games back and I lost all save data. I was pissed that I didn’t get my Pokemon or wifi save data due to copy protect. I got all the save data on the SD card before sending in. Apparently some people got their save data back somehow. It is quite random if you ask me.

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  11. In other words “We would like to make the most of this game without to expend in physical manufacturing and physical distribution”.

    I get it, and I’m not mad about this decision, but at least they could come out with a more simple and honest answer instead this.

    1. I agree. At least they are not blaming the fans for having a small fan base in North America. :P

  12. Mr.Anger Problems

    He say’s it like if they sold a boxed copy of the game they couldn’t still sell the downloadable one then.What a load of $hit!The death of us owning games that we can buy,sell,lend,trade,collect is being stolen from us.And it will only happen faster due to fact people are downloading games they can buy a boxed copy of. and for the same price?!And this is what happens because of it!.In the end it will be everyone who supported this by downloading new games.Maybe it’s just as well for me I spend way to much money on games.And this will put an end to my game collecting because I won’t pay $60 for something that instantly has no $ value upon me buying it.

  13. Mr.Anger Problems

    ‘We want more people to be able to play the game’………..’So we are limiting it to just digital only’.?????????????????????????

    1. Higehigebandit156

      Maybe the game was never going to be localized if it weren’t for digital. You ever think about that?

  14. LOL They’re doing this so you can’t resell it when you’re done playing. If what Capcom said is true, then they’d release both and simply stop production of the physical one after a year or whatever.

  15. I always thought this game was better off as digital only for that exact same reason, retail copies of the series don’t get much love after a short while.
    And this is one of those game series that would work on any touchscreen device, so they can port it anywhere they want.

    I say good for them.

  16. What they are saying and doing doesn’t match. If they want as many as possible to enoy the game, why do they remove the thing that so many would enjoy?
    If their wish is to make the game as accessible as possible, then they should’t mind the fans letting them know how they want to access the game.

  17. I wanted a physical copy to be honest, but as long as I get to play it I’m good with it being digital only. It’s 2013 and I’m not quite sure I know many who don’t have a Broadband internet connection by now…but I do feel for those who don’t have it. At least maybe they could go to a Wi-Fi hotspot like McDonald’s or something and download it there?

  18. “we wanted as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the game for as long as possible”

    Except because it’s a digital-only download, it ruins my friend and I’s plan of her buying the game first, finishing it, then lending it to me. Meaning that’s not having as many people as possible enjoy it, though it does make more money for them. :(( Can’t they find a way to transfer games and stuff? Or at least, like above people said, a more secure account system to redownload if something happens to my 3DS (although no repairman has ever touched my Lite to date)? And don’t pull of a “You could just ask Nintendo to repair it” on me, because I don’t think Nintendo repairs from where I live. You have to get your stuff repaired third party, and I’m too nervous to do that.

  19. I’m not happy about digital only as I prefer the security I feel with a physical copy. However I’ll be buying it as I love the series and I want them to get a lot of support so that Phoenix Wright vs Ace Attorney has a hope in hell of getting published. Because Capcom and localization aint great. Since they have no intentions ever of localizing Miles Edgeworth 2, I hope the fan translation is done soon.

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