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Here’s A First Look At The Eevee Nintendo 3DS XL


A Japanese Twitter user MarvicaFii has snapped the first shot of the rumoured Eevee themed Nintendo 3DS XL console. The limited edition console will be available to win in a special lottery tomorrow which is being conducted by the Pokemon Centre. The winners in the lottery will then be able to purchase the system for 18,880 yen.

Thanks, Jamie M

28 thoughts on “Here’s A First Look At The Eevee Nintendo 3DS XL”

    1. My “ALT” key doesn’t work on my laptop so thats why I don’t type it, plus a lot of people can not be bothered to type 4 extra keys to have the correct character in “Pokémon” rather than “Pokemon”.
      Googled the “é” to get it that time but that was more hassle for me and another strong reason why people dont tend to type it a lot, I just went all out with this reply for no reason at all

  1. Sneaker companies do the same thing. Make up or use a reason to come out with a special edition and theme it after anything.

  2. lame. While we’re complaining about the lack of extra 3DS XL colors, Japan is probably questioning why Nintendo is making so many unneeded XL iterations. If I wanted a new color I would just go to decalgirl and buy me some skins

  3. When this was first announced, I said that if it was brought to the US i would regret my Pikachu XL purchase, but if that picture is legit I take back my statement. I was hoping for an actual EEVEE on the XL, not bad wallpaper design. Eh, oh well.

  4. Wait wait wait. You have to enter a competition and win to be able to have the right to purchase this?

    well fuck that.

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  7. On the back it has a picture of an Eevee but that`s pretty much it ! The Pikachu 3ds XL was much better and everytime somebody who has not seen my Pikachu 3ds XL before always say “WOW ! ” when they first see it. It actually looks like this one should be the Animal Crossing 3DS XL because of the nice warm woody colours in it and the Eevee should have been on the front of the 3DS XL and if not just her, her evolutions could join her to ! But overall I like the back of the 3DS XL but the front ( which is meant to be the thing that screams ” I LOVE EEVEE ” which has nothing to do with an Eevee ) is just a piece of crap…

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