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Insomniac Games’ Fuse May Eventually See Release On Wii U


Last week, Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price stirred attention when he said he considers the Wii U “current gen.” Well, apparently, this doesn’t mean Price isn’t a fan of the console, as he said in a recent interview that his company isn’t ruling out the possibility of releasing its first multiplatform game, Fuse, on the Wii U. Published by EA, Fuse launches later this month on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

“We have to be selective because it’s easy to start to stretch yourself too thin. So we’re careful about where we go. One of the questions I got a lot of early on was ‘why aren’t you developing for the Wii U?’ and the answer was simply bandwidth. We had to focus on delivering a great game on multiple platforms, but there’s a point where we had to make hard choices, and for us we needed to limit the number of platforms for FUSE.”

-Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price

36 thoughts on “Insomniac Games’ Fuse May Eventually See Release On Wii U”

        1. Probably because there’s no direction.
          There’s no charm, no artstyle, no great, well developed and funny characters (something Insomniac is amazing at), no interesting gameplay. It’s just dull bullshit, and evem though i feel part of it has to do with Insomniac dropping the ball recently (the past 2 ratchet and clank games and the redesign have been crap, compared to the high point of Crack in Time), pointing the finger at those fuckers at EA.

    1. First Dragon Age after that Mass Effect and now this when i saw the trailer for the first time i was thinking that game will be something like Mass Effect but stupid EA ruin it

  1. Not a big fan of insomniac but any third party support is good for the WiiU so hope it gets released on WiiU as well.

  2. Hope EA changed the name only and not the whole idea of the game cause I’m really hoping for this game to be good!

  3. TheTrruth4thaHaters

    So being selective with their platform development, means excluding WIIU? 1 console? Anyways he didnt rule it out, but this bs gets annoying. Is there an agenda against Nintendo? Of course there is. You see how these devz cry, bitch n moan when they have to release at the same period as a Nintendo game? lol. I wish this shit would stop, there are enough gamers to go around its stupid playground childish doo-doo.

  4. I hope we do get it. I’m a big Ratchet & Clank fan, their an awesome developer. Just don’t understand why these people see it as “last gen”. Developers haven’t even begun to push the console. Can’t for Deus Ex, game looks freakin’ awesome. And one week to Resident Evil!

    1. Ratchet and Clank hasn’t been good since Crack in Time though and any footage of this looks crap.
      But after actually playing it, i can confirm it is indeed, shit. And i love the pre All 4 One, R&C games and of course, Spyro

  5. If EA is publishing, then I’m not holding my breath.
    Not that I hold much interest in it in the first place.
    I’d much rather see Platinum Games come out with a sequel to Vanquish.
    Hopefully with more varied environments, moves, and guns.
    Maybe a small revamp to the upgrade system too, so that we aren’t losing gun upgrades every time we die, but that’s not really a need so much as a convenience, since it adds incentive to stay alive if it remains….

    Anyways, yeah, Vanquish 2 >>>> Fuse.

    1. Man, i’m glad im not the only person who played Vanquish xD
      Vanquish is the sole reason i want Platinum and Hideki Kamiya to make a Star Fox game. Can you imagine regular Star Fox Arwing gameplay and on foot gameplay like Vanquish, all at that crazy speed and over the top action?
      I think my head would explode.

        1. Not the knee sliding and less cheesy, but that sort of high octane run and gun/cover gameplay. And this sounds weird, but making the gameplay similar to Contra, in the way that its a mix of linear and sort if big arena type areas, that have still have that same feel as the arwing/landmaster on rail segments, but at the same time different.
          A mix of that, and making the way more biggest and dynamic “full range mode” levels would be awesome, and would also be a good set up for a multiplayer, which Nintendo needs to do with at least one game. Just imagine people hopping in and out of arwings, or 16 player dog fights would be amazing.

          1. While we’re on the subject of the Arwings, I feel they need to do something more with that.
            The vehicles are what Star Fox is all about; I think allowing us to do more with them would really improve the series if they did it right.

  6. Do not want. I absolutely LOVE Insomniac, but F.U.S.E. is the poster child of generic third person shooters (thanks to EA). I’m so sad. I want the OverStrike concept back, but I know it won’t ever happen.

  7. Why are you guys not reading between the lines. Let me do it for you. Well if the game doesn’t sell enough on the ps3 and 360 then we want to try selling it on the Wii U.

  8. if its EA its not coming to the Wii U , if it does it wont sell well and then EA will have another reason not to care

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