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Rayman Legends Preorder Bonuses Announced


Ubisoft has revealed pre-order bonuses for its highly anticipated 2D platformer, Rayman Legends. Those of you that pre-order the game on the Wii U will be entitled to a skin of Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation’s Aveline De Grandpré for Rayman Legends co-star Barbara.. PlayStation 3 owners that pre-order the title will receive the costume of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag lead protagonist Edward Kenway. Xbox 360 owners will be able to dress up Rayman as Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher, who comes complete with his iconic night vision goggles. These special pre-order skins will be available exclusively from GameStop in the United States, and Game in the UK.

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66 thoughts on “Rayman Legends Preorder Bonuses Announced”

      1. No they should have given us a Aiden Pearce from Watch_Dogs skin, now that would’ve been cool

    1. Oh wow is this truly what Xbox exclusives are… Stupid costumes and weapons… This is why this game was delayed on the Wii U… If it wasn’t for the challenge app wii u owners got for free I’d be laughing at ubisoft for their ridiculesness. Basically what I’m saying instead of exclusive games Microsoft Xbox owners get exclusive digital items… And this systems is selling more than wii u.

      1. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

        If you really cared to read the article, you would know each console has its own pre-order bonus…

        1. I did and I was trolling Xbox… Sorry I wasn’t trolling nintendo… On a Nintendo site, must not be use to that.

      1. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

        Nintendo and EA had a fight over the use of micro-transactions, and who would be in control of Nintendo Network, so EA is going out of the way to support the console as little as possible.

        1. There’s Jade from Beyond Good & Evil… THAT would get Nintendo fans excited. Though I agree that the costume is good :)

      1. ‘There’s something ironic about a poorly selling system getting bonus content from a poorly selling handheld.’ Quote of the day. haha

  1. This is about 10x better than NSMB(Wii). They gave us a lot with the Wii U demo- the challenges are freaking addictive! Preorder bonuses may make this one irresistable…

  2. “Those of you that pre-order the game on the Wii U will be entitled to a skin of Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation’s Aveline De Grandpré for Rayman Legends co-star Barbara”

    That makes no fucking sense, Liberation is a Vita game…

      1. Shouldn’t Edward Kenway skin be on the WiiU, and the skin design of Vita exclusives character be on the PS3?

            1. thekidnintendowiiman

              I get a feeling they’re teasing something, aside from that, these skins should be multiplatform but who cares, I’ll preorder now

    1. Some people came up with the theory that a Vita version of Legends was cancelled and they just gave Wii U owners the bonus that was originally for Vita.

      1. lol. It would make more sense to give Wiiu owners the AC4 outfit and PS owners the ACL outfit. Not cus ones better than the other , simply because ACL is a playstation game lol.

    1. Those of you that pre-order the game on the Wii U will be entitled to a skin of Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation’s Aveline De Grandpré for Rayman Legends co-star Barbara

      Nintendo news

  3. I don’t shop at GameStop so this doesn’t affect me. I preordered my copy from Amazon when it was $50 so I’m going to stick with that $10 bucks off.

  4. Rayman lost my order when the game was pushed back for multi-platform release when the WiiU version was already finished.

    1. At first I was pissed that they did that too but now 30 levels are added to all versions and if the Wii U came out in Feburary then it wouldn’t het those levels.

  5. I can’t pre-order the game…other games of my interest comes out in sept and I am saving money for it. Such a shame, because I tried the game and it’s frickin awesome so far.

  6. Thought for a second that this was how they wanted to reel in people who are still upsett with the delay earlier this year. But then I saw that it’s only in USA and UK. Amusing.

  7. Link,Mario,Luigi,Cpt.Falcon… for males characters
    Samus,Zero Suit,Zelda,Peach for Barbara

    Maybe in the future :(

    a Link Rayman would look so nice

  8. If there is a poster for the preorder bonus for the Wii U, why did a nintendo news web related chose to talk and use the one about the X Box 360 pre order bonuses?

  9. Would have preferred the Sam Fisher one…or even the Edward Kenway one…but then again I canceled my preorder months ago after Ubisoft delayed the Wii U release unnecessarily. Will still get it down the road, but not at launch.

  10. I just don’t get it at all…, this is a “exclusive” custom for “Xbox”, and this is My “Nintendo” News… why… what the heck sickr!? I know Rayman Legends was a exclusive, but for Christ Sake, this is awful!.

  11. Seeing this as an Xbox 360 game just makes me sick. It just doesnt look right. Not getting it. Hell only Ubifail game Im getting will be Watch Dogs.

    1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      Fans should buy it, or else UBI might be tempted to keep giving Rayman to the other 2 if Nintendo’s sells poorly.

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  13. Wii U gets a costume from a PLAYSTATION VITA game and they get a Splinter cell Blacklist and Assassin’s Creed 4 costume? Where’s our MARIO COSTUME!!??? If Tekken can do it, so can this game.

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  15. I really wish they would stop doing this kind of DLC. Just give everyone all three and be done with it, is it reallyto much to ask. “Sigh”

  16. Although i agree with most of the people on this page and personally think the PS3 skin is the coolest look for rayman…i have to say…Admittedly i’d bang barbara in that costume and li li li lick her from her head to her toes! Kinda wish we’d get all them costumes though. I know this is going to be one of my all time favorites :/

    1. you are very perverse. I like it. jk and yah I love the costume on Barbara. I prefer playing her to rayman anyway because shes simply cooler. though I would have love the Edward kenway skin anyway. gunna buy ac3 soon cuz its cheap and ac4 when it comes out if I can scrounge up the cash this summer with a job.

  17. Sorry. I’m still not getting the game after what Ubisoft has done. Heck, I am boycotting the challenge app and Ubisoft as well. But the Barbara costume does looks good.

    I’m gonna hold my money off until Ubisoft get their heads out of the sand and releases the game early on the Wii U regardless. Bottom line. And if that never happens, I’ll wait and buy the Wii U version used just to screw them over. Though at this point, like Capcom, Ubisoft doesn’t care.

    In the meantime, why don’t all of you keep signing this petition to get the game early?

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