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Resident Evil Revelations Demo On North American eShop


A number of readers have contacted me to say that the playable demo for Resident Evil Revelations is available on the Wii U eShop in North America. The demo see’s you play as Jill Valentine who is sent to search for Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat on the SS Queen Zenobia. The Resident Evil Revelations demo is already available to download in Europe and Australia. Let us know your impressions.

21 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations Demo On North American eShop”

  1. I still like it, even though it is still the same. You guys what do you think about Nintendo releasing HD versions of their 3ds games. I remember that the creators for Castlevania said they had a HD port of the game before nurfing it for the 3ds hardware. I was thinking it would be cool if WE COULD HAVE HD PORTS OF THE SAME GAME ON THE WII U. Kid Icarus, Luigi Mansion, and etc…

    Hell, I’m writing a letter now as we speak to Nintendo… it’s a paragraph so far… you think I would be listened to?

  2. I just love the demo, everything is perfect.

    The innovstive gameplay.mechanics of the Wii U Gamepad will make the full game vastly superior to the irrelevant PS3/360/PC versions. The graphics are so amazingly sharp and detailed, they look like real life not even Crysis 3 is comparable. You can see every little movement thanks to the Wii U’s enormous processing power. The visuals are also a lot better than the other versions.

    The Wii U will have the definitive version of this game with the best gameplay and the most stunning graphics.

    1. Hmmm. I cant wait to download this later on. Are the graphics really as good as you say ?.

      They were absolutely unbelievable on 3DS I will say that much. It rivals almost every PS vita game except – low resolution + it’s 3D

    2. Ummm. I think you are over blowing it quite a bit. The graphics are just HD and slightly updated from the 3DS. It will look the same on each other piece of hardware it is going to be released on. Although, the Wii U does seem to have it’s advantages with the pad. I kept wanting to reload my gun by pressing the button on the pad but it wouldn’t let me, not sure if I had a weird control scheme set up or not though. I just played it default. Although, it feels very much like an old style RE mixed with RE4 so that is fantastic. Certainly a buy for me.

  3. I had downloaded the demo at around the midnight launch. And just like the Nintendo 3DS original, I find it extremely difficult to put my Game Pad down. It’s both addicting and creepy… in a positive way. Capcom have done a hell of a job recreating the 3DS original and add more features and exclusive functions to the gPad. Time to save up your $$$ and grab Jill’s boo– I mean, buy the game when it launches next week.

    1. I downloaded it before i went to work today. I loved it…….. but i do have ONE problem. NO GYRO CONTOLS!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the gyro controls on the 3ds especially when scanning. If capcom put in the gyro controls just for the scanning I am 100000% great!!!!

      I will still get the game tho. I just hope that capcom read miiverse. Cause It’s not I alone wants this to be added.

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  5. the demo is short but its great!!!! will be buying it. graphics look incredible, gameplay is cool, going to enjoy it a lot

  6. TheTrruth4thaHaters

    Id like to point out the FACT that the WIIU version looks much better than the ps3 version, so yeah. As far as crysis 3 goes, I rented it 4 my 360 and while cryengine is incredible, it looks like crap on 360, being very hard to distinguish what is what. Not all levels were terrible but most were. It looked like a mess. BO2 campaign looked way better/clear. Overhyped game for sure crysis was.

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