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LEGO Friends Will Build Up To Autumn 3DS Release

lego friendsLEGO is about to get a spritz of feminine couture in TT Games’ new title announced for the Nintendo 3DS and DS. LEGO Friends is based on the building set collection of toys, which was launched in 2012, and has proved very popular for the younger generation of girls.

LEGO Friends, based in the tranquil area of Heartlake City, will allow players to explore their unique sense of style, dance until their feet drop off and take pictures with the 3DS camera at the studio, as well as focus on building relationships with their group of friends.  And even if you’re a bit of a tomboy, LEGO Friends has got you covered, as you can have a kick-around at football practice.

TT Games Managing Director Tom Stone said in support of the title:

“We are very proud to welcome even more girls into the world of LEGO videogames with a title based on the best-selling LEGO Friends line. LEGO Friends allows players to build personal fun adventure while expressing their individual style and personality along the way.”

The game is set for release this Autumn. Is it good news that the LEGO franchise is expanding to another audience? Let us know your thoughts below.

31 thoughts on “LEGO Friends Will Build Up To Autumn 3DS Release”

  1. girl games obv have to be about a group of tween girls and cute dresses and fashion… cus otherwise a girl would neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever play a video game…. -.- such piss shit. Like c’mon… wtf aha.. even if this is aimed at a niche’ market its like the fuck… does this sell well? Do they really think girls want these games and not something cooler like zelda or sotc or mgs?

    1. Its made for a certain demographic, believe it or not, little girls and tweens also pick up 3DS’s.

      Plus, its 3rd party. So no biggie.

  2. this is offensive like i wanna dress up dolls and play damn barbie -_- if this is what they think we want to play their stupid.

  3. spoiled rotten barbies, it makes perfect sense why there named bratz. i bet you some little kids wish they could have a fucking car. then they want to be models at 10. not eating thinking thats how they should look. really though why post this, this is just bait and waiting to be attacked. good one.

  4. I’m a girl, but this is ridiculous. All damn toys targeted to girls are about fashion brats that have to be skinny and perfect. Where is the fun on that? This ones are not even legos for christ sake, but I guess normal legos don’t fit in their beauty standard.
    If you want to do something cool for girls, do a female badass superheroes series or something, anything that is not about going to a shop to try clothes or wearing make up.

    1. WET, Bayonetta, TOMBRAIDER, Metroid, Remember me, ect, ect, ect. Its been done, this is just a 3rd party game aimed at a certain group.

  5. Lego usually do decent humorous games, so there is a tiny chance that it might not be the shovelware it looks like?

    But honestly this type of game offends me, in my opinion games like this make less females gamers, or if they do become gamers they are guuuuurrrllll gamers…
    Think about it, this is aimed at tweens, if this is one of their first games, they will most likely not find it engaging in any way and not buy any more games. So you are costing yourself future customers of the games industry. And yeah if they like that type of drivel then they become the all annoying guurrl gamer..

    Things do not have to be dumbed down or made easier for female teenage gamers, I finished baldurs gate 2 at around 12 and loved it.

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