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Nintendo Reveals A New, Lovely Nintendo 3DS Color


Nintendo has revealed a brand-new color for the original Nintendo 3DS model. Pictured above, the Metallic Red Nintendo 3DS will go on sale in Japan on June 13th, comes packaged with a 4GB SD Card, and it’ll cost 15,000 yen. Despite the Nintendo 3DS XL being the newer model of the handheld console, it seems like Nintendo will continue pushing sales of the original Nintendo 3DS. A couple months ago, Light Blue and Gloss Pink Nintendo 3DS systems were released in Japan.

45 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals A New, Lovely Nintendo 3DS Color”

      1. I love the idea of the 3ds xl, but i think it was kinda sloppy the way they did it. I wish nintendo would do a regular 3ds redesign! And make it White too!

        Some wiiu games would be nice too..

  1. I have the Flame Red 3DS which are really similar. I still have my Metallic Red DS Lite in my collection. I would always play Mario kart DS and Phantom Hourglass on it. Good memories,good memories.

  2. I don’t specifically think the XL was meant to be a direct upgrade, but another option, so I’m not at all surprised their still pushing sales of the original. As long as they’ve fixed the screen scratch problem, it’s fine.

    1. Me too, I keep thinking that when I buy one, that they will come out with a version/color that I will like better than the one I bought. Haha

  3. you know this might be why nintendo is slowly failing. the focus on making too much of the same consoles, just in different colors or with bigger screens, and focus less on making actual games.

    really though, how is this different from my original red 3ds? a brighter shade of red??

    1. Ah, have you seen the 3DS game lineup this year at all? Kind of a stupid statement by you saying Nintendo focuses more of console colors ( 1) Customers demanded Nintendo to make more console colors/designs and 2) Hardware and software have seperate departments in Nintendo) than games.

      1. it’s not a stupid statement i know what i’m talking about. i didn’t say that they focused more on console making, i’m saying they should focus less on it. and i realize they have different departments too. i’m not an idiot.

        1. Nintendo knows what they are doing in the handheld devision. They realize people will keep buying the system if they entice people enough with the same system only with different colors, patterns and art work implemented on them. I doubt it even costs more money to change them. 💋

    2. Yeah I know right? It’s not like Sony and Microsoft did the same with the PS3 & 360 with all those differnt models over the years. Oh wait……………..

      1. The 3DS has been out for WAY less than the other consoles, (I’m not agreeing with ‘no on’ I’m just dissagreeing with your statement.

    3. Do you realize that Nintendo is made up of MULTIPLE different parts? Maybe like 5% is focused on console colors and psychology/PR. The other 95% is focused on making games and fixing console problems. So that given, you should know that Nintendo is not even close to starting slowly fail. They’re stronger than ever, and when Pokemon X and Y come out, their sales with skyrocket 1000%!

      1. what does that even mean. i did put thought into my comment. compare nintendo to companies that don’t focus as much on creating different colors for every single console. and i’m not saying they don’t focus on games at all, i’m saying they focus a lot on console making than they should. it’s nonsensical. i’m as much of a nintendo fanboy as anyone else but it really doesn’t take much to see that they’re not doing so good.

        ps maybe you should put some thought in your comment and be a little more specific instead of not understanding what i’m saying.

        1. Actualy if you where talking about the home console i would agree but the 3ds is a personal item that every person would prefer to have in a prefered color.

          1. the wii came in different colors and styles too. the wii mini, the wii that doesn’t play gamecube games, the original wii, the red one the black one all that stuff. heck even the gamecube did the same thing with its colors.

    4. Is just being smart dude, Apple does it too with their products: “New Ipad tablet” 3 months later “New Ipad mini, It’s small” and so are the Iphones, “New Iphone 4” and later “New Iphone 5, it’s bigger” and you don’t have to be smart to know that those two are the same thing the only difference is the size, but people buy it because, well i don’t know but one thing is for sure i don’t fall for that

  4. Ok, IDRC about this much considering I love my Fire Emblem 3DS, but come on Nintendo quit making mostly everything Japan-only and release it worldwide already. You’re not doing yourselves a favor releasing products for only one particular market when you can make more releasing it in many markets. Business 101 here.

    1. Business 101 is the reason why we don’t get nice things, you see they’ve tried it before. Japan eats up these different models/colors/exclusive, that’s why they get them.

  5. I want a remodel of the original 3DS where it’s made from the same plastic as the XL. The glossiness is nice but fingerprints show very easily. I have the same issue with the Wii U GamePad.

  6. What, is this like the 3rd or 4th shade of red now that has been released? Seriously, Nintendo, I think we have enough blue 3ds colors and enough red 3ds colors. Can we maybe navigate towards green or yellow or orange or something? Maybe a western white release? Thanks.

    ….sigh* these are japan colors anyway, what do i care?

  7. I could have swore there was already a red one. I must be thinking of the DS Lite or something.

      1. I wish I could trade my boring black 3DS for this one. Or, a green one if it ever comes out.

        1. If an Atomic Purple, blue, or Red Ever come out, ill would get it day one!

          I miss the see-through consoles.

  8. The smaller 3DS is still popular because some people just find it more portable, especially in Japan. ( Even adults take some time to play it on train rides to work and school. ) It’s nice to have many colour choices.

    1. I agree, I would personally buy the 3DS over the 3DS XL/LL. I love the shinyness and the bolder colours. Although the one thing that gets me is Japan gets all the pretty colours in the XL/LL and I want one :( That lottery Charizard and Eevee consoles are very enticing indeed!

      I would squeal if I ever got my hands on one of those in a PAL version (if they ever release one for us), or even obtain an Atomic Purple 3DS D: <3

      Perhaps I shall learn Japanese purely to obtain a Japanese console with a nice pattern :) xoxo

  9. This makes no sence, I bought the blue 3DS xl because there were only 2 colors available at the time (blue and red) I debated buying it because I’m not a fan of either colors, but I did, why not make new colors for the current model, that would boost sales!!!

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  11. Would be nice if they released some of these colors here in NA. So effin’ sick of the choices we have now.

  12. JAPAN NEEDS TO CUT IT OUT. I MEANCOME ON. THEY HAVE OVER 50 EXCLUSIVES, AND AMERICA HAS LESS THAN 10. GEEZ. JAPAN IS BEING TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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