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Putty Squad Bouncing Across To Wii U And 3DS This Summer

The remake of the 1992 platformer title Putty Squad is stretching over to both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Putty Squad saw success on the Amiga and the SNES, and now game developers System 3 are releasing the re-imagined classic to celebrate their 30th Anniversary.

With the promise of free downloadable content, enhanced visuals and a familiar but improved gameplay, Putty Squad will get you in full retro mode to stretch, morph and absorb the remake at its best. System 3’s CEO Mark Cale said the following in support of the upcoming release:

“Working on such a prestigious title again and to bring it up-to-date, brings back many great memories. Fans of the original are excited to get their hands on the return of the morphing blue blob hero. Putty Squad will be available on multiple platforms, where gamers can reconnect with their classic hero, discovering Putty unlike before.”

Putty Squad is set for a summer release on both the Wii U and 3DS in the Nintendo eShop. Will you be adding it to your collection?

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18 thoughts on “Putty Squad Bouncing Across To Wii U And 3DS This Summer”

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  3. This looks really really British, which isn’t as good a thing in gaming as in some other arenas. Strange that the same country who gave the world immortally original things like Monty Python and Harry Potter always seems to have a sort of parched, crunchy-rubber aesthetic when it comes to video games; granted I’m basing this judgment on this, James Pond, and Dizzy, which hardly make up all of English gaming but they LOOK more English to me than, say, Zombi U. Is it because PC gaming took off so early and the Amiga became the graphical standard games are judged by, rather than the NES as in NA?

    1. Batman Arkhum Games , Rockstar and GTA , Criterion , Burnout etc , Original RARE with Goldeneye , Media Molecule and Little Big Planet , Worms , Wipeout ,Lemmings , Tomb Raider , Codemasters , etc.

      I could go on all day. Britain has made some of the most important contributions to Video games since it began , buddy.

  4. I used to love Super Putty on the SNES. I saw earlier this year/late last year that Putty Squad was coming to the Vita in Europe but no word for North America.

    Glad it’s coming to Wii U and 3DS too but still no word on a North American release. ;/

    1. I asked them. They usualy give alot of info on the YouTube comments i even got the hint that oliver.and spyke may beat wiiu exclusive.

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