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Kamiya Says The Wonderful 101 Will Appear On Nintendo Direct Tomorrow


Master troll and Platinum Games designer, Hideki Kamiya, has told a Wonderful 101 fan that the game will be appearing on the Nintendo Direct which takes place tomorrow. It makes sense that The Wonderful 101 will be shown, as the Nintendo Direct is focussing on the spring and summer lineup for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Are you looking forward to seeing the Wonderful 101?

Tomorrow…on a Nintendo Direct… RT @SimonShinobi: Do you know if they’re gonna talk about TW101 tomorrow?

57 thoughts on “Kamiya Says The Wonderful 101 Will Appear On Nintendo Direct Tomorrow”

        1. My reason is that Masahiro Sakurai is really picky with who he lets into a Super Smash Bros. game. Considering that the Wonderful 101 is only one game and we don’t know how well it will sell I say it’s highly unlikely to expect them to be playable characters in the next Super Smash Bros. game. I mean even Hideo Kojima had to beg to let Solid Snake be put in Brawl. It’s that cutthroat!

          1. Snake was the worst character is SSB and kojima only wanted snake there because it could help to make metal gear popular and i think it’s unfair that almost all metal gear games are exclusive for other consoles.

            1. I disagree. Snake was a nice divergent from the usual suspects and I really enjoyed designing levels specifically for him in the level editor. What I would do is make perches only him and a select few others could reach and then have him snipe other characters with his stinger and lob grenades at them. It was awesome!

              1. That’s called camping, and in an FPS that would make you scum. Seriously, no sense fighting against someone using such a strategy.

            2. False.
              Kojima did not ask for Snake to be in SSBB to only make Metal Gear popular. The MG(S) is already popular enough. Furthermore, Kojima wasn’t directly the one that asked for Snake to be in Smash Bros, but rather his son. Oh, and Snake is definitely the worst character in SSBB; he’s quite broken at times.

              1. Yep, snake sucks in ssb, he’s too slow, but i say that i somewhat agree, kojima should support nintendo with more metal gear games.

                  1. I’m baffled myself. Snake is one of the “top tier” in Brawl. This guy didn’t play Brawl enough it seems. Now if he said overpowered, that would be a different story.

            3. What? Only one MG game is an exclusive, and that’s MGS4 on the PS3. Also, MGS has sold far more as a series than Smash Bros – and Smash Bros gets the vast majority of its sales from the US alone (e.g. it sold 15 copies in the US for every 1 sold in the UK).

          2. Your right and im sure sakurai and nintendo would rather put characters thatll have a great promotional push in future games like on wii u or 3ds. Characters like pushmo could be a cool assist

            1. Personally I hope they put Jack Cayman in the next Super Smash Bros. series and then announce that they will publish Madworld 2 exclusively on Wii U as well as port over Anarchy Reigns. This would only strengthen their bond with Platinum Games.

          3. i too doubt they’ll show up seeing as tehy said that they’re not focusing on adding too many new characters to the game as they are finding a good balance of characters and fine tuning the fighting mechanics.

            1. i expect only say 12 more these are the 12 I want
              1 ridley
              2 palutena
              3 king k rool
              4 paper mario or waluigi (or a 3rd fire emblem character)
              5 shulk
              6 isaac (should be in)
              7 little mac (series got a revival)
              8 takamuru (good retro character that popped out of nowhere in nl)
              9 dillion (represents eshop and unique moveset)
              10 new ip (if retro is making a new ip, or how about miyamoto’s new ip he said he was creating?)
              11 3rd Party: Namco Character
              12 3rd Party: Megaman

    1. I expect only two more third party characters in smash, the first being a namco character obviously, and the second being either megaman or a platinum games character.

  1. Hahah, this is a joke, he does this to everyone who asks him shit about bayonetta
    “where can we hear about bayonetta?” “next week… in game magazines..” XD

  2. “Master troll and Platinum Games designer, Hideki Kamiya”

    Ouch, nice burn there sickr. Still has a ways to go to reach Kojima-level troll though.

  3. Anyway, I’m thinking they’ll announce a delay tomorrow for this one. Hopefully I’m wrong though. I need them to focus on Bayonetta 2.

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  5. Hopefully a release date, hopefully. June or July, as i’m getting my WiiU in June :p
    Same applies to Pikmin 3

  6. You know that Kamiya always does that right? I really hope we see something TW101 related but I wouldn’t count that as a confirmation

  7. Knowing our luck, it’s likely going to be the only one mentioned tomorrow. I’m being very realistic here, despite the fact that we had several upcomings announced in an earlier Direct.

  8. Pre-ordered and expecting release date,probably round pikmin 3 as I can see them pushing the games from then with mario universe and zelda ww in oct.I would think bayonetta 2 will be out for the holidays with some other top titles ie monolith soft project X and possibly mario kart.

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  10. i expect this, as well as dkcr3d, ac:nl, for 3ds as well as wiifitu, g and wario, and pikmin 3. also miiverse 3ds and wii u summer system update

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