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Future Nintendo Direct Rumours Emerge


A number of you have sent in a thread by a Neogaf member from a site that claims to know the content of future Nintendo Direct presentations. I saw the information yesterday, but it looks highly suspect to me. Anyway, be sure to take this information with a grain of salt. We already know that the next few Nintendo Direct presentations will feature a whole host of titles for this holiday season and beyond. The games likely to be shown off include 3D Mario, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker and Smash Bros. Here’s the rumours.

Late May / First Week of June

  • Pre-NintE3do Direct: Wii U & Nintendo 3DS. Summary: Join us for our worldwide announcement of Nintendo’s E3 Expo plans for June 10th through June 13th. In this direct, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata will clarify a few names, logos and release dates for upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS software that we will be exhibiting at E3. Furthermore, Mr. Iwata-san will detail how our new E3 structure will work including software updates that will allow you to view Nintendo E3 information where ever you go. (Late May, first week of June.)

June 10

  • NintE3do Direct: Wii U & Nintendo 3DS Social Software. Summary: Welcome to our first ever Nintendo Direct from E3! Before we announce all of the video game software Nintendo plans to release this Summer and Holiday in 2013, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata would like to go into detail a list of software updates for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and how new social games and applications such as Wii Fit U and Mii Kabuki Theater will leverage those features in the following months. (June 10th)
  • NintE3do Direct: Iwata Asks Wii U Zapper. Summary: In our first installment of Iwata’s Asks, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata will interview hardware developers and key software developers at Nintendo R&D to how the Wii U Zapper was designed and created to expand the game-play potential of the Wii U GamePad.
  • NintE3do Direct: Iwata Asks Disney Interactive Studios. Summary: In this Iwata Asks, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata will talk to our friends at Disney Interactive, investigating how Disney’s newest properties such as Star Wars [unless EA is making a SW game for 3DS, then I’m not so sure about this], Disney Infinity and Planes will offer unique game-play experience on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. (June 10th)
  • NintE3do Direct: Iwata Asks Ubisoft. Summary: In this Iwata Asks, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata will interview Ubisoft President Yves Guillemot and the rest of the development staff at Ubisoft as they showcase the huge list of games Ubisoft will bring to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS platform such as Watch_Dogs and Rayman Legends. (June 10th)
  • NintE3do Direct: Nintendo eShop Showcase: [I didn’t feel this had enough ground to add into the article, I might post it in a future article.]

June 11

  • NintE3do Direct: Wii U Software Showcase. Summary: Welcome to the Nintendo Direct E3 Wii U Software Showcase. Nintendo Co Ltd. President and Nintendo of America CEO Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amie will showcase brand new titles coming to the Wii U.First footage will be shown of Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Wii U, Mario Kart U, Yarn Yoshi, and Project X and more as well as key titles from our partnerships and third party software publishers. (June 11th)
  • NintE3do Direct: Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase. Summary: Welcome to the Nintendo Direct E3 Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase. Nintendo Co Ltd. President and Nintendo of America CEO Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amie will showcase brand new titles coming to the Nintendo 3DS. More footage will be shown for The Legend of Zelda: Return to the Past, Mario Party 3D, Mario & Luigi’s Dream Team and Pokemon X & Y as well as key titles from our partnerships and third party software publishers. New unannounced titles for Nintendo 3DS will also be shown. (June 11th)
  • NintE3do Direct: Iwata Asks Retro Studios: Summary: In this Iwata Asks, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata will interview the talented people at Retro Studios as they go in depth on their latest game for Wii U that has been years in the making, a huge undertaking to create something nobody has seen before! (June 11th)
  • NintE3do Direct: Iwata Asks Platinum Games. Summary: In this Iwata Asks, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata will interview the Japanese hardcore gamer darling, Platinum Games, as they go deeper into how the Wii U gives the studio an amazing canvas to create fast paced, hard edged action games. New footage from The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2 and other projects will be spotlighted.(June 11th)
  • NintE3do Direct: Iwata Asks Monolith Soft. Summary: In this Iwata Asks, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata will interview Tetsuya Takahashi and the rest of the Monolith Soft staff on how the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS allows them to dream and design bigger than ever before. New footage from Monolith Soft Wii U and Nintendo 3DS projects will be shown. (June 11th)
  • NintE3do Direct: Super Smash Bros Direct. Summary: Welcome to the first ever Super Smash Bros Direct! In this first episode, Super Smash Bros creator and President of Sora Ltd. Masahiro Sakurai will give a detailed tour of the game’s new mechanics as well as the relationship between the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game. New footage from both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games will be shown. (June 11th)
  • NintE3do Direct: Miyamoto’s Inside Story. Summary: In this special Nintendo Direct, join legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto as well as General Manager of EAD Software Development Department Takashi Tezuka, Nintendo EAD Tokyo Development Group Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, Mario Kart Producer Hideki Konno, Pikmin Producer Hiroyuki Kimura and Legend of Zelda Series Director Eiji Aonuma as they explore the workings of Miyamoto’s design philosophy in the newest Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games announced at E3 2013. (June 11th)

June 12

  • NintE3do Direct: Iwata Asks Activision. Summary: In this Iwata Asks, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata will interview Activision CEO Bobby Kotick as they review all the amazing games Activison will bring to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS platforms from Call of Duty Ghosts to Skylanders: Swap Force and more! (June 12th)
  • NintE3do Direct: Iwata Asks Capcom. Summary: In this Iwata Asks, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata will interview Yoshinori Ono as they dish out news of Capcom’s new endeavors on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. (June 12th)
  • NintE3do Direct: TOP SECRET IWATA ASKS– June 12th– Summary: [Not enough ground]
  • NintE3do Direct: Iwata Asks Square Enix– June 12th– Summary: [Not enough ground]
  • NintE3do Direct: Iwata Asks Sega– June 12th– Summary: [Not enough ground]
  • NintE3do Direct: TOP SECRET IWATA ASKS– June 12th– Summary: [Not enough ground]

June 13

  • NintE3do Direct: Pokemon Direct– June 13th– Summary: Welcome to the newest installment of Pokemon Direct. In this edition, Pokemon Game Director Junichi Masuda will give us an in-depth look into the brave new world of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS. New Pokemon will be revealed and new game-play mechanics never seen before in the series will be featured.
  • NintE3do Direct: Nintendo E3 2013 Conclusion– June 13th Summary: Thank you all for tuning in to the Nintendo E3 2013 Direct Experience. Before we close shop, Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata would like to express his thanks for those who support Nintendo with our Wii U and Nintendo 3DS products as well as recap all the biggest highlights and buzz from you, our fans.

222 thoughts on “Future Nintendo Direct Rumours Emerge”

      1. Activison..? No no no…. BO2 was a extremely crappy port on Wii U, horrible framerate, long loading times, no DLC, no extra camos, no extra game modes (like Arms Race) horrible patches with more bugs then fixes, its not the devs fault, its Activions fault for having a team of 4 with like 1/32 of the budget for Wii U

        1. Wii U black ops 2 still scored higher than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions on GameRankings. It may be a port. But it’s not a crappy one. The lack of DLC is because we have a small ass community.

          1. You mean small ass sales because even with the current base if activision sold have of it they would gave been very happy.

          2. The small ass community is because people knew there would be a lack of DLC. If they released the DLC. People mighty actually think about buying the Wii U version next time since they would know it was coming.

        2. Horible Framerate ? It’s butter smooth last time I played it.

          The campaign has a few moments where is fucks up but even that is smooth for the most. And the Multiplayer and Zombies is just as smooth as it is anywhere else.

      2. and dont forget namco bandai since their making a pacman game and co developing the next smash bros

    1. Seems pretty legit to me. I believe it. And even if it is fake, I expect the NintE3ndo Directs to be very much like what was stated in the article above. 💋

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I agree. It’s believable to the point where it SHOULD be real, not because of fanboy daydreaming, but because it would be the only thing that would make sense.

    2. Obviously fake. Shitendo never even make any thing good its all kiddy Mario nd happy pokemon lol have fun fags with gaytendo
      And my icon looks like a ufo lol

      1. Really? Ignoring that SSBB was copied for All Stars. Also ignoring that Metroid is another Nintendo Game as well as Starfox and Pikmin which is too complicated for young kids to figure out.

        1. Why go and sink as low as him? It’s not like you’re any better if you’re saying thing’s like gaystation. Brand loyalty sucks, man.

          1. Bullshit! You’re nothing but a pretendo remedial. If you own a Wii U (which you don’t have), you shouldn’t be fucking hating the company. Respect the company who have made the system that you’ve bought and support the company.

              1. Frankly, you’re nothing but a remedial excuse for a gamer… a poser. That link that you’ve posted indicates that I just don’t give a fuck. Good day sir.

                    1. lol i like how i counter youre argument then your like “yeah it doesnt matter anyway!” lol

                      1. You’re still fucking pathetic. Begins with a “lol”… and ends with a “lol”… like an asshurt troll that you are. Quit wasting your fucking time and move on. If you don’t like Nintendo, why the fuck are you buying their systems? It’s over, Gerald… and you still lose. iAdios, carbon!

                1. aha yeah “yeah well youre pathetic anyway!” nice comeback dumbass i buy a 3ds becos i like some of the games nd i got my bros wii u for monster hunter

                  also for the 2nd fuckin time, its JEREMY!

                  1. The time was n the fuckin paper how did I borrow one tthat quick srsly accept I actually hve a Wii u I’m not that desprate for some guy on the intenrt to believe me

                    1. Sorry bro but thatspretty desperate defence isnt it possible i have a wiiu but dont raelly enjoy it and that 3DS got hours of use age n MUTHERTRUCKIN fire emblem! Best nntendo series

                  1. Stop that…

                    Leave him be, I mean, it’s his oppinion. Why don’t you go tell some crack addict to stop smoking crack instead? That would be a better thing.

                    Besides that picture he sent of his WiiU and 3DS was hilarious, he’s obviously joking around, else he wouldn’t have bought a WiiU. I mean, I didn’t, I’m still waiting to get one.

                1. Your little brother bought it??? Stop exposing your self kid and go back to the facebook loser that suposely loved his mother.

      1. It’s not really that many and if this is valid it would be a great way for Nintendo to let people know that 1st and 3rd party devs, at least not all of them, haven’t lost complete faith in the Wii U. Iwata asks is a great opportunity for developers to be engaged in a casual enough interview to give us honest opinions instead of mostly corporate jargon. If the iwata asks with activision, actually happens that would be brilliant, but I feel that the majority of this will be debunked in the very near future. I do really hope they show more from X(enoblade 2) at E3, but I doubt we have any hint at a release date for a few of these titles.

    1. seems like a lot of nintendo directs…they could just do one big one for wii u and one big one for 3DS

      1. Yeah but by spreading it out they’ll dominate over Microsoft and Sony’s presentations, because theirs will seem so small. 💋

      2. I only think there will be five

        1-Outline of Schedule of Events and the Best Buy Deal (Pre-E3 Direct)

        2-Social Software Direct (Wii U summer system update, Miiverse 3DS, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, Wii Sports U, Flipnote Studio 3D, eshop stuff)

        3-Wii U Software Showcase (3d mario, mario kart x sonic racing, wind waker hd, x, bayoneta 2, yoshi, retro’s game, miyamoto’s new ip, third parties)

        4-3DS Software Showcase (mario luigi dream team, zelda link to the past 2, mario party, yoshi island, layton, pokemon, third parties)

        5-Recap (a recap of the announcements made, and at the end there will be a surprise smash bros trailer for wii u/3ds)

    2. Whether if it’s a rumor or not, Nintendo will most DEFINITELY dominate E3… especially playing unfinished demos at the nearest Best Buy in the United States and Canada!

            1. Awwww look, another troll with no life who stays on our forums instead of his own… phony’s or microshit’s… welcome douchbag, and enjoy a real company… Nintendo owns you tweezer pipi cheese suckers…

          1. Just the fact that you specified “unfinished” demos made it sound like you were being sarcastic. Shame we never get anything like that here in England :(

    3. Honestly, this sounds very, very promising. It is exactly what I expected out of Nintendo during E3 this year. All I can say is, I hope that Super Smash Oriented Nintedo Direct is true on June 12!!!! I am itching for some SSB4 news! Nintendo with it’s multiple NintE3ndo Directs will completely overshadow Microsoft and Sony’s E3. I can just feel it in my blood. 💋

      1. Infinite_Rubix_Cube

        I don’t know about that, because no matter how big your announcements are, no matter what games you reveal, you’ll never overshadow the unveiling of one, let alone TWO new consoles.

      2. Right there with you on the Smash Bros thing. They very offhandedly mentioned the new one at E3 2011, and there’s been next to nothing on it since. I’ve been dying for news on my second-favorite series for the last two years! The idea of a whole Nintendo Direct dedicated to it has me hoping that this list is the real deal.

        Okay, so Brawl began development in October of 2005, and came out in Japan in January of 2008. So that’s a little over two years. This one began work over a year ago. Given that this time around they’re working with a much bigger development team with plenty of experience in fighting games, and that they apparently already had a promising prototype of the game engine shortly after E3 2012, I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to put Sm4sh on my Christmas list this year – maybe not a guarantee, but I see it as a distinct possibility.

        1. I agree. I can totally see Smash Bros. 4 comin out by Christmas the earliest, late Spring the latest. So EXCITED! 💋

    4. Posted this in previous post, but obviously more people will see it here. This is my email to Nintendo regarding the recent Youtube claiming.
      It covers everything, and i feel everyone here should do the same (dont copy and paste), the email explains why, take a look, it’s worth a read (sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes, i’m only human, not perfect):

      I’m writing this email in regards to your recent decision to claim as revenue on other people’s Youtube channel, such as Let Play’s, Walkthrough’s ect.
      While i understand your decision to do this, and i agree from a legal stand point that it is within your right to do so, and any channel or videos affected were posted and were collecting as revenue were under the assumption that at any given time the video could be claimed or taken down, and to do so would be under their own risk, i feel this decision has and will continue to create a much larger negative effect not only on your image as a company, but as a produce of content.
      I myself am not a Youtuber, and have never posted a video of any form. I also don’t watch many let’s players, but when i do, i do so as form of entertainment, or information, such channels such as chuggaconroy play your games, and expresses his love for them, and it entertaining to watch as a form of commentary, over the gameplay. I also regularly watch videos on the channel GameXplain, where videos from gameplay analysis, reviews, walkthroughs, are posted. In particular as a fan of your content, i’m always eager to get my hands on it once it comes out, but as you may guess, waiting is a little harder than we’d all like, so i watch these videos as a way to “quench my appetite” as i wait for the release date, as well as get general information and speculations about the games, and i’m not alone in this opinion.

      It’s for this reason that i hope you reconsider your decision, or find a way that is beneficial to both yourself as a company and business, as well as the people that promote your business and up coming games out of the sole intention that they’re avid fans of your work. The public reaction to this has been extremely negative, and i suspect if not corrected, would directly affect your game sales. It’s reached a point where just reading comments, i’ve seen people say that they would refuse to purchase your content anymore, or go as far as boycotting, even though they have no legal upper ground to do so, and as an affect, i believe the image you were attempting to keep has only caused a mass amount of negativity, which is very bad considering how close we are to E3, the launch of 2 new systems for Sony and Microsoft, and with the currently poor sales of the WiiU.

      My suggest would be, aside from completely ceasing to claim revenues on videos, to either share the profits, or create a partnership with channels in order to still control your content, that’ll allow people to upload their videos, as well as have them appear on your channel, but also allow them to receive some, or all the as revenue on their own channels, so that they can continue to do what they, as some people have reached a point where they do this for a living, and cutting off their money means unfortunately, they’re loosing their jobs.
      I find that solution would be highly effective and beneficial to you and those people, and anyone else who you choose to partner with, which i feel is very important not only to the image of your company, but also the success of it, and in an ever changing world of media and connectivity, being on board with this puts you in a very powerful position, and a very likeable one.

      Thank you for taking your time to read this, and i hope for the sake of your company, the people who upload videos, and for myself and other fans who want you to succeed and continue to bring us amazing content, that you truly consider the options i suggested, and i suspect other people have as well, thank you, and i look forward to your E3 Nintendo Directs in the coming weeks

      If you bothered to read it, and feel the same, contact Nintendo. I feel both sides have their arguments, and it legally Nintendo is right, but obviously, it wasn’t a well thought out decision, and we as the fan should be honest enough to admit when a company does something wrong, and be a part of telling them that, it’s something Nintendo have a unique part of them, that the fans are their business, and the reason they make the content they love to make.

      1. Youd be surprised that a lets play video doesnt really help sales most people use them as guides though, so I am okay with nintendos decision, its completely legal, and they were nice enough to dont take down the videos. Pleas stop this nonsense

        1. Let’s plays don’t help sales? You have got to be kidding… And this doesn’t JUST for let’s plays. It also goes for Trailers,Gameplay,Guids and even videos with Nintendo characters in it. This is a really dumb move and I don’t see benifiting nintendo in the slightest.

        2. I’m not arguing that they were allowed to do it.
          And those people are only part of the percentage, people DO watch them as entertainment, and alot of good Lets Plays, in particular the Nintendo focused ones, play games from past, like Super Metroid, Mario 64, Zelda, Pokemon, those games dont need walkthroughs, theyve been out, money has already been made, the channel is doing it for entertainment, and for the people who enjoy the videos.
          The other side is people who post informative videos. Go and look at th channel GameXplain, the videos there are the Let Play kind, and rather, they’re very news like, with gameplay/trailer analysis, speculations, reviews, and yes, walkthroughs. It’s an informative media.
          I agree those who just upload full unedited game walkthroughs of every release, can go suck a dick, they’re just money baiting, the sort of people that are like “like, comment, subscribe” or say “if this reaches x amount of likes, or views, i’ll upload the next part”, those people can suck a fat one, and are the ones complaining, solely because of money.

        3. Chuggaaconroy’s LP of Kirby’s Epic Yarn begs to differ. Since he LPed that game, Kirby’s Epic Yarn started to rank weekly on video game charts….. well in America at least.

          1. If thats true why dont he do lets plays of games that need the sales or are not well know? Yep because people where searching zelda gameplay to begin with not who was going to be playing it. So your point dosnt hold ground that it helps or damage.

            1. exactly why not show something like pandoras tower, thats bullshit!!!! krby is a well know fucking character, if he did it on pandoras tower or something your saying that game would have sold better. if true he should do shit like that….. oh wait its because it wasnt him

            2. Because he does LPs of games HE ENJOYS. Besides he did LPs of Epic Yarn, Pokemon Colosseum, Wind Waker, Super Paper Mario, Pokemon Emerald, Majora Mask which are all underrated games.

              1. But well know . It is strange that he do lets plays of just games with well know ips of Nintendo. To me that he just like Nintendo biggest ips that dont need help to sell. Why he said is that Mario and zelda are big now because of lets players? How about he do a lets play of the new unknow Nintendo ips? Exsacly because they will not get has many views.

                1. I know I am late, but I don’t care. Regarding to your comment about LPers doing only popular Ninty games, that is not true. Chuggaa also did Epic Yarn which is not that popular, Okami, the Mother games, Wind waker which was hated, Super paper mario which was hated, Pokemon Colosseum which was hated.

              1. Mother dont need the sales now and Nintendo is not id matching old games just certain new ones. There still a huge backlog of games he can make money of.

            3. Maybe because he’s not doing it to boost their sales, nor is he just targeting the newest games to get the most views, he’s doing the ones that he enjoys.

              1. That dosnt make sence then. Lets player are using the excuse that they are doing it to help give free promotion but Mario dosnt need promotion neither zelda and i realy doub he just like the big Nintendo ips.

        1. Wasn’t a post, it was an email to Nintendo.
          You should do the same, email them why it’s a bad thing, as a fan we should be doing this, just dont copy my email.

          1. Say its bad all you want; in the end, the primary complaint is that the LPers wouldn’t be making money. That’s the main issue everyone has here, but nobody wants to say that’s the case. Why should Nintendo taking away ad revenue stop people from uploading videos especially if those videos aren’t going to be taken down? There is literally no reason why viewers themselves should even be upset with any of this; they haven’t lost any revenue, so that just leaves the LPers. The problem, however, is that if the LPers just quit, they’d be admitting that they were in it for the money all along. And who needs to watch somebody like that? People say it’s hard work to make and upload videos, and coming from a former LPer like myself, I won’t disagree with that, but that hard work is not enough to be entitled to profit.

            1. I’m not saying the negative outcry is wrong, it’s completely based on ignorance and a lack of understand, and the people complaining have no right to.
              But is it worth risking their image and their sales, just for some stupid ad revenue, that people are just going to use AdBlock on, and is going to put some people out of a job

      2. I agree with Nintendo’s position on “Let’s Plays” on Youtube. It is their content, so no one else deserves the money made from utilizing Nintedo’s games, aside from Nintendo. Even if people think it is a stupid decision, because Nintendo will lose “free advertisement” it is still their call whether they want it or not. Personally, if I were in Nintendo’s position, I would do the exact same thing. 💋

      3. I still believe that the Let’s Players that are honest and true to their craft, won’t let lack of monetization stop them from doing Nintendo games.

        1. Oh no doubt, but those are the types of people that deserve to still be allowed to make a profit, because profit isn’t their concern, it’s about creating entertaining and informative content, that’s why i want Nintendo to partner with these people.
          Their online presence, which is noticeably thin, and under constant barrage of fucking moron haters, would grow alot by advertising the channels that do it for entertainment and because they like Nintendo, and they should receive ad revenue so that they can continue to do so.

          This has more to do with Nintendo’s image and sales, and creating an unparalleled online presence, rather than stopping some people making money.

    5. Although I wish all this would happen, but it’s impossible because then Ninty will have nothing to show us for next year (they are a company capable of doing great things but not that fast).
      Don’t count Nintendo out because of this is true then they MUST HAVE more stuff in store for later no? We’ll just have to wait and see.

      1. They wont show Zelda. That’ll be there next year. An Fzero is rumoured to be in early stages. Nintendo have alot of studios, and consider the amount of games that released on the 3DS since last May, they have the means to maintain the supply, but i do think this E3 in particular, has alot of games that have been building up for a long time, such as Retro’s game, Smash Bros, and any other surprises.

      2. Ummm.. they could show ALL THIS at E3 2013 and then make ALL NEW games to show next year!!! You ever think of that? 💋

        1. lol I know they can, and sorry for not being clear enough but what I meant in the comment is that will the be able to do that? Show all new games next year? Of course Ii wouldn’t mind it, but I was just asking :)

    6. The Legend of Zelda; return to the past?? Sounds better than ALTTP2…but that sounds like time travel could be involved…

      1. Link to the Past was originally called Triforce of the Gods but they changed it cause they didn’t want ‘God’ in the title for the US release.

        The original Link to the Past didn’t have any time travel at all. so this one probably won’t either the gimmick seems to be the 2d paper thing.

        It was going to though, the triforce was supposed to be a time travel device/computer chip.
        or so I’ve read.

    7. The real rumors wherse covered with ” not enough ground” the rest are abvious that is goin to happen.

    8. That sounds like a great formula if true.
      One Nintendo Direct every day of E3, so much more content than just a 1-hour press conference.

    9. I just hope they bring Square Enix and Level-5 along to announce DQVII (SE) and Fantasy Life + Prof. Layton vs. Ace Attorney (Level-5). Do that and I’d the happiest.

    10. Bullshit. It seems realistic but the having a iwata asks with a square enix just blew it. Square Enix is barely supporting Nintendo and they are probably more interested in the PS4.

        1. I think the quote used by sickr here was “take it with a grain of salt”. I doubt there’s gonna be that many directs. Too much going on at E3 for Nintendo to put out that many directs and get the main attention of people.

        2. Ignoring that each Direct brings us to better understand the Wii U and its future software. Unless you are not interested in the new Lost Words, Retro’s game, next Mario 3D and SSB4 and finally seeing Wii U’s capacity of graphics!

      1. Ness, that is what the direct is for. To show what Nintendo and S. Enix haven’t shown/told us yet!!! 💋

    11. “… they review all the amazing games Activison will bring to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS platforms from Call of Duty Ghosts to Skylanders: Swap Force and more!”

      WHAT DAFUQ ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?! Nobody wants to play that shovelware!!!!!

        1. Instead of CoD and Skylanders they should ensure the or else there will be a lot more droughts. Nintendo releases all of their games and the other exclusives within a short time period just to stop the other consoles. It might work at the beginning but it’s no secret that the other consoles will gain much more support. Imagine a worst case scenario where they released all the games and lost the entire 3rd party and indie support. There wouldn’t be anything except VC for atleast three years until a new wave of games is ready.

          I want Nintendo to go out and PAY (if neccessary) for the games just like they said themselves. Remember “….and I want the best of third party”. Right now the Wii U is failing to fulfill its purpose. It was made to get the Wii’s flaws away and to prevent the pack of non nintendo content.

          I am sick of the whole “wait until E3, wait until direct, wait untilthe big games” why did they release the Wii U a year before the games?

          1. To be honest am absolutely loving my wii u with games lego city,injustice,zombie u,monster hunter,nfs, have kept me happy.Maybe the games released so far your not to keen on?I pretty much all type games with twenty in my collection so far.We could have n64 all over again ie so many developers but the percent of quality games is high,this I belive will be case which is fine by me.

            1. Well I thought about Lego City because of the humor, I already played need for speed on my PC and the other games don’t interest me. I know that I am going to get a Wii U when that Mario Galaxy successor and the secomd Bayonetta game come out but I want to play with that console after those games too. I dom’t want a Wii all over again where I played two Metroids, two Mario Galaxy’s and two Zeldas. I am okay with a Gamecube like time without droughts where I got a ron of exclusives and some of the multi games.

          2. Did you owned a ps3? Because that console had less games and ports than the wiiu is having now but what should you know is almost 8 years since that many people dint knew how to walk then.

            1. I didn’t notice it back in the day because I bought my PS3 in 2009, I didn’t own a 360 and most of my gaming was playing a backlog from the Gamecube, N64, PSX, PS2 and SNES games I missed plus a good PC so I had enough to play.

          3. “Why did they release the Wii U a year before the games?” Ignoring that Wii sales were declining. Also ignoring that Wii U needed to consumers to purchase Wii U in order to get feed back and being sure that the games planned on being released were good quality games. Also ignoring that Ubisoft delayed Rayman Legends to go multiplat. Also ignoring that EA was going to release many games months ago.

    12. I would of guessed something along these lines happening,have heard for while there’s number third party titles in development and as it’s set out it makes sense to me.I would expect number of these titles set for release from oct.

    13. Is it just me who likes the idea of having multiple Nintendo Directs year around instead of having E3. Sure it’s a big change, but it seems like a better idea.

      1. I already prefer it. Even with the way Nintendo are doing things, out of the big 3 they’re the only ones actually using E3 for stuff. The Wii U was the only 8th Gen home console to be announced at E3; Sony and MS have already just about stopped caring about it.

        1. The people who follow the whole topic won’t care because they get theirbinfo anyways but the needed new customers won’t know anything.

          1. E3 has really only been relevant to longtime and persistant gamers. To everyone else in the world… it doesn’t even exist… 💋

            1. Exactly. Only a group of people can go to E3 anyway. Nintendo Directs are more accessible and anyone can discuss what’s happening like twich tv. And you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing things that might happen since the Directs are pre-recorded.

      1. creepy dude at the swings

        WHY NOT !!!!!



    14. people will think anything now days, you mean to tell me pious that all this shit is legit yo. get this i have been stuck in the tome of eternal darkness and my ass itches and i cat reach!!!!!

      1. cant reach* ill be back, just see, ive been prank calling nintendo, after so much insanity went in there head from me, they said ok ok, leave me alone!!!!!! they were going to fund MY game shadow of the eternals starring me pious!!!!! believe that bitches!!!!!! they said that they will fund it because the money wont be there and instead make it eternal darkness 2 starring me!!!!!!! they also said please dont call us again your driving me insane!!!!! thats what i do bitch!!!!!!!!

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    16. If this is anything close to the truth (which I believe it is) then Nintendo is set to have a epic amazing E3

    17. Who really cares about pokemon? Im a nintendo fan and its time the company grow up and start makibg some hardcore games without mario or zelda in the title.

      1. Sony and Microsoft are already too similar. We don’t need ANOTHER hardcore powerhouse. Nintendo is a powerhouse in it’s own, “friendlier” way. Which is better in my opinion. 💋

      2. Nintendo Commander

        We don’t need your Xbot fantasies in here…

        The word “hardcore” lost all meaning the second the Xbots entered the gaming universe…

        And worst of all the new gamers of today are so brainwashed by these corrupted words…

        And Pokemon selks millions every generation so obviously millions do care and enjoy these games unlike the social mainstream waste our time “games” like CoD…

    18. Just please don’t be a repeat of last year. I remember last year everyone was like “omg nintendo will dominate e3!” and then remember how disappointed everyone was? We got Nintendo land…
      Anyway, I too have a good feeling about this years E3. I’m excited for so many things! :D

    19. For all we know they could have filmed all of this stuff weeks ago. It does make a lot of sense. Rather than scrunching everything down into an hour show, they broke it up so that each game could shine, each developer can shine, and everything can have the buff and polish on it.

      I will say this. IF this is true, it’s brilliant. I tore Nintendo a new one when I found out that they weren’t doing a keynote speech, but this seems almost better and combined with the Best Buy tie-in the Wii U will be everywhere.

      I will also say that IF this is true and IF this is successful you can rest assured that the days of keynote speeches at E3 are over, but because Microsoft and Sony will be doing the same thing NEXT YEAR. Heck, E3 in general might be over.

      Lastly, IF this is true than I feel that what we have seen by Nintendo is a ‘soft-launch’ of the Wii U and that the true ‘Grand-Opening’ begins on June 10th 2013.

    20. Al they did was jot down stuff we can already predict will happen. I think the Activision one is true as Nintendo and Activision need a format to showcase the new Ghost game in depth.

    21. If this is true, and I expect some of it to be, nintendo wins. I mean for one it’s extremely likely retro’s game will be shown.

    22. Fake.

      Sora studios just closed by the beginning of this year.

      They announce the names of the games we already know, if this was real some unnanounced game names might pop out!

      The phrase “unnanounced games for Nontendo 3DS” really make me doubt, this is just what somebody thinks E3 will be like thats all!

      1. I agree completely. They wrote down what everybody thinks and since everybody already thought it people are like ‘Seems real.’

      2. It’s a strong possibly that the author of these rumors would probably like to keep his job and stay out of court. Announcing titles before Nintendo would assuredly get him fired and possible legal action towards him and his employers assuming he knows such information which he never insinuated that he did..

        Sora LTD. did not close up shop. “Project Sora” closed up shop which was a temporary-subsidiary to develop Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS.

        If this information is true the purpose was more than likely to give people an idea on how Nintendo is planning it’s itinerary for E3 rather than trying to give gossip about games that have been announced.

        This information probably is false, but not for the reasons you say.

        1. If you look at the original blog, it is just a fan blog that sometimes reports video game news. It doesn’t even has that many posts. The author even admits he is only 14 years old. This rumor is made-up.

              1. Probably made up then. He seems to be in damage-control mode now acknowledging that he has no facts to back up what he is saying yet still standing by what he said.

                I would say that less than %50 of what he said will wind up becoming true, but I think there are a some things that will wind up happening

                1. I would like five directs, that would be nice

                  1-Outline of Schedule of Events and the Best Buy Deal (Pre-E3 Direct)

                  2-Social Software Direct (Wii U summer system update, Miiverse 3DS, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, Wii Sports U, Pokémon Rumble U, Flipnote Studio 3D, eshop stuff)

                  3- Wii U Software Showcase (3d mario, mario kart x sonic racing, wind waker hd, x, bayoneta 2, yoshi, retro’s game, miyamoto’s new ip, third parties)

                  4- 3DS Software Showcase (mario luigi dream team, zelda link to the past 2, mario party, yoshi island, layton, pokemon, bravely default, third parties)

                  5- Smash Direct (like the pokemon direct in january, a trailer for smash bros as well as info. about how the wii u and 3ds versions connect)

    23. This all seems likely, but I think we all knew this before anyways. The thing I am curious of is the entire Direct for Smash Bros. That is a lot more than I expected. Also, I would think Pikmin 3 would be there somewhere as well as Zelda Wind Waker and Zelda U. Seems supsicious… I don’t think this is real but it could very easily be real. This person just wrote down what everybody has been expecting basically.

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    25. where is EA??????? ;_; ok no, everybody hate EA….anyway.. I can’t wait any longer I have huge expectations for Wii U I hope Nintendo present news IPs and I wait great games and the new Zelda <3

    26. The fact that there are a lot of areas where he’s not had enough evidence to post more, makes it feel more like he was only posting what he was sure of.
      It could be legit.

    27. if this thing becomes true, surely this will be more exciting than the usual “big conference”! of course, there is no proof yet. as i always say with rumours: let’s wait. by this rumours, Nintendo is supposed to released a Nintendo Direct in the first week of June, so let’s wait. if they make it, all of this is true. if not, at least we had something to talk about. and what would these “TOP SECRET IWATA ASKS” be?



    29. I just hope that Nintendo absolutely amazes with their Directs. I mean they need to. Sony and Microsoft are going to get SO MUCH media hype from their E3 presentations. People won’t be shutting up about their new systems and games for quite awhile. Nintendo needs to counter this by surprising us with a LOT of exclusive games. What worries me about this rumor is that there maybe only up to five at the maximum of surprise games and even then they might not be exclusive. That would absolutely cripple Nintendo’s chances of coming out on top this upcoming holiday season. What would amaze me to the fullest is if they could land Kingdom Hearts III as a Wii U exclusive or at least a timed exclusive. It’s unlikely but it would be a huge killer app.

      1. After Platinum, Ubisoft, Atlus, Capcom, and Sega…there next partnership should be to get kingdom hearts 3 as an exclusive

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