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Denis Dyack Responds To Accusations Affecting Shadow Of The Eternals Development

Kickstarter-led project Shadow of the Eternals has been on the crowdfunding market for two weeks, but with 29 days to go and only $80,000 of its $1,350,000 goal met, Denis Dyack has chosen to produce a video response – which you can see above – saying why he thinks the project isn’t amassing the expected success.

In a half-hour video, Dyack responds to a variety of topics but chooses to focus his attention on the Kotaku article published last year, which expresses how X-Men Destiny’s development suffered at the hands of Eternal Darkness 2. Dyack admits that because of the negativity surrounding the previous projects he’s worked on – such as the accusations of embezzlement and his harsh exterior with prior staff – it has, ultimately, affected the crowdfunding project for Precursor Games’ Shadow of the Eternals. He says:

“When I first saw this article, I believed that because there was not a single credible source where nothing could be verified that anyone would actually believe this. I knew what they were saying in accusations about me embezzling money from Activision and being terrible to people were not true, but from my perspective, now that I look at it, I probably should have came out sooner but I underestimated the advance of technology on the internet. Every time [the article] was linked it got this incremental shred of credibility.

“I’ve got to do something about this, because it’s affecting me, it’s affecting my colleagues at Precursor Games, and it’s affecting the community that wants to see this game get made.”

Dyack believes that the Kotaku article and its claims were entirely false, so Silicon Knights decided not to comment lest it render the article as a ‘credible source’. Dyack continues to delve deeper into the root of the problem throughout the video commenting on his relationship with Nintendo, the privilege of working with Iwata and Miyamoto, as well as apologising for the outcome of X-Men Destiny.

Given that Precursor’s CEO Paul Caporicci responded to fans questions in a recent blog post and backed his fellow colleague, do you agree with Dyack and do you think the crowdfunding of Shadow of the Eternals is being hindered? Let us know in the comments below.

26 thoughts on “Denis Dyack Responds To Accusations Affecting Shadow Of The Eternals Development”

  1. People still making a huge deal about this? I feal ashame to be american the country that has cnn defending rapers.

    1. Nintendo doesn’t care for you and what you want Nintendo cares only for their asses that’s why they make cheap consoles and games and selling them expansive and you buy them fools oh yeah i have feeling that you gonna say something bad against Sony now Sony are not selfish SCUMBAGS like Nintendo they give good Hardware and good games to their fans and first and third party

      1. I agree with you. Another situation but in a similar vein is Sony’s The Last Guardian. As we know, a game born in pain for a long time because of its complexity. When things really took a turn for the worse, they decided to send the best graphic of Santa Monica. Why? To be sure profit? I doubt it since the re-release of Ico earned thanks to Shadow of Colossus. TLG say it’s fairly well established due to the brand savvy and could become the biggest commercial success of Team Ico. I ask, why the fuck not sponsors a Nintendo game that has become a legend on
        Gamecube and a treat for lovers of Poe’s prose!?
        Nintendo will wake up just as you will end up safe from 3ds! You’re stupid, shortsighted and too ossified into this game was deep, moving, How to Grow version of the stories of Edgar-what a fantastic idea! (The scene in the bathroom I remember to this day) WANT MORE MATURE, CLIMATE GAMES FROM HOLD transferred and an intriguing storyline as above discussed.
        Watching the trailer SoE could not believe that playing at such an early stage appearance as well. It is as ED in HD. Nintendo have been together for years, but neglect themselves and leads me to part;) Greetings from Polish for fans of Nintendo games not only Peace!

  2. So, looks like we are not getting this game.

    I hope we get Eternal Darkness on the V.C. Then… And an HD remake would be great.

  3. its not looking good for ME pious. whatever without me PIOUS nintendo will sure fall into and fail into the eternal darkness….. where they will go insane with no real adult content and there insanity perception will drop. thats where they cant handle it. so much realizations of what has happened to their reputation and stupidity. blow there brains out and ripen there own guts out. fund me nintendo, ill drive your costumers insane instead.

  4. And that was their mistake, this false accusations and rumors come to life very quickly in the internet, that is WHY you need to kill them as soon as possible.

    I guess this game will never be able to see the light of the day thanks to kotaku unless Nintendo come to the rescue and fund the game

  5. He is not really convincing.
    If the accusations had really been false they would have addressed them long time ago.

    1. If they were false, why is XMD such an abomination of a game?
    2. Why on earth is there such a tremendous amount of ex-developers in the credits???
    3. They did not respond to several requests for comment over a period of many months, why?
    4. So they were not pulling resources from XMD, but they have a pretty nifty demo on the Kickstarter website…

    His message is simple “don’t believe the Kotaku article” without anything to backup.

    1. You clearly didn’t saw the entire video…..

      Denis Dyack still said that they put 2 millions more than they received to make the game…. and kotaku isn’t a serious site, is just a site that only cares about the hits.

      1. I actually did, but you know, he can say a lot of things…
        And you can clearly see, he was made to make these statements.
        Fact is, they were was a ridiculous labor turnover, fact is XMD is a very bad game. These two points have not been addressed in the video.

        1. Well, the game sucks (even DD agrees) but, if he puts more money than he was paid to make the game, how kotaku and you (if DD is saying the truth) can affirm that he was pulling resources from XMD? It doesn’t make any sense.

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