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Original Shantae Hits The Nintendo 3DS eShop On June 20th


Developer WayForward Technologies has set a launch date for the original Shantae’s re-release on the Nintendo 3DS’ Virtual Console. Shantae will be released in the Nintendo eShop on June 20th. When the game was initially released for the Game Boy Color in 2002, it launched solely in North America. However, the game’s debut on the Nintendo 3DS will mark the first time consumers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand will have the option of purchasing the game from their respective regions.

26 thoughts on “Original Shantae Hits The Nintendo 3DS eShop On June 20th”

    1. Nonono! This game is super fun, and hard. You really have to play it for yourself to get the feel.

      1. No, seriously! Its a great game, a real hidden gem, the only reason why its not popular is because it was released on gbc after the gba came out. It has great gamepoay, slick animation, outstanding graphics(if you keep in mind that this is running on a gbc), beautiful art, and catchy music. Its also a relatively deep platformer. It might look boring, but when you play it, you will reaize just how great the game is!

    2. I remember watching the “Let’s Play” video for this way back in 2012. Time sure flies… This game looks pretty good. Too bad I’m probs not going to get it. Kisses! 💋

    3. I personally can’t wait for the unveiling of the new Xbox console tomorrow at 10 am! I’m extremely curious to see what will Microsoft reveal, what will make the new Xbox stand out from the PS4 and to a lesser degree the Wii U.

      Even though my heart is set on the PS4, I’m still open to the idea of buying the new Xbox since I never owned one before.

      In terms of specs and architecture I expect something similar to the PS4. Maybe a bit lower as to keep the price advantage. Sony consulted a lot of developers for what they wanted for the PS4 so if Microsoft did the same I don’t see why the developers wouldn’t have asked for the same stuff. What do you guys think?

      1. I’m excited too. I’m hoping for a (Halo haters, stfu) Halo 2 remake with the original multiplayer intact to be anounced. God, I would never need another game to play ever again!

    4. Nice, probably will get it then. This is one of those games that I’ve heard a lot of people talk about, but I never got to play it for myself. I did have a Game Boy Color as a kid, but living in Europe, the game was never released here. Instead, my childhood went to playing Pokémon Crystal :P

    5. Fire Emblem is brilliant. No game on PSVita or even the Wii U, PS3 or xbox360 can match up or hold a candle, except monster hunter and X. Telling you guys buy a 3DS XL or regular. I have one and it’s marvelous.

      1. Lol, ok that is YOUR opinion. A lot of people are going to disagree. Fire emblem IS awesome! But I wouldn’t say it beats all of those other amazing games on xbox 360, ps3,3DS, and maybe even some select games on thevita. Maybe for you its true, but to me and a ton of others, we can’t agree because evryone has their personal favorites. And to whomever that messages as directed to, listen to him and buy a 3DS and fireemblem, he is totally right! Also don’t forget to pick up resident evil revelations, kid icarus, monster hunter, and all of the other great titles. The 3DS is amazing, and it sits proudly beside my 360, both being my favorite consoles of all time.

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    7. Cool! I can’t wait to get I., I ahvent spent any money in the eshop for a while. This is a perfect reason to pend another $20 on an eshop card!

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