Here’s Some Deus Ex Wii U Gameplay Footage

Nintendo UK recently caught up with gamers at The Gadget Show Live 2013 to find out what they think of Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut on Wii U. The video shows a play through of an early section of the well-received first person title and showcases exactly what the Wii U GamePad brings to the table. Square Enix has confirmed that Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut is exclusive to  Wii U.


  1. Look at that disguisting little hobbit touching that gamepad with his grubby little fingers. Absolutely Vile.

    1. is that you in the video or do you just like have a boner over that guy. seriously i can understand if thats you so you can get people more aware but if not really its every post.

      1. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s him linking his own video. It doesn’t have a great deal of views after all

      2. I don’t blame him. The guy in the video is C.U.T.E with a capital C! Not the type you’d expect to be a gamer. ;) Kisses! 💋

    1. whats up mario? would you like to join me in my mission. all you have to do is grab this old and dusty book? dont worry i dont bite, after i eat my other failed minions flesh after failure. so what do you say would you like to?

      1. lol Is that an Eternal Darkness reference? If by joining you in your mission that means playing Eternal Darkness on Wii U virtual console and Shadows of the Eternal on Wii U later on then sign me up!

        1. yes thank you mario! join ME pious while we drive the world into eternal darkness!!!!! the thing is though once you grab the book your going to live a long life of misery in your final moments, but i great sacrifice it will be mario!!!!!! your never ending suffering will cause ME pious the great one of darkness!!!! TO RISE UP and bring the world into never ending darkness!!!!! ahhhhahahahahah…… also my next game.

            1. that would have to be someone from the first 2 generations.hhmmmm my master will kill me, but when i was a kid for a time pikachu was the best thing in the world to me[it seemed like anyway]. i really dont play pokemon anymore since ive gone to the darkness, but get this my older brother still plays it and animal crossing and hes also a huge xbox nerd!!!!! im the one who likes nintendo and dont play these!!!! so its kinda funny in a way since its vise versa.

    1. Are you judging the graphics of this version off of the visuals provided by an off screen youtube video? If so, then you should probably wait til the game comes out before being so hateful toward it.

      1. this generation of games suck, games that are shit are considered good just because the graphics are good. well no more heroes looked like a n64 game but the gameplay was just amazing. also MY game eternal darkness with ME pious.

        1. That is the problem in the gaming Industry now, everyone wants a Nvidia Titan in their consoles, because if a game don’t meet their fucking graphical demands, the game “sucks” for them, is very disappointing, trust me lord of Darkness, I’m very disappointed of the way that “gamers” are playing games today.

  2. hhmmmm no i had the for the shitbox, no need, will this sell, no of course it wont because its not mario or wii fit!! stupid bitches im going to buy the last of us, xenoblade 2 and others, while you hurt nintendo and yourself by only playing nintendo made games. also most people on here i think play more than pokemon and mario.most nintendo fans seem to, and thats exactly why they dont get any games and probably dont bring critically claimed games over west. thanks over half of nintndo fans or should i say sheep, while you will get defensive over facts even if your one of the people who actually arnt even like this.

    1. I would like to suggest learning the english language, since you (so obviously) have no clue as to how to write in it. Xenoblade 2 will not be coming out on any other system beside the Wii U, or at least I don’t believe it will be… I’ve been wrong in the past though.

      1. it wont, im just talking about playing games that arnt what sheep by into and only nintendo made games like mario pokemon, i will play the last of us on ps3 as well as nintendos great xenoblade 2 on wii u. dont resort to grammar, its just quicker to not capitalize everything and such, thats the signal of last resort.

        1. I agree with you about playing games on all platforms and not just the regurgitated iterations of established franchises. And I said nothing about your grammar, I said that you need to learn the english language, but I don’t think grammar would hurt either. I like Nintendo 1st party games, but there really are a lot of good IPs from other devs that are coming to the system and to other systems so, no I won’t be limiting myself to mario and pokemon. But I’m not paying for a PS4/720, to have a gaming PC that will be outdated when it releases. If I want something like that I would be a PC only gamer. I will however buy the mario iterations and the Pokemon iterations, because I like them, not because I’m a sheep. It doesn’t make you a sheep to play and buy the things that you enjoy without basing your purchase on what other people will think of your purchase. Not trying to be hateful to you icezeama, just making a contra point.

          1. nice point, play pokemon mario, heck mario is fun. im just talking about the people who only play mario pokemon, zelda, smash bros and thats a sheep. i play all of them but pokemon now. there fun games, but i care much more about other things than the games that always will come.

      1. needed to change it, was getting sick of it, needed to change itand had it for a while. this is eternal darkness and conker wont be made again probably. unless if nintendo didnt sell rare and such.

  3. Kind of a mediocre presentation for the Wii U version but atleast they are tried…

    Anyway, all soldiers on high alert now because the Xbots are going to reveal their latest machinery in 5 min!

    Let the war begin!

  4. It is weird that this game is getting ported, but it could mean that a sequel is on the way, so this is them letting people play the previous game

  5. Not interested in this game. Looks boring… I really just want Super Smash.. 💋

  6. Can’t really tell if the graphics are noticeably better than PC because it’s youtube, but I am sad that it’s still at 30 fps. I like what they’re doing with the touchscreen, but it really makes me want a hack ‘n’ slash rpg

  7. the wii u is soooooooooooooo much better than that lame ass Xbox one. is just a 360 all over again with nothing of praise. microsoft will fail not wii u

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