Warner Bros. Confirms Dying Light Will Not Be Coming To Wii U

dying lightAnother one bites the dust for the Wii U, or so it appears. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed to GameSpot that open-world game Dying Light will not be coming to Nintendo’s console after it was announced for both current and next generation consoles. The news comes promptly after EA’s Need For Speed: Rivals shirked the Wii U in favour of next-gen consoles yesterday, delivering a blow to fans of the franchise.

The open-world survival horror game is in development by Techland, who brought such titles as Dead Island: Riptide and Call of Juarez to both Microsoft and Sony platforms. But even with the likes of ZombiU and Resident Evil titles seeing success on the Wii U, Dying Light will certainly not be seeing the light of day on the Nintendo console. The title will launch in 2014 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


    1. yeah especially after yeaterday when the wii u sold 850% more wii u’s on amazon uk than normal bouncing from 120 to 12 rank. I think there is a conspiracy between microsoft and sony to kill nintendo’s hardware. just pay of 3rd party support not to support nintendo, itll backfire and will be exposed.

    2. Why the F**k do these “news” pieces keep getting posted here. It’s making my owning of a Wii U depressing.

      1. Are Warner Bros an American company? Are Warner Bros equally affected butt bitterly butt hurtedly when an American company like Microsoft blunders and shall feel the rath of a Wii U, PS4 bombarding? Yes! Only dumb people won’t see even companies like WB have buy ‘murica only products syndrome. They would rather drive an Impala than buy the beast that is the M6 BMW.

        1. Warner Bros gives us Ninty fans some Scribblenauts love. Dont worry about Warner Bros not giving dying light a chance.

        2. What are you even running your mouth about? You don’t see rich Americans driving anything but luxury foreign cars. What you’re saying is pure stupidity.

      1. im not suprised, seeing as techland mostly develops for deepsilver, and deep silver has said many times that they have no intentions of developing for the wii u. god, you would think that after getting asked so many times about whether or not their games will be coming to wii u, that they’d start making games for wii u lol.

  1. devs one day will run out of ideas for zombies, there is just an abundance of zombie games, same goes for fps

  2. When Nintendo starts swinging dick left and right with their Wii U Zelda titles, and everyone starts buying these consoles more and more, added on top of the Wii U jumping to the top #40 on the Amazon best seller list directly after the XBONE reveal, devs and publishers are going to be sorry when Nintendo tells them to go fuck themselves for not even trying to help their console take off, even after shipping their asses FREE dev kits…

    I sound like a fanboy.. god help me what am I becoming?

    1. No you’re not a fanboy. In fact, you’re so right and yes when the Wii U finally shines and if the Wii U still outsells PS4/XBone by wonders like the Wii did in its gen, then the devs will feel not just sorry but incredibly stupid to judge it too early which is pure analysis fail 101. Can’t judge with certainty until more time and facts passes on.

      All these developers are only gonna butt hurt themselves in long run because when the new consoles and development of those consoles are more expensive than Wii U and when it sells shit tons afterwards, I bet everything I own that most of those devs except for Worst Company in America EA (fuck them specifically) will be kissing their ass once again as always for being proven retarded for pointlessly degrading Nintendo.

  3. First I hear something good about the Wii U like yesterday with the amazon thing but then I hear something bad the next day like this :(

    1. Nothing is getting through those dumbass, hating developers heads. The fact of the new machines promising powerful graphics persuading them and gamers to jump along just to admire pretty visuals is just pathetic. Wii U, yes it should’ve been that in 2006, but looking back at the GameCube days, how could that happen when they didn’t make any money (less than 50 million units globally is no good) But thanks to Wii’s phenomenal success, they now have the cash to built a matching console and no its not weak if its capable and proven of running Need for Speed at PC-like architecture and running other powerful engines like Unreal 4.

      Believe me, when Wii U outclasses PS4/XBone in sales, they’re gonna pray to god to wish that they never disowned Nintendo so quickly and regrettably.

  4. Shame i heard about this game yesterday and got really excited, i love parcour games like brink and ac and i love zombie games; i wish the wii u could get this :(

    1. Brink was probably the most I have ever been disappointed in a video game this generation, maybe ever.

      1. i loved it, the parcour made it worth putting up with bad graphics, terrible ai and lack of good multiplayer :D

  5. Nintendo’s marketing primarily targets the parents of WiiU users, not the adult WiiU owners who typically purchase games for themselves.

    Developers understand how that can potentially become a problem.

  6. All those publisher will be very sorry when the Wii U become the Numero 1 console in this generation; I can´t speak for the PS4, but the XBone already is dead.

  7. Won’t miss this or any other of the dozens of generic shooters with cut scene trailers.

  8. Never heard of the game or devs so I don’t really care, though I might keep my eye on it for PC.

  9. All these third party companies will beg to support Wii U once Wii U sales double after the launch of PS4 and XBOX One.

    Sony and MSFT still don’t understand that it’s all about the games and shoving trojan services will not excite gamers.

    E3 will vastly improve Wii U library from Nintendo, and that should increase sales, and in turn, increase Wii U support like 3DS.

    1. Give it until this holiday and after, Wii U will, like the Wii last gen, outsell and embarrass the hell out of the gen’s most powerful machines once again proving its about gaming in the end. Yeah, you can go ahead and enjoy what you have but in terms of the marketing and companies are concerned, they will all feel shamefully stupid in the end for not siding The Wii U and make that money they’re missing and needing now.

  10. As I’ve said before. I will not be bullied into buying another console, or purchasing this game for my PS3. There is NO excuse for them or ANY developer to not put their game on the Wii U, especially after that debacle of a press conference Microsoft had. Developers who supply the Wii U, I will make every effort to purchase their game on day 1. Those who don’t, I won’t purchase your game at all. How can I say this? While I enjoy gaming, thankfully I’m not addicted to it. Therefore, I won’t accept being treated any kind of way. I can always spend my money on a new hobby!

    1. If you’re not addicted to it, than how are you buying ALL their games day 1?
      I swear, when the next Halo comes out this site is going to post “Microsoft confirms Halo 69 will not be coming to Wii U” and everyone’s gonna go apeshit.

  11. Read in between the lines people. These guys know nintendo consumers are the smartest out there. We won’t purchase unfinished nonsense. Plus this way the help the xbox 1 to have a fighting chance against superior gaming developers in nintendo’s EAD, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Atlus, Brownie Brown, Monolith, Square Enix, Retro Studios, confused but flip flopping EA lol. Sony and Microsoft sheeple will buy anything without question. Nintendo is not like that, they only bring quality to the Wii U.

    1. Fucking Nintendo sheep, people like you are the reason Nintendo has turned to shit. The game is going to be HUGE! And it’s coming to EVERY PLATFORM EXCEPT THE Wii U. PATHETIC. Quality you say? Then why did Nintendo allow funky barn and other shovelware on the Wii/WiiU? Face the facts. Nintendo dun fucked up!

      1. unlike you, we are not sheep. We have already been hearalded as sherpards. Third parties that are menial always squirm with jealousy at Nintendo. The SNES and NES had a huge following of real gamers and third parties sold well. Then death of industry happened in 1994, pop culture took of and everything genius and artistic was maligned. 1995-1996 communication act became law in America and nonsense like Britney spears and Rhianna were recognized as artists in America and mainstream media. Nintendo is the definition of wise intellect, thus games like Super mario galaxy 1 and 2, Zelda SS, Twilight princess, Xenoblade Chronicles, LAST STORY, pandoras tower. Third parties are on the Wii U, with games that count and will maintain play value onwards. When last did you play Crysis 3, may I ask?

      2. As i watch from the windowsill of life i spot yet another sheep obsessed doom mongorer hoping to slay the NINTENDO REVOLUTION. I shall report your erroneous comment’s to the commander post haste, and we shall laugh in unison at the fickle words of a deluded soul. Your supposed “next gen”consoles will soon be as deceased as the vast and almost unending multitude of zombie’s that stalk this console war plain the seeds have been sown young “ness” prepare to eat pie that is humbler than a nun.

    2. STOP bashing sony people, sony has a decent library, Last of Us is a sony exclusive i would love to play on the Wii U… ;)

  12. This is actually surprising, it’s WARNER BROS. they have been supporting the Wii U really well and I thought this game will actually come to the Wii U. Wow… So the skipping continues… this is fucking ridiculous. THERE IS NO REASON TO SKIP IT!!!! WHY IS THIS SUCH A TREND FOR 3RD PARTYS? SKIPPING A CONSOLE THAT CAN WELL HANDLE THE GAME. I’m seriously fed up with this! And look at Nintendo! They aren’t doing anything! THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING AT LEAST! Nintendo promised great 3rd party support an now look whats happening… This is just bullshit. IT’S LIKE NINTNEDO DOESNT GIVE A SHIT. FUCKING FED UP!!!

    1. What makes third party devs so sure selling their games on both current and next generation consoles is such a good idea? Microsoft’s 360 is going to need as less 3rd party support in order to get people to upgrade to XBone.

    2. Notice that the third parties are all American owned? Realize that most of the new CEOs and programmers working for these companies are children of former Atari, Microsoft employees. Also some kids programming for them are xbox fanboys now employed to fight a company that had devastated every American console ever made. Think about that and ignore the evil that stems from these prejudiced companies. Ever wondered why Microsoft is lacking color in keys positions of employment? Understand these few points above and you shall enjoy gaming.

    3. So you expect Nintendo to force 3rd parties to make games on their console? They know that when they release their big games then everything will be better.

  13. We don’t need WB we already acquired Microsoft’s xbox division as our third party developers. They, by announcing their xbox 1 moved more Wii U consoles than Lego city undercover and need for speed hyper edition combined.

    1. Yeah thats what you say about every game that skips Wii U. Not coming to Wii U = don’t care. So you dont care about Tomb raider,bioshock,Saints row 4,witcher 3,BF4,GTA 5 ect ? Sure… Stupid nintendo sheep.

      1. well at least nintendo don’t restrict people with there console on like other so called next gen console i rather miss out on a few titles then have most my freedom strip

      2. the only game im interested is Bioshock, i couldnt care less about the others, maybe The Witcher because i love RPGs but the others… wtf? saints row and gta 5, whats the difference? a giant purple dildo? hahaha

        1. the difference is that gta is just better byt saints row is fucking halairious because you can make your own character. you can make it look just like somebody you make fun off hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. I’m interested in both Bioshock and Tomb raider , going to buy both soon actually. And GTAV on day 1. So stfu.

      4. Fortunately, I am not a sheep. $60 for a game is waaaaaay to expensive for me so I haven’t gotten Tomb Raider yet. I did manage to get Bioshock Infinite, one of the best games I’ve played this generation. Wasn’t into Saints Row. Witcher looks nice. Couldn’t care about Battlefield (mainly because it’s EA), GTA V, I was so bad.

  14. Another one? man… this is the reason why i love Japanese publishers more better the Western. :\

  15. Every other game being released is a zombie game, im almost finished with zombies, which is something I thought I would ever say. Still, why is this game not coming to WiiU I would like to know the real reason.

  16. Techland ? so its going to be a “Go there, kill that/get that, get back here”…

    While i dont like games skipping a WiiU (actually… i really dont care i have my PC for that), i dont care about TechLand, they have 0 creativity, they cant do shit

  17. When the Wii U starts selling well then 3rd party will increase! I’m sure of it! But I still want to know why this game isn’t coming to Wii U. I mean WB supported Wii U with Scribblenaughts

  18. 1 i never heard of this game 2 no hate for wb at least they support wiiu 3 everyone & i mean everyone will be kissing nintendo ass by next e3 for the matter i don’t see next gen console doing as well as everyone belives everyone who i know barely talk about next gen console they rather enjoy the console they have now and since microsoft & sony will still be making games for them till 2017 i see old console selling greater then next gen

  19. Well, i’ll start voting with my wallet since most third party companys continue to skip over wii u. I will not support any company that didn’t support this console at all during it’s struggle. The sales will increase once super smash bros, pikmin 2, zelda wind waker hd, and mario kart u are released. I hope that developers realize that pissing off potential customers is not good business, thus when they do start to make games for the console they will not sell well. Owell, i’m about to play fire emblem awakening an amazing game

  20. ….
    I’ve never heard of Techland or Dying before this point.
    Sad that this is not coming to the Wii U, but we’re still getting Revelations, so our Zombie fix is not going unfed.
    People in the third party business will wise up when Nintendo and their second-party studios alongside them start showing these naysayers how it’s done.

    1. Techland has made games like Call of Juarez and Dead Island. You probably haven’t heard of this game because it was just announced this week. It kind of went under the radar anyway.

  21. Sign… It is pathetic that Warner Bros is not give the Dying Light to Wii U fans. Come on, Warner Bros, give the fans they wanted.

    1. Well, WB has been one of the biggest supporters of the Wii U (and other Nintendo systems for that matter).

      It’s a little pathetic for all of these fanatics to start crying foul over them not bringing this game to the system. Not every single game has to come to the Wii U. WB has brought and is still bringing other games.

  22. Nintendo has the biggest fan base. gamers that buy Nintendo systems when mario and gang arrive, or when competing companies make blunders like the Sega CD, or VHS players. When we start buying Wii Us in droves we scout for other games as well, thus looking at third party entries. WB, EA note that, you too shall go the way of THQ and Vigil and we shall not laugh but hold you up.

  23. Coming for warner brothers i forgive them after all they have good reasons and they are not putting a ea on us.

  24. Oh no, a company releases a crap game on the Wii U, it sells poorly, so they refuse to bring other crap games to the Wii U. I don’t see the problem here. Are any of us sad they didn’t get that Aliens Colonial Marines garbage on the Wii U? I used to buy every release of EA’s NHL, Madden and FIFA installments, but I didn’t buy them on the Wii U, because they were garbage ports missing major components of what made the games good. I did buy NFS:MW. Thank you Criterion, Nintendo etc. To the others, quit trying to smear a great system, grow up and actually make a product worth buying.

    1. “Oh no, a company releases a crap game on the Wii U, it sells poorly, so they refuse to bring other crap games to the Wii U.”

      Are you talking about WB? The company who brought these games to the Wii U?

      -Scribblenauts Unlimited
      -Injustice Gods Among Us
      -Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
      -Batman Arkham City
      -Game Party Champions

      The company who is bringing these games to the Wii U?

      -Batman Arkham Origins
      -Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure
      -Lego Marvel Super Heroes

      Um…. Okay.

      1. I guess I should also mention Lego City Undercover, which is an exclusive game. Although it wasn’t published by WB games, it was developed by TT Fusion, which is owned by Time Warner (the same company).

  25. Does this actually surprise anybody?!
    I’m not surprised at all, I love my Wii U but this is damn near ridiculous! So, these games are coming to 8 year old consoles but not the creaking Wii U?!?!?! Yeah that makes a lot of sense!!!!!

  26. Small install base is not the reason why publishers are skipping Wii U. If it is then why are they putting it out on Xbox One and PS4. Power isn’t as well as it is comin out on 360 and PS3. It is because of profit. Microsoft is now competing with Apple and Google for TV and other services with Xbox One. Since Apple has a plan to launch tv services.
    Publishers will be supporting soft and sony BECAUSE they will earn more money. Notice that “pre-owned fee” and how microsoft and publishers will get a cut from it. PS4 might follow suit. Plus, with ps3 and 360 owners combined- they will earn lots still even if the new console don’t sell. The old consoles have 2-4yrs life to them.

  27. Oh boo hoo a oversaturated western zombie/fps title is skipping the wii u. Its a given that the console wont get as much western titles compared to the other two. Plus Nintendo consoles have always been more japanese focused now if it was something like a final fantasy skipping the wii u, then thats a big deal. But this….. Pffffffft

  28. techland games haven’t convinced me in the past.. and now the strategy that’s being followed with their games doesn’t convince me either.. no money from my side

  29. Look closely. Techland is the company making it. The makers of worthless dead island. You would have to be a moron to get this game. Did you see what they stated? It’s the same shit just with a day and night cycle. Thank God it isn’t coming over here. Let it get horrific ratings elsewhere.

  30. Seems like a mistake if you ask me. They are passing on a base that is only going to grow. Bit of a miss step.

    1. Give them a chance. I’m sure their damage-control will kick in eventually to give some ridiculous reason to justify why it’s not coming to the Wii U.

  31. Douche-baggery is the reason why these companies have turned on Nintendo. It’s not a big deal because with all this cut-and-paste crap out of the way that makes room for independent developers to step in their place and bring us new experiences. The list of lesser-known developers currently working on Wii U titles is quite long.

    That’s why you haven’t seen Nintendo so much as bat an eye to this foolishness. Nintendo already has Ubisoft, Activision, Sega, Tecmo-Koei, Namco, and Capcom FIRMLY in their corner along with other 3rd parties. With access to the Sega library, plus their own they honest could survive without on drip of 3rd party support. The significance of a Nintendo/Sega alliance is staggering and flies over most people’s heads, but these developers know what time it is.

    And THAT is at the source of the hatred towards Nintendo. This false bravado of carrying on as though Nintendo needs THEM is a cover-up to the fear of the knowledge that they know that THEY need Nintendo. XBOX One ain’t gonna do jack for them, and you need more than ‘just’ Sony.

    1. SEGA isn’t going to be making games exclusively for Nintendo forever, though. Why do people not get this?

  32. I think a lot of these games were already in development when the XBox One bomb dropped. They will be skipping the Wii U as they would have been the other day. However, now that things are turning around for the Wii U, and developers are seeing that the XBox One won’t be the juggernaut that they expected, I think the skipping will stop very soon.

  33. Funny how when it was the Wii they screeched that Nintendo doesn’t support third parties. Now that Nintendo has parsed out their releases allowing 3rd parties to get in on the action, the 3rd parties refuse to play ball.

    It’s all about playing Nintendo for their own short comings. It’s a total lack of personal responsibility.

  34. Another mature game not coming to the Wii U. How many more. I’m not interested in all the baby games.

  35. I really hope that Nintendo lead the way and make a new mature IP. All it takes is just one really good mature themed game to make a statement that there is a hunger from Nintendo fans for these type of games.
    Knowing Nintendo, they will make a very good quality game. If we fans support it, 3rd party publishers will realize that they can make a profit fro the fanbase as well. Its a risk for Big N (or 2nd party devs) but the company has to take that risk to open up the gates for publishers, devs and gamers. Platinum can get it done.

    1. I really don’t care about a Mature IP but the only reason why I do want them to make one is so that we shut up all the haters saying Nintendo is kiddy! Any new IP would be just fine for me!

  36. Its a given that we bought the Wii U for the first party titles BUT Ninty also promised overwhelming 3rd party support. Few people have the money to buy multiple consoles. Aside from Nintendo titles, I want to play hardcore games and sports games on ONE console and the machine is capable of doing that.

  37. A quote from this article: ” […] shirked the Wii U in favour of next-gen consoles yesterday […]” Don’t you consider the Wii U a eight generation console, silvershadowfly?

    1. It’s a phrase journalists have coined for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, but yes I do see your point. I can simply edit in the word ‘other’ in the morning, since I’m technically off-duty at the moment. :)

  38. Never heard of this game to be honest. You know what’s odd but nice though. Arkham Origins on Wii U but it wont be on PS4 or Xbox One lol. According to an interview with the lead Dev Guy.

      1. I know but the fact that the ONLY CURRENT GEN SYSTEM (8th Gen) its on is Wii U is funny…

  39. this is getting stupid, why developers still acting like nintendo is crap, even after that casual fucking VCR cable box. your paying for a talking remote!!!!!!!

  40. (off topic) I’m listening to the unreleased battle theme from Chrono Trigger! Sounds freaking epic! Chrono Trigger is truly my favorite game ever!

  41. Well I guess my money will go elsewhere then Warner Bros……however I will be buying Arkham Origins on Wii U because that game does look good.

  42. This is a little worrisome, since Techland blamed Riptide not coming to Wii U on the publisher, saying they had the engine running. Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of a trend for WB.

  43. When it is clear Xbox One and PS4 lockout used games and don’t let you borrow or trade or sell your games like console gamers have been doing for 30 years, a large majority of hardcore console gamers will buy Wii U, and Nintendo will outsell PS4 and Xbox 1 combined.

  44. Huge Nintendo fan here. The lack of third party supports sucks obviously but Nintendo has a lot of great development teams on their side. If they want to get some of the supposed hard core gamers than they need to make new IP’s on their own. Focus on what type of games the hard core gamers want and make new IP’s for those genres. As long as you make great Mario, Zelda, Metroid games etc and add a few mature IP’s they will really start selling the Wii U. They need to show the other gamers they can have fun playing on their system as well.

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