Animal Crossing: New Leaf TV Commercial

Nintendo has released a TV commercial for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The commercial, which you can watch above, highlights the fact that players of the game are the mayors of their towns. And as mayors, players decide how their towns grow. As you progress through the game, you’ll soon be able to customise furniture and both the interior and exterior of your home. Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be released at both retail and the Nintendo eShop on June 9th in North America, June 14th in Europe, and June 15th in Australia.


  1. UGH. I really can’t wait. BTW, the low price is been confirmed in the eShop :)

  2. Can’t wait to get this game for free through the ‘too many games’ promotion hueuheuhe

    1. I hope they don’t send the code like 3-4 days after the game releases >_> that would piss me off.

    1. also, Kapp’n gets his old job again (boat), New Items and Vilagers, Tortimor is a tour guide, Tom nook’s shop will be in the city, Timmy and Tommy will take over Nook’s Cranny, and u can now see villagers entering and exiting buildings.

        1. They announced it for hype reasons, but it takes a LONG time to make an Animal Crossing game. They are really, really big! 💋

      1. Yeah, that’s my plan. But still because of taxes and fees, I’ll have to pay 24% more plus the shipping and handling D:

  3. I tried Animal Crossing on Gamecube and found it boring. How is this any different?

    1. Gamecube one was very barebones. There’s alot more to do, and keep you occupied in this one, aside from bug, fossil, fish collecting to add to your museum, there’s always daily stuff the buy, you can build you house in more ways, and decorate it, there’s a fortune cookie system that gives you Nintendo based items and clothing, like the triforce ect, you’re the mayor so theres ALOT to do, and renovate, and add to your town, online in better, stuff unlocks over time and progression like an a separate island area, and much more.

      It’s not a active game, its not the sort if thing designed to instantly keep you engaged, and like a traditional game, it’s a very very calm game xD but i got very addicted to the DS version.
      It’s a much better game to have on a handheld, on console you kinda have to put yourself in front of it and act, where as it’s much more casual on handhelds (WiiU gamepad might change that)

  4. Need a demo for this ASAP. Never played any animal crossing games but willing to give it a shot

    1. ….because the original DS came out like 8 years ago…the 3DS has been out 2 years i think by now, time to upgrade

  5. I played the first Animal Crossing and honestly I lost interest rather quickly :( I’m not sure if I’ll invest in this just to end up dropping it in a few hours and forgetting about it. Especially that I don’t really have any friends with 3DS devices so unless that socializing thing can be done online instead of just local or through streetpass or w/e then it’ll end up as pointless as the first one

    1. Oh goodness!! Don’t you dare rate Animal Crossing on it’s first game! The GC one was mediocre at best. Animal Crossing got really good on the DS version: Wild World. The Wii one was pretty good too, but this new one will be outstanding! You have to try it to know what I mean! 💋

      1. ah, I played the DS one though D: there was just.. nothing happening xD maybe I didn’t give it enough time but dunno.. if they release a demo on US store I’ll check it out

  6. I never played it but since i bought 3 games i ordered this as free one, my expectations are quite high for it.. i hope it will be fun

  7. In the commercial we can see a white Nintendo 3DS XL. Is that available? I Thought Nintendo would release a black and a white version long ago, but not seen anything of it?

  8. hey guys! I ve been hearing about an eshop promo just wondering if anybody can confirm. the sale is if you buy supermarioland you get star fox 3 d free. is this true?

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