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Conker Creator Is Developing Something For Wii U


Christopher Seavor, the project lead on the acclaimed Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the Nintendo 64, has revealed via Twitter that he is currently looking to acquire three Wii U development kits for his current studio, Gory Detail. The development studio Gory Detail have only released one game, and that game was Parashoot Stan for mobile platforms. Seavor wouldn’t give hints regarding what his next project is, but it seems certain it’s coming to Wii U.

…..WiiU devkits ain’t cheap and it’s lookin likely @GoryDetail is gonna need 3 at some point this year ;) (that’s top secret btw) heh!

Thanks, Alaa and Mammajynx

168 thoughts on “Conker Creator Is Developing Something For Wii U”

    1. Rare is dead. What Nintendo needs to do is buy the Rare franchises and let companies like Retro Studios make them.

        1. Also amen
          heres my list and teams

          1. Banjo & kazooie / RETRO
          2. Jet Force Jemini / Monster Games
          3. Conker / Next Level

          make it happen NINTENDO :)

        1. That would be a waste of money. The ip’s are owned by MS now, buying rare wouldn’t necessarily get the ip’s as well, plus all the good developers from rare seem to have left. We could just be happy that this guy, the creater of conker, is making a new game for the wii u. With his ideas I’m all over a new ip from him.
          Banjo was good as were the others, but if new ones are made with those ip’s, even if they are good, they still might not live up to expectations. Just like every other bond game that has come and gone since goldeneye. Sometimes it’s good to just let our sentiments and memories remain that way.

    2. wiiboy101 HE BUYS NINTENDO SHARES

      dickwod are u insanevim going to tell you a INDUSTRY STORY maybe then you can put your inept fantasys to bed…

      nintendo used rare like a pimp using a slut untill that bitch was all used up and spent they then sold the old finished race horse to microsoft for around 250 million pounds

      nintendo then got retro studios for 1million dollars thats half a million pounds exchange rate then..

      there first game metroid prime won game of the years



        1. It’s the devs that are good not the studio. And this guy is one of those devs. Good god people let it go and be happy this dude wants to develope for the wii u.

          1. yeah but people want to play the characters that they have grown up with and love and in the same but expanded gameplay. like banjo tooie. if that game had been just a “spiritual successor” they wouldn’t have been able to reproduce the same atmosphere into the game.

    1. never underestimate the darkness. remember its coming…… also fucking damn it PIOUS loves conkers bad fur day!!!!!!! the thing we need to do is drive iwata insane and all at the headquarters about how they have to buy rares ips………… or else the images get worse and reality goes down to the depths. the holy tome of eternal darkness is waiting!!!!! ahhhhahahahahah!!!!!!! within the darkness there is hope…… thats true. they can only handle so much of what lies hidden….. to the point they give in….. or shoot up the nintendo headquarters and themselves if they dont!!!!!!! great plan……….. it has begun.

      1. I’ve been reading some book made of flesh, and having some STRONG flashbacks lately… No matter how well things go, I keep dying in my dreams…after acomplishing a great task…

        1. sooooo…..(laughs)…….. you found the book ahhhahahhah!!!!! welcome to the hidden world in which the human brain wouldnt bare to comprehend. everything you see is real and yet you will be driven insane. welcome to your nightmare. welcome……. TO THE DARKNESS!!!!!!! you can try to stop it, but you will fail like the many others, its eternal!!!! (laughs) the never ending world seeking into destroying light!!!!!!

      1. ehhh no it doesnt lol. nintendo gave a few away to certain developers, not all. do you really think they’re giving them all away for free?

        1. Maybe they give them to people that showed something in production. Is not like i can go ask for one empty handed.

  1. I wonder how many members are there at Rare working for MS still… One of them is working with Sony which made the Sony Move Eyetoy came for PS4 and now this one for the wiiu.

    1. Not 1 single member is left from the original Rareware team. The last guy left late last year. Rareware is a Kinect ONLY developer now lol.

  2. Remember when he showed an image of a character design for a new game he’s developing (on his Twitter)? Maybe this’ll be the game he’s making.

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          1. I might download it later in the week if I have time. Is there a specific site were I can download it?

    1. The only Rare game I played around the time it was released was Starfox Adventures. The game scared the hell out of me when you first get to that blue place where it looks like you’re underwater so I never finished it. But other than starfox I played Donkey Country

      1. Wow. I never knew that a Starfox game was made by Rare. I, also used to be scared of going underwater in a game because I was afraid of drowning.

          1. it was also supposed to be a new ip called dinosaur planet and if it \ originally stayed it would have been better than storfox adventures. it was rushed because nintendo wanted it to be a starfox game instead. they needed to change it aswell finish it before going to microshit to there end.

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  5. All this is thanks to Microsoft. Who will invest in a xbox one developing kit if they cant do the business there way? At least ps4 and wiiu lets you screw your self in your own way.

    1. Wonder how developing a game for the Xbox One will work when it has 3 Operating Systems? Will that triple the development time lol?

      1. Its different OS’s not simultaneous OS, meaning it’ll run some things using one OS, and a different OS for others, for example: Kinect Voice Commands will use a different OS from what Games Will be using, its not like you’ll be able to Run Halo 5 3 Different ways, that would be stupid.

  6. If this is THE Chris Seavor he ought to be working with Retro Studios to develop a new fighting to replace Killer Instinct.

      1. Me as well. Especially if Rare releases a bastardized-version on the XBONE. Kind alike back in the mid 1990’s when the original creators of NBA JAM broke off from ACClaim and made NBA Hangtime through MIdway which had the true mechanics of NBA Jam and the piece of crap NBA Jam Extreme by Midway came out on the PS1.

  7. I doubt we’ll see anything Conker related, especially since I read somewhere that if he were to continue the story Conker would shoot himself in the head right in the opening…. O.o; But whatever he does, if it has the same charm Conker did I’ll be content. Really need to get my hands on a copy of that game, it was one of my favorites!

    1. that was supposed to be the original ending of bad fur day. everything he once had is gone and is miserable. he was supposed to go to the bar and go in the bathroom and blow his head with a gun from what has all happened and how everything is gone. nintendo wouldnt allow it is said, probably to show that suicide isnt an option if people are in that kind of position. so instead he walks out of the bar drunk in the rain carelessly. makes you think and a interesting way to end a game either way.

    2. Actually i read it would be conker traveling through time trying to revearse what happend. Of course it turns out a disaster and conker is lost jumping through time.

      1. Yeaaahhhhh, uhhh…. No.
        I’ll wait until i know if their plans will even come to fruition and create a decent game before i celebrate.
        I learned a harsh lesson when Microsoft defiled banjo. I don’t make early calls of greatness on a game until I’ve at least got a preview to judge on.

        1. This ISNT RAREWARE!!! He was part of the original Banjo. He didnt make that sad disgrace Nuts and Bolts.

          1. I’m more than aware of that.
            However, his original team has also split up. He doesn’t have the same group of guys to work with on this new game, let alone the same IP to work on, thanks to Microsoft.
            That’s the only reason I’m wary; he might have been a part of one of the original games, but he’s not the sole reason the game exists.
            Much of it will depend on the new team he’s leading and how he structures the new game.
            I’m just being cautious for the sake of not being disappointed, I’m not trying to bash.

    1. Also did you not read the article? “it seems certain it’s coming to Wii U.” And don’t forget this “WiiU devkits ain’t cheap” Notice how he says ‘Wii U devkits”.

      1. Im confused as to why they need 3…Does that make, making a game faster? Or would that be so they could make 3 games?

          1. 3 dev kits are used to make the game faster not for diffrent games lol. 1 for leve desing another for caracter desings and the last for objects and animations.

              1. They are but each tecnicismo needs one to work faster. Exsample : they would need to wait for the leve designer to finish the leves for the caracter designers to start.

    2. Ignoring that if Nintendo was shit and Microsoft is not, why did all the Rare staff leave after it went to Xbox. Also ignoring that if Nintendo was shit, why wasn’t Nuts n’ Bolts as good as Kazooie and Tooie? Why was Grantkirk Hope crying when Nintendo turned him down for Banj-kazooie 3. Why would Kirkhope rather make another Banjo-kazooie For Nintendo than Microsoft?

      1. They all left Rareware cause Microsoft is a BITCH to work with. They control their devs and allow next to no freedom. You work for Microsoft you signed your soul to the devil. Look at Bungie…how they got treated by Microsoft. Cant blame the old Rareware guys wanting to leave…shame must have been painful for them to leave their creation (Banjo) with Microsoft.

        1. I wonder what the people who left did. Did they just stop their career as a gaming developer or did they just make their own new gaming company? If they just stoped developing games that would be sad. :(

        2. lmfao…wtf are you talking about
          most of rare’s key staff already left before rare even “left” nintendo…

        1. if ben sanders was in front of me, seriously i would love to through in a punch……….. nobody is worse. also ignoring the fact that your on a nintendo site with a sony avatar…… ignoring the fact that this gets annoying for people to have to see this every time. also ignoring the fact that your still reading this. ignoring the fact that you are getting mad. also ignoring the fact………… ignoring….ignoring

        2. Ignoring that you don’t have to read what I post. Also ignoring that I’ve been saying “also ignoring” for months. Now all of a sudden it’d a problem. At it’s not a problem when you have to repeat yourself to Nutron or Ness that Wii U is a next generation console.

  8. Maybe if Rare continues to make shit games for Microsoft, Microsoft will fire them then Nintendo could buy them back! I mean they made a shit Banjo Kazooie game on 360! Who knows they probably made it on purpose!

    1. Theres no point in buying back Rareware. Not 1 single member of the original Rareware team is at Rareware anymore, its an empty shell. Buying the Banjo IP would be fine, but Rareware is a Kinect only developer now.

        1. it sucks so bad how all those great ips are to waste because of microshit. here is hoping that the xbox one fails and then they will sell the ips to nintendo

          1. I know right! Man Microsoft entering the gaming market really fucked everything up! I really want them to stop making gaming consoles! I mean they’ll be fine without making them! They’re already rich as hell!

            1. wiiboy101 HE BUYS NINTENDO SHARES

              >>>all ready<<< are you suggesting ms makes money with consoles….

              xbox lost 4 billion x360 lost 5 billion

              red light of death cost 1billion kinect cost 1billion kinect marketing half a billion

              zune half a billion

              ms put aside 20 billion to fight sony in gaming and apple in media that has all been spent and now windows is also flopping and pc sales globally have crashed

              ms are dieing

              1. Sorry! What I meant to say is that they were already rich before they were making gaming consoles! But damn! Didn’t know they’re losing that much money! I just want them to stop making consoles not go down as an entire company! The only thing I can do is hope that the Xbox One fails so they would leave the gaming market, and from seeing all the fees you have to pay for to have one it looks like it’s gonna happen this generation!

            2. the fail of the xbox one might do it but microsoft fans are like the biggest sheep. they will buy in and believe anything that fucking xbox has. worse exclusives, pay for online and it still gets hacked, all the 3rd party is all ready on ps3.

              1. I don’t trust that connect always being on. It feels like it is invading my privacy. It is on the internet always and camera is needed in order to play the console. I don’t trust it.

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